AISBackup: Version history.

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AISBackup: Version History 1.0 to 4.2.

Changes in version 4.2

AISBackup Version 4.2 Build 459 (13 June 2016)


  • An updated restore image file has been created. This version is based on Windows 10 and supports more network interfaces and many USB3 interfaces. This version continues to require 'legacy' booting on UEFI PCs, for which a temporary change may be needed in CMOS settings.


  • Change interval that the backup database is saved during a backup; the backup interval enables AISBackup to restart a backup following a catastrophic failure. The default is now 4GB from the previous 500MB but the value may be set using Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings / Save Database During Backup After Each - select the backup interval. This update was made because the periodic save interval of the database could add a considerable amount of time to a backup containing a large number of files.
  • Manage Backup / Backup Maintenance: 'Please Wait' message on some processes that may take a long time.
  • Enabled backup file extension to be renamed on backups to FTP.
  • Enable IP and ports to be set on encrypted FTP backups that are behind a NAS when using passive mode. (experimental)
  • Display the actual detected error when a sent e-mail fails. For example, an incorrect port number causes a time-out.


  • Windows 10: Changes in Windows 10 prevented the detection of some external drives.
  • In very rare circumstances AISBackup may have failed during the initialisation process.
  • E-mail did not send failure message if a network drive was unavailable for backup.
  • Restore of large files (split files) failed if the backup job was a 'read only' of a 'live' ftp backup from another computer, i.e. the backup was run since the backup was set-up as read only on another PC. Some of the backup contents database files were not updated from the 'live' backup.
  • When using the recovery media to restore a Windows backup to a new partition on UEFI systems the boot menu entry was made incorrectly. The actual Tools / Edit Boot Menu option did work correctly and could have been used to recreate the menu for the restored copy of Windows.
  • If a folder that had previously been backed up was converted to a junction files from this folder may have been selected for deletion during a restore.
  • Additional files required for driver installation for the recovery media are now copied to the restore CD / USB flash drive. Please note that 32-bit drivers are required for the recovery media.
  • Improved backup database recovery when an error is detected.
  • Windows 10: Changes in Windows 10 prevented the detection of some external drives.

Changes in version 4.1

AISBackup Version 4.1 Build 452 (24 August 2015)


  • Support for Windows 10.


  • Windows 10 disk copy (clone) option did not make a bootable copy of Windows 10, however a restore from a regular backup did work.
  • Fix error in backing up files where the file size is exactly a multiple of 4GB.

Changes in version 4.0

AISBackup Version 4.0 Build 450 (7 April 2015)


  • Support for Windows 10 Technical Preview.
  • Removed question about making external drives bootable from the ‘New Backup Job’ option; use the Tools / Create AISBackup Restore CD or USB External/Flash Drive instead.
  • Manage Backup / Modify Files and Folders List: Auto Select button replaced with Common File Selection tab. Common e-mail application folders have been added to the common file selection options. This option also enables the file selection from another backup job to be merged or replace the current file and folder selections.
  • Owing to a number of support questions about e-mailing backup reports this option has now been made available from the Manage Backup / Email Backup Result Log menu option. Pre-defined SMTP parameters for Microsoft and Google G-mail have been added. Please note that for and Google G-mail you must also install SSL / TLS support from here.


  • Enables backups to be opened from an external drive or removable USB flash drives that has had its volume name changed. AISBackup updates the backup job with the new volumes name.
  • Enable backup of EFI boot files if running from 32-bit systems where EFI booting is enabled. This should fix the problem where EFI BCD files were not backed up from 32-bit tablet PCs.
  • Updates to the Validate (Test) Backup option and the Backup Maintenance option.
  • Some messages and questions displayed on the bottom right of the screen while auto-running were displayed off screen.

AISBackup Version 4.0 Build 447 (Built 01 January 2015)


  • Support for Windows 10 Technical Preview.
  • Removed question about making external drives bootable from the ‘New Backup Job’ option; use the Tools / Create AISBackup Restore CD or USB External/Flash Drive instead.
  • Manage Backup / Modify Files and Folders List: Auto Select button replaced with Common File Selection tab. Common e-mail application folders have been added to the common file selection options. This option also enables the file selection from another backup job to be selected and merged or replace the current file and folder selections.


  • Enables backups to be opened from an external drive that has had its volume name changed. AISBackup updates the backup job with the new volumes name.
  • Enable backup of EFI boot files if running from 32-bit systems where EFI booting is enabled. This should fix the problem where EFI BCD files were not backed up from 32-bit tablet PCs.
  • Updates to the Validate (Test) Backup option and the Backup Maintenance option.
  • Some messages and questions displayed on the bottom right of the screen while auto-running were displayed off screen.
  • Improvements / fixes to Manage Backup / Backup Maintenance.

Changes in version 3.3

AISBackup Version 3.3 Build 446 (Built 23 May 2014)


  • The Tools / Program Settings and Options for was not displayed correctly, some items could not be seen.
  • Open file backup options for Windows Server 2003 were not displayed correctly, some check boxes were shown in error.

AISBackup Version 3.3 Build 445 (Built 17 April 2014)


  • Change backup file extension because some malicious software target files with the zip extension. We suggest a default but you may choose your own up to 12 characters. There is a new menu option (Manage Backup / Rename Backup File Extension to xxx where xxx is the backup file extension) to change the file extension of existing backup jobs provided that the backup files are disk based or on a network share.

    It has always been possible to change the backup file extension in AISBackup by using the Tools / Program Options / Advanced / Default Backup File Extension option.
  • Updates to boot menu handling.


  • Optical drives (CD / DVD / Blu-ray) were not detected correctly and not included in backup destination devices. AISBackup now checks the optical drive backup capability if the destination is chosen as CD, DVD or Blu-ray.
  • The menu and button captions were not displayed correctly if the PC has been set to display large font sizes.

AISBackup Version 3.3 Build 441 (Built 20 January 2014)


  • Support for GPT Disks. The GPT disk format will enable disks over 2TB to be used in compatible versions of Windows, if the MBR disk format is used instead of GPT then only 2048GB of the disk will be available.

    Possible to restore 64-bit Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 (inc R2) previously installed on MBR volumes to GPT booting PC's. If your PC is running 64-bit Windows Vista or 64-bit Windows 2008 the restore to a GPT / EFI enabled boot disk must be made using the AISBackup restore CD or USB drive. If your PC is running 64-bit Windows 7 and above or Server 2008R2 and above the restore may be made using either the current running version of Windows or the AISBackup Restore CD/USB drive.
  • AISBackup will format a blank (clean) GPT disk to a suitable format for EFI booting and optionally set-up a Recovery Partition. Restore to partitions on GPT disks and automatically set-up EFI boot files if required. Please note that Microsoft only enable EFI booting on 64-bit editions of Windows. On 32-bit systems and other versions of Windows that support GPT disks you may only use GPT disks for storing data.
  • The disk to disk copy option of AISBackup may also be used to copy Windows to a GPT formatted disk excepting the above restrictions.
  • AISBackup is able to backup and restore from the normally hidden EFI partition and Recovery partition.
  • Tools / Edit Boot Menu updated to support EFI booting.
  • Just in case it is not clear what the New Job button is for it has been renamed New Backup Job. To make room for this update the Custom Job button has been renamed Custom. The intention is to remove Custom (Backup Job) in future releases of AISBackup.
  • Some menu options have been hidden, but may be reinstated using Tools / Menu Administration. (see the release notes).
  • Added a Hide option to Menu Administration.
  • Cue card updates.


  • Disk options and select file/folder options now recognise special partitions on GPT disks.
  • The correct run as administrator UAC notification did not display correctly if AISBackup was run from a different user account.
  • Windows 8.1: AISBackup crashes out (disappears) when backing up the file C:\users\username\appdata\local\microsoft\internet explorer\indexeddb\appquota.db (Other files in Wimndows 8.1 may have also caused this problem).
  • 64-bit VSS error messages were not displayed correctly.
  • Possible infinite loop when deleting large file segments during pruning if the volume name was over 12 characters.
  • Repair a problem with 64-bit VSS support. Problems backing up open exclusive files from TrueCrypt encrypted volumes were not reported correctly. TrueCrypt does not support VSS.
  • If a folder junction is selected for backup, e.g. Windows 7 c:\Documents and Settings, and the destination folder does not exist AISBackup now logs the problem but does not stop executing.
  • AISBackup did not start on Windows 95 and Windows NT4. This version of AISBackup has been tested on the very old versions of Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 and Windows 2000. Some of you still using these versions of Windows in 2014.

Changes in version 3.2

AISBackup Version 3.2 Build 428 (29 May 2013)
Build 3.94 MB (4,141,832 bytes)


  • New Manage Backup / Network Passwords option to simplify the changing of network drive username and passwords.


  • The previous pre-release upload was not digitally signed.
  • Repaired testing large file segments always failed if the backup was not compressed.
  • Repaired problem backing up to some NAS.

AISBackup Version 3.2 Build 423 (19 April 2013)
Build 423 3.94 MB (4,140,080 bytes)


  • Improved backup contents file integrity checking.


  • Repaired a second problem testing split file segments (Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup).

AISBackup Version 3.2 Build 422 (2 April 2013)
Build 422 3.94 MB (4,139,408 bytes)


  • Support for Wake on LAN to enable AISBackup to 'wake' network PC's that are required for the running backup task.
  • Prevent the PC sleeping or hibernating during backup and restore processes.


  • Repaired a problem testing split file segments.

Changes in version 3.1

AISBackup Version 3.1 Build 420 (10 January 2013)
Build 420: 3.93 MB (4,125,568 bytes)


  • Support for backup to and restore from Microsoft SkyDrive.
  • Now possible to make a Restore USB Flash Drive under Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

    A pre-requisite is that the flash drive is formatted as NTFS, see help for details on how to do this as by default it is not possible to format a USB flash drive as NTFS under Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
  • Includes Module to support Volume Copy Shadow Service on 64-bit versions of Windows.


    • Works with TrueCrypt where a disk is mounted as an external drive, previous versions of AISBackup required the TrueCrypt drive to be mounted as a removable drive.
    • There is no longer a requirement to activate system file protection on drives containing Open Exclusive files.
  • It is now possible to add device drivers to the AISBackup Bootable Restore CD without using the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK).

    Device drivers may be required to activate some hardware on your PC, for example the motherboard Ethernet network interface.
  • Additional drivers added to the AISBackup restore media are now stored on the PC to enable them to be added to further copies of the restore media without the need to reinstall them from, for example, the motherboard drivers CD. Additional drivers may be added to the restore media without the need to download the rather large Microsoft WAIK package.
  • Some files have been removed from the Microsoft exclusions in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and will now be backed up.


  • Problem backing up to external drives that had been set-up as bootable.

Changes in version 3.0

AISBackup Version 3.0 Build 410 (30 August 2012)
Build 410: 3.34 MB (3,510,744 bytes)

Updated for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (Release Candidate).


  • Test for Blu-ray capability did not work if a Blu-ray disc was loaded; the test only worked if a CD or DVD was loaded.
  • More improvements to the Validate (Test) backup option: The file count did not work on multiple volume CD and DVD backups.
  • Abort button was not shown when restoring a backup from the recovery / restore CD or recovery / restore Flash drive. The recovery CD and flash drive should be recreated after installing this version of AISBackup.

AISBackup Version 3.0 Build 409 (9 August 2012)
Build 409: 3.34 MB (3,508,360 bytes)

Updated for Windows 8 Release preview Edition and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate.


  • Validate backup: A message about UNC filenames has been removed as this was only intended to be displayed during testing.
  • FTP folder selection has been updated to display an Access denied message if the backup folder cannot be created in the selected folder owing to permission failure. Some FTP servers do not allow the creation of folders under the root folder and some NAS create folders intended for FTP, e.g. /FTP, /PUB.

AISBackup Version 3.0 Build 408 (29 June 2012)
Build 408: 3.34 MB (3,508,360 bytes)

Updated for Windows 8 Release preview Edition and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate.


  • Help file updated.
  • After creating a backup job with New Job the option to make another job straight away has been removed as this option was very unlikely to be used. If you do wish to create another backup job straight away simply click New Job again.

AISBackup Version 3.0 Build 407 (6 June 2012)
Build 407: 3.34 MB (3,508,824 bytes)

Updated for Windows 8 Release preview Edition and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate.


  • Improved disaster recovery; some FTP job selection did not work correctly from the restore media job menu (Bootable CD, USB Drive or External hard drive). However the 'open backup from FTP server' option did work.

    It is now possible to display available remote shares to assist with opening network based backups.
  • Improved Validate (Test) Backup option.


  • Backup to optical media the disc number would not exceed 100, this has been repaired.
  • Build 405 may hang when opening network connections.
  • On Windows 8 some of the dialogue forms did not display correctly.
  • On Windows 8 Backup of open exclusive files did not work if a restore point has been made within the last 24 hours. However if AISBackup was re-run immediately after this problem the open exclusive files were backed up successfully.

AISBackup Version 3.0 Build 405 (9 March 2012)
Build 405: 3.34 MB (3,504,344 bytes)

This build introduces the ability to backup and restore the Windows 8 Customer preview edition. There may be issues with Windows 8 support and we welcome feedback.


  • Support for Windows 8 (Customer preview version).
  • Change to network drive password handling.
  • A Warning is shown if encrypted e-mail is selected and the AISBackup SSL support has not been installed.
  • When running from the bootable AISBackup Restore CD the network IP address is displayed in the caption of AISBackup; this should help with ascertaining if a network connection has been established.


  • A problem preventing the previous version running on Windows NT4 has been repaired.
  • Possible (and rare) database corruption causing a successful backup to terminate prematurely fixed.
  • Lightscribe CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc writers: If AISBackup is started when the disc drive is empty a disc would not be recognised until AISBackup was terminated.


AISBackup Version 3.0 Build 402 (13 January 2012)
Build 402: 3.34 MB (3,504,360 bytes)

This build introduces the ability to backup and restore the Windows 8 Developer Preview edition. There may be issues with Windows 8 support and we welcome feedback.


  • Support for Windows 8 (developers preview version).
  • Change to network drive password handling.
  • A Warning is shown if encrypted e-mail is selected and the AISBackup SSL support has not been installed.
  • When running from the bootable AISBackup Restore CD the network IP address is displayed in the caption of AISBackup; this should help with ascertaining if a network connection has been established.


  • A problem preventing the previous version running on Windows NT4 has been repaired.

Changes in version 2.9

AISBackup Version 2.9 Build 400 (12 September 2011)
Build 400: 3.43 MB (3,605,728 bytes)


  • AISBackup is now aware of Blu-ray and HDDVD and these drives may be chosen as the backup destination. Please note that backing up to Blu-ray using the integrated disc writer requires a 25GB disk stage (15GB for HDDVD).
  • AISBackup Restore Media: AISBackup may now set-up the AISBackup restore boot image on USB NTFS External drives that have been formatted as a primary partition. A question is asked when setting up backup jobs to the correct type of external drive. This option may be used on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (where the AISBackup Restore USB flash drive option does not work).
  • AISBackup Restore Media: now supports a list of backup jobs that is created when the AISBackup Restore media is created. The list is automatically maintained in backup jobs that backup to the correct type of USB external drive. (NTFS, Primary partition).
  • AISBackup detects Server 2011 as Server 2011 instead of Windows Server 2008 R2.


  • Disk to disk copy did not delete removed folders if the delete files before copy option is chosen.
  • AISBackup used to recreate large file segment control files (aii) in FTP backup jobs.
  • Entering leading or trailing spaces in the job name when setting up a backup job would create a destination with leading or trailing spaces; this would cause the backup job to fail. Any leading or trailing spaces are now removed.
  • Repaired problem with testing optical media (CD, DVD and Blu-ray).
  • Exception errors when displaying empty log files.


AISBackup Version 2.9 Build 398 (23 March 2011)
Build 398: 3.29 MB (3,450,040 bytes)


  • Server 2008 64 bit editions: Backup of open exclusive files would fail for the second drive if open exclusive files were on more than one disk drive.
  • The New Job option used the job name as the internal file names used within AISBackup, previous versions would allow invalid filename characters to be used; AISBackup now changes invalid filename characters to the underscore character.
  • Possible problem restoring hard links in backup jobs that contain over 65,535 file hard links. The problem is in the restore and the backup itself is okay. This problem was only likely to affect restores from backups that contain multiple Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems in a dual or multi-boot environment.
  • Test backup repaired where the backup is to multiple destinations and more than 1 destination is online.


  • Improved performance calculating synchronise of files of type. Example: A synchronise job of 21 file types in 1,172 folders over a 100MBit network takes 1 hour 9 minutes and 20 seconds in the previous version of AISBackup and 3 minutes 19 seconds with this version of AISBackup.
  • Improved support for backup, restore and copy of NTFS sparse files.
  • The New Job form has been updated to only scroll 1 item at a time when using the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel resolution has also been updated on the Undo Backup and Select backup session for restore forms.
  • The New Job option now uses the job name as the sub folder name in the backup destination field if the generated job name is manually changed. This update should make it easier to locate a backup when using the Tools / Open Job From Backup Media option. You can of course still change the backup destination to your own preferred destination.
  • Added a reminder to make the AISBackup Bootable Restore media.
  • Auto-run log message change for copy style jobs.

AISBackup Version 2.9 Build 395 (18 January 2011)
Build 395: 3.28 MB (3,448,944 bytes)


  • The method of making backup jobs has been made easier by making the New Job option use the click to select options; it is possible to make a full backup with just 6 mouse clicks. The previous New Job options are available under Custom Job.

Changes in version 2.8

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 393 (20 December 2010)
Build 393: 3.28 MB (3,441,896 bytes)


  • Duplicate disc volume number problem when backing up huge (split) files to multiple DVDs.
  • Delete deleted files automatically did not work correctly.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 392 (3 December 2010)
Build 392 3.28 MB (3,442,120 bytes)

Build 391 was used for testing.


  • After several requests from our users; it is now possible to select that all files that were not on a backup are deleted without asking (you) the user for confirmation. This option is requested on the final restore confirmation message, just before the restore begins.
  • AISBackup now supports ssl encrypted e-mail connections on the send backup status e-mail option.
  • If a backup or copy job is of files modified since a specified date (or number of days) the date (or number of days) is now displayed in the log.
  • Backup of open exclusive files has been enabled for 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008. This option requires that System File Protection is enabled.
  • Backup and restore of encrypted files did not work on 64-bit system's.


  • Delete archive did not delete all the files belonging to a backup job.
  • The archive backup option did not work if the backup job had not been pre-loaded.
  • AISBackup failed to copy a backup to CD or DVD using the Manage Backup / Copy backup to CD or DVD where the copy was to a CD or DVD formatted using a packet writing system (the direct to CD or DVD method).
  • The upgrade AISBackup option does not work unless AISBackup is running as an administrator; AISBackup now elevates to administrator.
  • The create bootable USB drive did not work correctly.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 390 (24 September 2010)
Build 390 24 September 2010 3.28 MB (3,441,072 bytes)


  • Enable single disk based destination backups to be updated to use multiple disk drive destinations. Using multiple disk destinations to external drives makes it much easier to manage on-site off-site backups using the same scheduled backup job; simply swap the drives and the next backup will be based on the current connected drive. The update was made in response to this forum post.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 389 (16 September 2010)
Build 389 16 September 2010 3.28 MB (3,441,072 bytes)


  • The AISBackup bootable Restore CD or USB flash drive may now be made using a pre-compiled boot image of about 120MB instead of installing the Microsoft product WAIK (992 MB to 1,706 MB depending on the version chosen).


  • Possible (rare) AISBackup start-up problem when running under Windows 7.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 385 (28 August 2010)
Build 385 28 August 2010 3.27 MB (3,435,352 bytes)


  • The Manage Backup / Reset Backup option has been changed for backups to multiple external drives so that only the selected drive is reset instead of all drives. To reset all drives select and reset each drive in turn.
  • Feature: Very large backups can span multiple disk drives provided the disk drives have the same volume name.

    Change: For backups that span multiple drives the Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup option has been updated to test the backup data from all drives. Ensure that all drives containing the backup are connected before using the validate / test option.
  • The default setting to restore NTFS security settings when restoring or copying files to network drives has been changed to do not restore / copy. You may change this setting to restore the security settings but ensure that the remote system supports the settings and that the account used to map the drive has appropriate permission to restore or copy the NTFS security settings. Some network drives do not support NTFS security and other meta data stored on NTFS disks, e.g. alternate data streams on Linux disks. Making regular backups to network drives does preserve all the NTFS settings and meta data within the backup zip files.
  • It is not possible to create folders on some network drives using the original 8.3 short name, for example the remote drive may not support short names. AISBackup now only reports one warning message rather than a message for each folder.


  • Update AISBackup USB boot drive did not work correctly: AISBackup incorrectly prepared a CD image instead.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 384 (27 August 2010)

  • There was a problem with this version that prevented a restore to the original destination, a work-around was to select the original destination. This version was only available for download for 20 hours.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 383 (21 July 2010)
Build 383 21 July 2010 3.27 MB (3,432,448 bytes)


  • The Tools / Disk to Disk Copy option has been updated to suggest running as an administrator when running on Windows Vista and Windows 7 in Restricted Account mode; AISBackup must be run as an administrator when copying the Windows system disk to a new drive or partition.
  • The Modify files and folders form has been updated to indicate shared folders, for those of you that miss this feature in Windows 7. Right Click / Properties has also been added to files and folders.
  • The Modify files and folders list now indicates compressed files and folders in blue and encrypted files and folders in green.
  • The auto run e-mail subject has been changed to indicate if the backup worked |OK| or failed |FAIL|.
  • The create AISBackup restore USB Flash drive has been updated to enable a pre-used Restore Flash Drive to be updated rather than formatted so as not to lose and pre-existing additional data copied to the flash drive.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 380 (14 June 2010)
Build 380 14 June 2010 3.26 MB (3,427,536 bytes)


  • It is now possible to use the Tools / Disk to Disk Copy option to copy (clone) both the hidden 'boot' and visible 'Windows 7' partitions to a brand new unformatted drive. The destination drive may be larger than the source drive.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 379 (Not generally released)


  • It is now possible to backup and restore hidden disk partitions (disk partitions without a drive letter).


  • A problem has been repaired where if during file selection a few files are selected prior to the job being converted to a files of type backup new files created under the selected folders may not have been backed up. All files of type under the selected folders will now be backed up.
  • The Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu option has been updated to enable editing of menus on hidden volumes.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 378 (19 May 2010)
Build 378 19 May 2010 3.25 MB (3,418,832 bytes)


  • When running on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 AISBackup may be used to make an AISBackup Restore USB Flash drive as well as the AISBackup Restore CD.


  • The Dynamic HTML e-mail attachment has been updated to enable it to work with Mozilla FireFox.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 376 (14 May 2010)
Build 376 14 May 2010 3.25 MB (3,411,896 bytes)


  • The multiple destination disk to disk copy option has been updated to allow offline disks and offline network drives to be added to the list of destinations.
  • An option to make an AISBackup bootable restore USB flash drive has been added.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 375 (13 May 2010)
Build 375 13 May 2010 3.25 MB (3,417,480 bytes)


  • The update to enable the backup of open exclusive files on Windows 7 and Windows Vista only worked on PC's using the English language; this has been fixed.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 374 (11 May 2010)
Build 374 11 May 2010 3.25 MB (3,411,712 bytes)


  • 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 require that Windows System Protection is active on all drives from which open exclusive files are to be backed up. This version adds the menu option Tools / Extra Tools / Launch Microsoft System Protection.
  • Copy and synchronise backup jobs may now have multiple destinations assigned. If more than one destination is available when the copy is initiated a select destination form is displayed. When running unattended the media holding the oldest copy is used as the backup destination.


  • This version of AISBackup fixes the problem backing up the boot files that are installed in a hidden 100MB partition in some installations of Windows 7.
  • Fixed a problem where the backup job files were removed from the backup destination if the backup destination filename was not stored correctly (the incorrect storage of the filename has also been fixed).

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 372 (12 April 2010)
Build 372 12 April 2010 3.24 MB (3,403,120 bytes)

  • Changes:

    This version of AISBackup introduces the ability to backup opened exclusive files on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, however the product AISFAM does offer better performance and may work on system's where Microsoft's Volume Copy Shadow Service cannot be used. The backup of opened exclusive files requires that Windows system protection is available on all drives that contain opened exclusive files that you wish to backup. On Windows 7 use the Start / Right click Computer / Properties / System Protection option to check the status of Windows System Protection.

    Known Problem (A solution for this problem will be introduced from build 373): On many PC's that contain Windows 7 the boot volume is installed on a separate hidden partition. This volume is too small (around 100MB) to have System Protection enabled, therefore there are two files that cannot be backed up. This is not a problem in disaster recovery situations where the boot partition itself requires restoring as it can be repaired automatically using the Windows set-up DVD. Note that as the 100MB boot partition is a hidden partition and it is likely that this partition would never need restoring except in the situation where the physical hard disk itself is been replaced. For users who have made the AISBackup Restore CD it is possible to backup the Boot Partition whilst booted from the Restore CD. There is a plan to make a video tutorial about this issues. The boot volume is backed up okay if you have installed AISFAM.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 370 (29 March 2010)
Build 368 29 March 2010 3.24 MB (3,402,456 bytes)


This is the first build made available as an update as well as a regular download via the web site for users of AISBackup version 2.5 (build 305) and above.

  • New Restore options: Following feedback from users of AISBackup the following Right Click restore options have been added:

    • Restore folder to: Restores folder to the specified destination. Functionally the same as drag and drop folder onto Windows Explorer except the select destination folder is requested via the select folder form.
    • Restore contents of folder to: Restores the contents of the folder to the specified destination.
    • Select Registry: If the selected folder is on a drive that contains a copy of the Windows operating system this option will select all copies of the user and system registry on the selected drive.
    • Select Windows and Registry: If the selected folder is on a drive that contains a copy of the Windows operating system this option will select the folder containing the Windows operating system and the user registry files. This option may be used to restore Windows back to a previous date but leave all other files and folders as they are.
    • Select Windows, Registry and Programs: As above, but also includes the folder containing installed programs.


  • Test backup: The test may have terminated prematurely with an exception error if a file failed the test phase.
  • Restore split file from FTP server: The split file restore may have failed if the aii file was missing from the FTP server, the file is now restored.
  • Backup Maintenance: The move backup data to new drive failed to complete correctly.
  • Auto run copy job: Delete destination option error when removing a folder repaired, however, the copy did complete okay.
  • Drag and drop restore: Files with Unicode filenames were incorrectly restored using the original path as part of the selected destination.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 369 (25 March 2010)
Build 369 was released to users of the AISBackup network administration option; the updates in this version are shown in build 370.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 368 (9 March 2010)
Build 368 9 March 2010 3.24 MB (3,401,800 bytes)


  • Server 2008 only (all versions): Microsoft includes the Active Directory in the list of files not to backup, this has been removed from the exclusions to enable the active directory to be backed up. This problem did not affect Server 2000 or Server 2003 (All versions).
  • When restoring more than one drive at the same time if one of the drives included Windows Vista or Windows 7 the restore would fail. The restore worked if the drives were restored individually.
  • Direct to CD / DVD Backup: discs can now me formatted on 64-bit system's from the load media form.


  • Microsoft Do Not Backup List: It has been made possible to attempt to backup the files in Microsoft's list of files not to backup. See the Manage Backup / Modify Files and Folders List / Exclusions Tab / Remove Microsoft Exclusions and the Backup Microsoft Exclusions check box.
  • If a backup is password protected the password must be given when opening the job with Tools / Open Job From Backup Media.

AISBackup Version 2.8 Build 367 (23  February 2010)
3.24 MB (3,400,080 bytes).


  • The New Job option to external drive did not work correctly.
  • For AISBackup Network Management users where the management path is password protected it was possible for AISBackup to ask for a password at the same time that the splash start-up screen was displayed resulting in AISBackup becoming non-operational and requiring a shut-down via Task Manager.
  • The open file dialogue may not have shown after making a new backup job on 64-bit system's.
  • The Load Disc /Format button has been fixed on 64 bit Windows, this button is used to format UDF CD's and DVD's.


  • New job has been updated to reduce the risk of backing up to the root of a network drive in error, and using a malformed backup filename (actually a blank filename causing the backup files to be called It is however still possible (by design) to backup to the root of a network drive.

AISBackup Build 366 Version 2.8 (16 February 2010)
3.24 MB (3,398,536 bytes).


  • During restore new folders created in previously backed up empty folders would not be made candidates for deletion.
  • Jobs list sort by date of last backup did not work if invalid dates were found in the list.
  • fixed: During Restore it was possible for AISBackup to report a problem writing to a Canvas.


  • Files from specific fuzzy matched folders may be excluded, for example to exclude Google Earth Cache files, which by default are in the following files:

    Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth\dbCache.dat
    C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth\dbCache.dat.index

    Windows Vista & Windows 7

    There may be other files called dbCache.dat that we do not want to exclude from the backup, so to specify the exclusion only for Google Earth enter:


    This is interpreted as any filename starting with dbCache that is in any folder whose name ends with \Google\GoogleEarth\.
  • After several requests the number of external drives that a backup job can use has been increased from 3 to several, there is no defined upper limit except for networked drives where the limit is 9. Now you can have a backup disk for each day of the week if you wish (or even more).
  • Folder security settings and other meta data is now retained and restored if the folder does not pre-exist on the PC and an early backup session is selected for restore. Previously the security information from the last backup was restored.
  • The e-mail set-up can retrieve SMTP settings from more e-mail system's.
  • The Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup option for FTP jobs where the backup is also retained on the local PC may be set to test the FTP copy of the backup.
  • The AISbackup set-up program may be optionally added to the AISBackup ret sore CD to make a dual functioning Set-up / Recovery CD.
  • It is now possible to delete the destination files prior to running the copy phase of a copy job. Only candidates for deletion are actually deleted and not the whole destination folder.
  • The pre and post job parameter list has been expanded and it is now possible to generate a prototype post run batch job.

AISBackup Build 361 Version 2.8  (11 November 2009)
Builds 349 to 359 were internal test versions.

3.19 MB (3,347,592 bytes).


  • The Unicode index held in the backup zip files could overflow; this would lead to restore test errors.
  • Various updates to meta data style backup.
  • AISBackup may not have started on some PC's owing to a problem with interfacing with some disk interfaces.


Changes in version 2.7

AISBackup Build 360 Version 2.7  (7 October 2009)
Builds 349 to 359 were internal test versions.

3.19 MB (3,347,592 bytes).


  • Fixed first time run problem on Windows 7 if AISBackup was not run as an administrator; AISBackup must be run as an administrator the first time it is used on Windows 7.
  • AISBackup failed to start on a very small number of PC's owing to an unsupported disk configuration.
  • FTP download error recovery improved.
  • The Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup option may not have reported an error if there was an unexpected error causing a failure.
  • NTFS security and ADS was not backed up from split files (formerly known as huge files), this information is now stored in the .aii files.
  • AISBackup form size problem when running from the Windows 7 set-up DVD.
  • The Quick Job Select PC option did not select local hidden disk drives (drives without a drive letter). Default installations of Windows 7 place the boot files in a hidden partition, this partition must be backed up to enable complete disaster recovery with AISBackup and especially when restoring to a new disk.
  • AISBackup did not store the disk name and size for disks without a drive letter.


  • Disk based Quick jobs now default to Advanced Session Management.
  • Quick job network backups now default to networked external drive style backup as this style of backup gives more flexibility, e.g. adding additional destinations to the same backup job.
  • A new specialised job type of NTFS meta data and security information enables backup of meta data without the actual file data. To enable this option select the menu option Tools / Program Settings and Options / Advanced tab / Enable Meta Data Backup and Restore

AISBackup Build 348 Version 2.7  (9 July 2009)
3.18 MB (3,336,568 bytes).


  • Removed delay while calculating some restore processes. The delay was caused while preparing an internal table of file hard links.
  • Improved FTP failed file upload/download recovery.
  • Fixed program start loop if running on a Vista / Windows 7 PC with UAC disabled when attempting to run a backup job requiring administrator access from a limited (non-administrator) account. Limited accounts cannot backup file security information (The Backup NTFS security setting).

AISBackup Build 346 Version 2.7  (22 June 2009)
3.18 MB (3,336,568 bytes)


  • Huge files have been designated split files.


  • Some backup jobs were reported as completed successfully when errors occurred.
  • Unattended FTP jobs no longer run if the FTP server is not available.
  • The Validate (Test) option incorrectly removed split files from the backup catalogue (bdb file).

AISBackup Build 345 Version 2.7  (15 June 2009)
3.17 MB (3,334,840 bytes)


  • FTP: With some FTP servers there is a problem obtaining a detailed directory listing of many thousands of files; AISBackup no longer obtains a detailed list and uses the much quicker NLST FTP command.

    A consequence of this change is that it is no longer possible to use the Tools / Open Job From FTP Server option if any of the sub-directories contain more than 1000 files and / or directories.
  • Volume Copy Shadow Service (VSS): We have had a few support questions about VSS failing to backup opened exclusive files when using Microsoft's Volume Copy Shadow Service. Sometimes it is possible to repair VSS by re-registering the modules used by VSS by using the new Tools / Extra Tools / Register Volume Shadow Copy Service Modules menu option.

AISBackup Build 344 Version 2.7  (27 May 2009)
3.17 MB (3,333,016 bytes)
Build 342 was use for testing.


  • Windows 95, 98 & ME: Build 343 did not work on Windows 95, 98 or ME.

AISBackup Build 343 Version 2.7  (22 May 2009)
3.17 MB (3,334,536 bytes)
Build 342 was use for testing.


  • Backup Reports: New option to save the selected report in either text, html, dynamic html, rtf or csv format.
  • FTP Complete last upload option: This option now sends a completion e-mail if requested.


  • Fixed: Problem with Microsoft VSS on Windows XP 64 bit.
  • Fixed: Failed to detect AISFAM if it is installed on Windows XP 64 bit.
  • Copy option: Failed to copy opened exclusive files.
  • Problem testing zip files that are over 2GB with the Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup option.

AISBackup Build 341 Version 2.7  (28 April 2009)
3.17 MB (3,334,536 bytes)


  • Fixed: Disk copy and synchronisation options stopped working in build 340.

AISBackup Build 340 Version 2.7  (27 April 2009)
3.17 MB (3,334,808 bytes)


  • Additional Last Run messages added to the jobs tab.
  • Updates made for the AISBackup Network Administration product.


  • Correct the synchronisation option when a folder is renamed, the 'other side' is no longer copied back, but instead removed. However, if any file on the 'other side' of the synchronisation is changed or added to the folder the file will be synchronised using the original folder name.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 339 Version 2.7  (19 March 2009)
3.16 MB (3,324,480 bytes)


  • Added boot menu boot parameters option in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
  • AISBackup now keeps a copy of filenames synchronized when the both way synchronize option is chosen, this should fix the problem where files renamed on one side of the folders to be synchronized are selected for deletion. To synchronize renamed files in previous releases of AISBackup the files should have been renamed on 'both sides' or the Manage Backup / Change last synchronize date / Reset option used.
  • If backup of opened exclusive files is disabled AISBackup now displays the inability to backup these files as warnings and not errors. The error count is no longer incremented and the job will now complete successfully if opened exclusive files are not backed up.


  • Repaired VPN New Connection option in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
  • Repaired local area network access in 64 bit Windows. When a network drive was selected for backup or backup destination AISBackup would incorrectly display that the network had not been started.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 336 Version 2.7  (6 February 2009)
3.16 MB (3,314,000 bytes)


  • Support for Windows 7 added. As Windows 7 is still in beta additional changes may be required when Windows 7 is released.
  • Two new backup file right click selection options added:

    • Always Backup Select Files / Right click file/ Always backup this file: These files have been right click / selected to always be backed up even if the date modified or size did not change. This option is useful for backing up files that explicitly do not change the modified date even when the file is modified, e.g. The default setting for truecrypt encrypted file containers.
    • Backup only if the size changes Select Files / Right click file / Only backup if size changes: These files have been right click / selected to only be backed up if the file size changes but not when the date modified changes. This option is useful in situations where the file is modified by the applications that access the files, but you know that the file is not actually modified or the modifications are not required to be backed up.

      An example where this situation may apply is with Microsoft Outlook data files used to archive e-mails, these files are always marked as modified when they are opened in Outlook regardless of whether the data is actually changed. There is a reasonable chance that if you do actually add or remove data from the outlook data file that the file size will change which will result in the file been backed up. Files selected with this option are backed up if they are not already on the backup.


  • Task schedules would not be set-up correctly under Windows Vista if AISBackup needed to be elevated to administrator. The task was scheduled correctly if AISBackup was already running as an administrator.
  • When running under Vista: If a job was created that did not require administrator privilege was scheduled using AISBackup, the job was incorrectly set to run as an administrator.
  • Files within folder path names that exceed Windows maximum length (255 characters) did not restore. The files and folders are restored as the NTFS file system allows long file path names > 255 characters. As Windows does not allow access to files when the path exceeds 255 characters AISBackup has been updated to allow the opening and deletion of these files from the Manage Backup / Modify Files and Folders form.
  • Some problems with FTP file checking repaired. The fault may have resulted in valid files been re-uploaded to the FTP server.
  • The e-mail log option was not executed from copy jobs if there were no files to copy.

Release AISBackup Build 333 Version 2.7  (17 December 2008)


  • Repair a problem with the Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup option if the backup had been manually moved to a different backup destination.

Release AISBackup Build 332 Version 2.7  (11 December 2008)


Enable copy and synchronize jobs to copy the contents of a folder to the root of the selected destination folder rather than copying the complete path of the source folders. This is archived by the folder / right click Copy contents of folder to destination on the Select Files For Backup form.

folders. This is archived by the folder / right click Copy contents of folder to destination on the Select Files For Backup form.

  • The tabs graphics have been changed.


  • Updates to FTP to enable uploads to FTP Servers that do not support all FTP commands. An FTP option to disconnect between each upload and download has been added to prevent problems with some FTP servers prematurely ending the FTP session.

Release AISBackup Build 331 Version 2.7  (28 November 2008)


  • Do not compress file list did not remember changes.
  • Pre and post jobs did not run if parameters were specified.

Release AISBackup Build 330 Version 2.7  (24 November 2008)


  • Updates made to AISBackup Restore CD and enable AISBackup to restore using the Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 set-up DVD. The Windows Vista set-up DVD may be used to restore Windows NT4, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and Windows Server 2003 provided there is at least 512MB RAM in the PC. A copy of AISBackup must be made to a USB Flash Drive or CD when using the Vista set-up DVD and a new menu option called Tools / Extra Tools -> / Copy AISBackup to CD (For use with Vista set-up DVD) has been made to burn AISBackup to CD.
  • The AISBackup Restore CD is now created with the same keyboard, date/time and time zone of the PC that creates the DVD.
  • A restore wizard has been created for the AISBackup Restore CD or when running from the Windows Vista / Server 2008 set-up DVD.
  • Help file updated for Windows Restore CD and using the Vista set-up DVD for restoring with AISBackup.
  • A new restore destination of Unallocated Disk Space has been introduced. AISBackup will create and format the disk partition prior to restore. AISBackup only creates basic disk partitions, for other types of partition, e.g. dynamic use Disk Manager or the command line option DiskPart. It is NOT recommended to restore Windows to new dynamic disk volumes but to restore to a basic disk partition and then convert the disk to a dynamic disk after booting into the restored Windows.
  • An auto-select option of Microsoft System Restore Information has been introduced. This option toggles the exclusion of the folder System Volume Information. The Microsoft System Restore Information can take up a lot of disk space that will make backup sessions much larger and is not really necessary for disaster recovery restores.
  • Updates have been made to the default file and folder exclusions; the changes will not filter though to existing jobs.
  • If multiple disk drives are chosen for restore it is now possible to select a different destination disk for each selected drive, including using the new unallocated disk partition option. This new option should simplify restoring several disks to a new disk during disaster recovery using the AISBackup Restore CD or Windows Vista set-up DVD. Up to 8 disks may be restored from a backup using this option, if there are more than 8 disk partitions on the backup then you should split the restore.
  • When restoring from a backup AISBackup now checks that the destination drive is the same physical drive that the backup was made from rather than relying on the drive letter which may change when booting from different operating systems' on a multi boot system. If there is no match to the physical drive you will be asked to specify a destination for the restore rather than been able to use the restore to original path option.

    If a disk partition is moved or resized then AISBackup may determine that it is a different physical drive from that backed up, unless a new backup session has been run since the disk update was made.


  • When excluding files from a backup job the existing copies of the files in the backup did not filter through the prune process and always remained in the backup. Any file excluded from the backup will now be pruned out of the backup through the normal session pruning process. If you would like to remove the files from the backup immediately use the Manage Backup / Backup Maintenance option.
  • AISFAM: AISBackup now tests for AISFAM by checking if the service is installed rather than that the SysTray File Access Manager program is running as the SysTray program is optional.
  • Several 'Disk Not Available' problems when accessing USB multi card reader interfaces without media present.
  • If a drive is unavailable but present in the list of drives, for example a mapped network drive where the media is not present on the remote system: AISBackup would assume that there were no files on the media and mark the files as deleted. Now, provided AISBackup gets the 'Media not present' message from the device, it will mark the files in the backup as unchanged.
  • The NTFS security settings were not restored to the root of a drive.
  • Drag and drop restore: When restoring using drag and drop it may not have been obvious that AISBackup required user interaction because the Windows Explorer form may have been displayed on top of AISBackup after the drop operation. AISBackup now forces itself in front of all forms.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 329 Version 2.7  (12 October 2008)
3.07 MB (3,226,727 bytes)


  • It is now possible to make a bootable restore CD with AISBackup using the Tools / Create AISBackup Restore CD (Also works with DVD) . A download of Microsoft's free Automated Installation Kit for Windows Vista is required (AIK), however the CD can be made on Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista or Server 2008. The CD will restore Windows 2000, Server 2000, XP (all editions), Server 2003, Vista (All editions) and Server 2008. The restore CD does require at least 512MB RAM or AISBackup will not work.

    The restore CD supports all AISBackup's backup media including Local Drives, Network Drives, External Drives, CD / DVD and FTP.

    Not all PC's may be compatible with the AISBackup Restore CD, however the restore CD creation process does allow the addition of PC specific device drivers, e.g. SATA Disk Drives, Network Interface Card Drivers. Your PC manufacturer should be able to help you locate appropriate drivers for your PC.
  • A new function Tools / Windows Drive Assignments has been introduced to enable drive letters to be examine and updated for all versions of Windows installed on the PC. This option is useful when restoring multiple drives to a brand new disk as the version of Windows restored to the new disk will not have any knowledge of the new physical disk's partitions, except for the Windows drive itself (which is updated automatically by AISBackup).
  • A new function Tools / Disk Maintenance is available on the AISBackup Restore CD version of AISBackup. This option may be used for creating and formatting disk partitions on brand new disks. AISBackup cannot create or remove partitions on dynamic disks. For more complex disk operations use the command line tool DiskPart (There is some help with DiskPart on the help page on the AISBackup Restore CD).
  • If the restore CD is made from a registered version of Windows the Backup functions and an additional Tools / File Viewer option are available. Some basic maintenance functions may be made using the File Viewer.

    The ability to run a backup from the restore CD may be useful if you need to restore from an old backup and the disk contains data you want to retain, or you want to make a backup of a 'dead' PC before you attempt to repair it.
  • Improved Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu option: Allows editing of all installed Vista Boot Menus (multi-boot system). Option to repair / switch between Boot Manager and NTLDR style booting.


  • When backing up multiple drives AISBackup could incorrectly prefix the registry files with the wrong drive letter, this was a display error and did not affect the backup.
  • Opening an FTP backup for restore may not have correctly remembered the root folder, this problem was found when testing the Restore CD.

Changes in version 2.6.2

Release AISBackup Build 327 Version 2.6.2  (15 September 2008)
3.04 MB (3,198,376 bytes)


  • Improved handling of user moving backups without using the built in options. The Manage Backup / Move Backup Destination option was not originally designed to correct backups that had been moved manually, but move the backup itself; using this option to complete a manual move caused a major problem with some backup jobs as the backup contents file was reset - this process has been updated to enable the Move Backup Destination option to complete manual moving of backup data.
  • Disk based backups manually transferred to an FTP site would not open via Tools / Open Job From FTP Server AISBackup has been changed to allow this. For this option to work the backup must be transferred to the FTP Directory that is specified in the FTP options. Please note that AISBackup was not designed to enable manually moving a backup to an FTP server and the job should have been created as an FTP job and if you want to delay the upload (or manually transfer the backup data) the Manage Backup / Change backup job settings / FTP Settings / Enable manual transfer option should have been used instead.


  • The backup log e-mail was not sent in 64-bit Windows.

Changes in version 2.6.1

Release AISBackup Build 323 Version 2.6.1  (19 August 2008)
2.90 MB (3,041,776 bytes)


  • Username and password may be specified for the AISBackup Administration Path. The Administration path is used by an AISBackup addition that is currently under development.
  • The first non-diskette drive letter now defaults to the B: drive owing to reported problems where users of AISBackup map network drives to B:.


  • Backup Maintenance: Did not remove files which were backed up from network drives.
  • Backup Maintenance: Did not remove files which contain characters like: ÄÖÜäöüß.
  • Open backup from media: Did not work correctly when the following backup types were manually copied to another PC, i.e. not on their original backup media:

    • External drive backups where Open Contents From Backup Media is set.
    • Networked External Drive where Open Contents From Backup Media is set.
    • FTP Backup copied manually to a new FTP Server and then opened from the new server: AISBackup would not use the new FTP server credentials, but incorrectly used the old FTP server credentials.
  • Local Network Update: This option did not work if the network administration path required a password.

Release AISBackup Build 321 Version 2.6.1  (6 August 2008)
3.21 MB (3,369,392 bytes)


  • FTP Backup: The validate would fail on split files where the FTP copy of the backup is chosen for backup. AISBackup did not download the file segments.
  • FTP Backup: Where the following conditions are true AISbackup no longer complains about possible lack of disk space to hold the backup: FTP Backup / On-the-fly upload / remove local backup. Other FTP backup types would require that 100% of the backup is held on the local PC so the warning message would still be valid.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 320 Version 2.6.1  (30 June 2008)
3.21 MB (3,369,392 bytes)


  • Program freeze at start-up on some PC's using Lightscribe. An error with Lightscribe detection caused the freeze.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 319 Version 2.6.1  (17 June 2008)
3.35 MB (3,521,296 bytes)


  • E-mail subject line on copy jobs now shows number of files copied and number of files failed.
  • FTP Backup: Large files may now be split using the Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings / FTP Settings / Split files at (MB). Enter a numerical value in megabytes, e.g. 20 will split a 46MB file into 3 segments of 20, 20 and 6 MB. Enter 0 (zero) to disable this option.
  • FTP Backup: If the FTP server supports CRC integrity checking AISBackup, by default, only checks the first 50 MB of large files, this is because waiting for the FTP server to return the CRC may cause an FTP timeout. Indeed 50MB may be too large for some FTP servers so this value may be altered using the Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings / FTP Settings / Check Integrity (MB) option. A value of 0 (zero) disables integrity checking.
  • The speed of the check for new and changed files for backup may be decreased, but with an increased risk if new hard links not been found correctly within AISBackup. For data backups and pre Windows Vista / Server 2008 this is unlikely to be a problem. AISbackup will always check for all hard links the first time a backup job is run. This setting is made by un-checking: Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings / Check all files for hard link changes The default setting is checked.
  • The disk to disk copy option may be set to only copy files modified since a specified date.


  • Backup Maintenance: Did not recover disk space from removed backup files correctly.
  • Problem saving e-mail backup's fixed.
  • Problem with new registration key file handling fixed.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 317 Version 2.6.1  (17 June 2008)
3.35 MB (3,516,256 bytes)


  • An option to remove automatic column sizing of the job list, AISBackup will remember the column widths you set manually. To remove automatic column resizing option un-check: Tools / Program Settings and Options / Program tab / Auto-size job list column width.


  • Fixed bug in version 3.6.1 (version 3.6 and previous versions of AISBackup worked okay): The Tools / Disk to Disk Copy option of the Windows Vista operating system did not correctly set-up the new drive letter which caused the copy of the operating system to boot using its previous drive letter instead of the 'copy from operating system' drive letter. This may have resulted in a copy which could not be booted and the copy operating system would use the user documents and settings from the wrong disk partition.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 316 Version 2.6.1  (11 June 2008)
3.35 MB (3,516,800 bytes)


  • Added return codes so that %errorlevel% may be evaluated when AISBackup is run from a command line batch job, example:

    "C:\Source\Delphi5\BACKUP\Live Backup\AISBACKUP.exe" "VISTAPRO (C) Drive to Network - LANDISK|M"
    echo The error level code was: %errorlevel%

    The return code is documented in the help file under Technical Information / Developer Information.
  • When checking files for backup if there are no new and changed files but files have been deleted AISBackup will optionally create a backup session when run interactively. If this condition is met when auto-running AISBackup will create a backup new session and execute the pruning routine etc.


  • Very rarely AISBackup failed to register correctly using the key file. This fix cannot repair key files that have been damaged by some e-mail systems'.
  • E-mail failure notification: If a backup could not start when auto-run, for example a required disk drive is not connected, then AISBackup would not always send a failure notification by e-mail.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 315 Version 2.6.1  (May 2008)
3.35 MB (3,515,632 bytes)


  • A new backup integrity test option which may be scheduled.
  • Updated disc writer. The original disc writer has been retained in AISBackup in case of problems, the original disc writer may be accessed via: Tools / Program Settings and Options / Troubleshoot CD DVD writer faults / uncheck Use updated disc burner.
  • Interface to LightScribe disc labelling to create labels for AISBackup discs. To use this option you must download and install LIGHTSCRIBE SYSTEM SOFTWARE (LSS).
  • An e-mail message is now sent (if requested) when there are no files to backup.
  • Windows 64-bit support details:

    • Support for Windows XP x64, Server 2003 x64.
    • Support for Windows Vista x64 and Server 2008 x64, however the Volume Copy Shadow service (VSS) does not work (support withdrawn by Microsoft for 32 bit applications on Windows Vista x64 and Windows Server 2008 x64). AISFAM may be used in place of VSS and a 15 day trial is available on this web page.


  • Estimated compressed size not reset if backup re-calculated.
  • Widows Vista boot menu was not created properly if all existing menu items were deleted prior to adding new operating system's.
  • Edit Boot menu may not have correctly identified partition number.
  • Repaired problem with Windows NT4 not able to save changed program settings (Tools / Program Settings and Options).

Changes in version 2.6

Release AISBackup Build 314 Version 2.6  (21 February 2008)
3.28 MB (3,448,040 bytes)


  • Remove some trace information.


Pre-Release AISBackup Build 313 Version 2.6  (18 February 2008)
3.29 MB (3,450,064 bytes)


  • Task Scheduler: Added option to run a schedule if it was missed because the PC was powered down. This option is only available with Windows Vista and Server 2008 and used to default to Yes (checked).


  • Task Scheduler : Did not set-up jobs under Vista where the account name included the alternative name in brackets.
  • Network administration option: Fix for XP PC's without a valid Account Name.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 312 Version 2.6  (15 February 2008)
3.28 MB (3,449,440 bytes)


  • Help file: Updated to document the new backup job option to clone a disk drive.


  • Network administration option: Possible fix for XP PC's running with only the default Administrator username present - HP and Compaq PC's?

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 311 Version 2.6  (11 February 2008)


  • New Job option to copy the system disk, this option will also automatically set-up boot menu options for dual-booting and disaster recovery (Physically replacing the current hard drive with the backup drive).

    This option also enables backup to unallocated disk space: AISBackup will allocate a disk partition, make the partition Active (to enable disaster recovery booting) and format the drive.
  • Open backup content from media enabled to 'direct to CD' media to accommodate this option on large emulation CD media, e.g. Iomega Rev™.
  • NTFS File Hard link support.
  • Redesigned 'rounded' buttons.
  • Redesigned Quick Job interface.


  • AISBackup did not correctly remember the password to password protected network shares, however if the drive was already mapped the backup job ran okay.
  • Various usability problems fixed.

Changes in version 2.5

AISBackup Build 309 Version 2.5  (21 November 2007)
3.08 MB (3,235,368 bytes)


  • Build 308 was available on the web site for about 2 hours, this contained an error which results in backup failure owing to a missing animation resource. The fault should only have affected Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
  • FTP job: Delay in some FTP accesses removed, e.g. a short delay between deleting files on FTP server.
  • Windows Vista temporary file folder is created after a Windows Vista restore (if it was not on the backup) as this is required by some processes, e.g. Right click / Run as administrator and installing some programs. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 932142.
  • Backup to LAN devices whose underlying file system does not support file listing using pattern matching fixed. This rare problem caused the following options did not work: Manage Backup / Validate Backup, Manage Backup / Reset Backup, Manage Backup / Remove Backup Job with Delete Backup and Tools / Open Job from Backup Media. Please note that it is not possible to backup from these network drives using a Files of Type backup job.
  • Server 2008 was not properly identified in the session information tab of backup's.

Release AISBackup Build 307 Version 2.5  (5 November 2007)
3.08 MB (3,231,464 bytes)

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 306 Version 2.5  (29 October 2007)
3.07 MB (3,226,656 bytes)


  • New Job, FTP type: AISBackup would hang when clicking Next after testing FTP settings.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 305 Version 2.5  (26 October 2007)
3.10 MB (3,254,872 bytes)


  • Enable FTP stall time to be adjusted.
  • Short-cut icon shown on reparse junction folders.


  • Re-connect to FTP if connection lost prior to uploading backup.

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 304 Version 2.5  (18 October 2007)
3.09 MB (3,248,320 bytes)

  • File selection forms: Show shortcut overlay icon on Reparse Junctions to indicate that the folder is a link to another physical folder
  • File selection forms: Show shortcut overlay icon on Reparse Junctions to indicate that the folder is a link to another physical folder.
  • The FTP stall timeout may be user set using the Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings / FTP Stall Timeout button, it is recommended that this value is not less than 30 (seconds).
  • Manage Backup / Auto run this job (MS Task Scheduler): The non-advanced option introduced in version 2.5 now displays the Remove deleted files from destination option for copy and synchronise jobs.
  • Auto run and short cut disk to disk copy: Additional log messages.


  • The Complete FTP Transfer button was not displayed if no files were uploaded to the FTP site.
  • In FTP backup jobs the Abort button did not abort the current FTP upload.
  • The Run Once Per Day flag may have been set in error on auto-run jobs (MS Task Scheduler).

Pre-Release AISBackup Build 304 Version 2.5  (12 October 2007)
3.09 MB (3,248,320 bytes)


  • A pop-up is now displayed if you have elected to be notified of new releases of AISBackup. The pop-up may be permanently discarded if you do not want to upgrade yet, however, the ‘Upgrade Available’ caption will flash for a few seconds when AISBackup starts to bring your attention to the new version availability.
  • If the estimated size of backup exceeds the destination free space a warning is displayed.
  • It is now possible to change the local disk location of FTP backup jobs.
  • The local disk location of FTP backup job's may now be changed.
  • Editing Boot Menu: The vista boot menu may now be edited from Windows XP. Old versions of Windows option to allow booting from Windows XP, 2000, 2003 on a Vista dual boot system has been implemented.
  • Simplified Schedule Backup option with access to previous options via an Advanced button.
  • Cross checking of Reparse Point Junctions to ensure that the data folders have been selected. Auto select data folders option added.
  • Updates to enable backup of Windows Server 2008.
  • Display optional message if files and folders selected for backup are no longer on disk.
  • AISBackup has been updated to use task scheduler 2.0 on Windows Vista and Windows Vista 2008.


  • Disk to disk copy and synchronize jobs: If a file name is selected for backup and the file subsequently deleted from the source folder the file would not be selected for deletion from the destination folder. If a folder is selected for copy and then deleted from the source the destination files would not be selected for deletion, or in the case of both way synchronization jobs new files in the destination folders (of the deleted source folder) would not have been selected to copied from the destination to source folder.
  • Some of the AISBackup captions may have been truncated if large a font size has been selected for Windows.
  • Some protected folders may not have been created with the correct short name. If full logging is selected the creation of folders was incorrectly logged in the history log as an error and should have been logged as INF (information).
  • When selecting a folder for backup which only contained folders it was not always possible to remove the selection by clicking the folder in the tree view pane, however it was possible to de-select the folder in the list view pane (or by de-selecting each of the child folders in the list view pane)
  • If a large number of old sessions were manually removed from a backup job the Sessions tab would incorrectly label the session date, however, the shown actual date of backup is correct.
  • Possible error when opening FTP Backup from FTP server owing to the SSL encryption flag been set in error.
  • Resume FTP upload button is now shown on the jobs list form when an FTP job which has not finished uploading is displayed.
  • Improved log display where long lines did not display correctly.

Changes in version 2.4

Build 303 AISBackup version 2.4  (4 June 2007)
3.44 MB (3,617,400 bytes)

  • Added ability to add Previous Windows Versions to the Windows Vista boot menu.


  • Fixed problem with networked File Access Manager.

Build 302 AISBackup version 2.4  (25 May 2007)
3.44 MB (3,615,072 bytes)


  • Fixed first Quick Job start problem under Windows Vista for new users of AISBackup.
  • Fixed backup calculation display: AISBackup would only display the backup calculation for the first backup job run.

Build 301 AISBackup version 2.4 release candidate (21 May 2007)
3.38 MB (3,552,064 bytes)
The version number of AISBackup has been changed to 2.4 to reflect the large number of changes made for the Windows Vista operating system.

  • The drag and drop restore files preview has been fixed.Improvements to the display and handling of backup jobs which require to run in Windows Vista Administrator mode.The Microsoft Recovery Console is not a feature of Windows Vista so the restore and help file has been updated to give Windows Vista specific instructions when restoring the Vista operating system.

    When is not possible to restore the Windows Vista operating system 'over the top' then Windows Vista may be booted to a recovery 'command prompt' option from where AISBackup's restore may be completed.Improvements to the handling of NTFS reparse points.AISBackup now displayed the 'Aero' miniature form on the task bar in Windows Vista.
  • AISBackup now uses the default system fonts on all forms.


  • Fixed restore problem with some double characters that Windows detects the same as single characters in some languages, e.g. the German "ß" and "ss" are seen to Windows as the same character, so the filenames "Fußball.txt" and "Fussball.txt" are the same.

Changes in version 2.3.2

Build 300 AISBackup version 2.3.2 release candidate (17 April 2007)
3.36 MB (3,527,456 bytes)


  • AISBackup now recognises that Windows Vista supports backing up direct to CD and DVD.AISBackup now displays the correct Windows Vista Task Scheduler when using the Tools / Show MS Task Scheduler option.
  • Some program options that are not allowed when running in Windows Vista Least Privileged mode are now disabled and shown with the 'no entry' icon. 


  • This fix did not work in build 299:

    Fixed problem with some double characters that Windows detects the same as single characters in some languages, e.g. the German "ß" and "ss" are seen to Windows as the same character, so the filenames "Fußball.txt" and "Fussball.txt" are the same. AISBackup now distinguishes between both names as clearly both file names can co-exist in a directory.
  • If a file with an invalid date modified is selected for backup the backup would fail with error 100 just after the file was backed up.

Build 299 AISBackup version 2.3.2 release candidate (6 April 2007)
3.34 MB (3,507,784 bytes)


  • The following FTP updates are server dependant: Check the checksum of uploaded file to ensure it arrived intact. SSL encryption is supported, however, for legal reasons we cannot ship the SLL Dll's with AISBackup, these are available for free from various web-sites.
  • Remove MS schedule if backup job removed from list of backups.
  • AISBackup can be set to erase any RW disc found in the drive - use this option with care!
  • AISBackup now defaults to the last used backup job (but not the last auto-run job).
  • Maximum FTP backup (zip) file size increased from 2GB to 4GB.
  • Tools / Disk to Disk Copy option has been changed to allow drag and drop to Windows Explorer. This has the following advantages over Windows Explorer drag and drop:
    • The file copy does not stop as soon as an error occurs.
    • In-use, opened exclusive, may be copied under compatible Windows system's, for example a copy of an open outlook.pst file may be taken without the need to close down Outlook.


  • Fixed problem restoring some Unicode characters.
  • Fixed problem with some double characters that Windows detects the same as single characters in some languages, e.g. the German "ß" and "ss" are seen to Windows as the same character, so the filenames "Fußball.txt" and "Fussball.txt" are the same. AISBackup now distinguishes between both names as clearly both file names can co-exist in a directory.
  • Problem restoring a backup from a USB drive back to the USB drive unless that actual drive letter was selected for the restore destination, i.e. the default setting of restore to original destination did not work.
  • Fixed a bug with reparse points where nothing would get backed up if a reparse point was in the root of the drive been backed up.
  • Both way synchronisation did not copy new files from the source to destination if the source file was in a folder containing Unicode characters.
  • The total directory size was not re-calculated in Manage Backup / Backup Maintenance when switching between existing and deleted files.
  • AISBackup would fail in the final stages of an FTP backup if a backup (zip) file was > 2GB.

Changes in version 2.3.1

Build 298 AISBackup version 2.3.1 (5 January 2007)
3.34 MB (3,507,784 bytes)


  • Find file option in the Tools / Find a File and Restore / Find options now support asterisk fuzzy matching, for example: *z*.v*d will find any file with a z anywhere in the name and has a file extension of v, any character, d (.vxd, .vdd).
  • FTP Backups: an option has been added to suspend the actual upload phase, this may be useful for making manual arrangements for taking the first (and often very large) backup session and copying the backup directly to the FTP folder. Please read the help on this function to ensure that the correct files are copied.

    Improved FTP file integrity checking prevents the possibility of many files been uploaded needlessly.
  • Auto run jobs may be minimized to the SysTray.
  • Improved restore from CD backups loaded over a network share when using a pre-installed environment (e.g. BartPE).


  • Auto run jobs to CD and DVD may not have detected the new contents added to the disc until AISBackup is restarted.
  • Folders and files selected from protected folders would not be selected for backup or copy, however, if the top most protected folder is selected for backup all sub files and folders were backed up correctly. To word this a different way: If complete disks were selected for backup or copy everything worked okay, if folder C:\Documents and Settings\Susan is protected and this folder was selected for backup everything worked okay, but if C:\Documents and Settings\Susan\My Documents was selected instead nothing got backed up.
  • AISBackup did not detect a new (or second) USB flash drive been plugged into the PC, this would cause the load media form not to detect the drive when plugged in if there was already another removable media plugged into the PC.

Changes in version 2.3.

Build 295 AISBackup version 2.3
(10 October 2006)
2.95 MB (3,096,728 bytes)
Build 293 & 294 were not generally released.


  • Enable version 2.3 to work with BartPE: A missing Microsoft OCX file required for the new AISBackup HTML based help system is missing from BartPE (and perhaps early versions of Windows 95). AISBackup now works without this ocx file been present.
  • Added ability to backup and restore files which exceed the Windows maximum path size of 260 bytes.


  • Fixed problem with disk to disk copy of Server 2000 DHCP, NTFRS, WINS and Exchange. Server 2003 worked okay as this uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service.
  • Backup files over Distributed File System (DFS).
  • The filename length could exceed the maximum Windows path size owing to the fact that AISBackup used the UNC filename internally. The support added to backup files exceeding the Windows maximum file size fixed this problem.

Build 292 AISBackup version 2.3 (8 September 2006)
2.95 MB (3,095,040 bytes)


  • AISBackup has been digitally signed.
  • Right click restore options added to Tools / Find a file.


  • Disk to disk synchronization: Empty folders incorrectly created when the folder should have been removed.

Build 291 AISBackup version 2.3 (29 August 2006)
2.94 MB (3,086,108 bytes) - Release Candidate


  • Disk to disk both way synchronization: option to enable files to be deleted from the source folders if they have been deleted from the destination folder, this option is based on files existing on the source folders with creation or modified date prior to the last date of synchronize and the file not existing in the source folder.


  • If a network drive was mapped in the select files for backup form the drive could not be expanded and incorrectly displayed the message that the folder is a reparse point.
  • AISBackup would incorrectly display a confirmation form when running a non-interactive disk to disk copy job if there were candidates for deletion.
  • AISBackup disk to disk copy did not correctly calculate available space by taking into consideration files which are to be replaced.

Build 290 AISBackup version 2.3 (17 August 2006)
2.94 MB (3,085,779 bytes) - Release Candidate


  • The drag and drop restore of a folder from the folder pane has been changed to drop the folder rather than the contents of the folder to make AISBackup work in a similar way to Windows Explorer.
  • The label name of a blank disc request is now shown during backup jobs which use the integrated disc writer.


  • The  both way synchronization change 'do not copy deleted files from destination' did not work in build 289.
  • Backups using a small stage area did not create the CD or DVD correctly if backup validation was not selected.

Build 289 AISBackup version 2.3 (8 August 2006)
2.93 MB (3,078,286 bytes) - Release Candidate


  • A new both ways synchronization option to copy files back from the destination if they were created since the last synchronization job. This option only needs to be set if the 'do not copy deleted files from destination' option is set.


  • More changes required for small stage area: The stage size was not decremented by 100MB to accommodate some non-AISBackup file activity on the destination drive if the 'Always use smaller stage size' option is selected. This was likely to cause the drive to fill up and the backup fail.

Build 288 AISBackup version 2.3 (4 August 2006)
2.93 MB (3,077,254 bytes) - Release Candidate


  • Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Parameters / Change Password button name changed to Password to reflect the options to add, change or remove passwords from a backup.
  • Updates to the help file and help file index.


  • The new job option could create an invalid database name if the Back button is used to go back to the Backup Job Settings form.
  • The Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Parameters / Password option was not correctly enabled for disk based backups.
  • Some updates to the load media form to better enable the choice between a blank disc and using pre-used media.

Build 287 AISBackup version 2.3 (21 July 2006)
2.92 MB (3,066,230 bytes) - Release Candidate


  • Added option to not display load media form when using the integrated writer if the media is already loaded.
  • Added option to include / exclude folders in the Tools / Find a file search.


  • Fixed some information display problems with the load media form.

Build 286 AISBackup version 2.3 (17 July 2006)
2.92 MB (3,064,665 bytes) - Release Candidate


  • Added AES-256 bit encryption option to e-mail backup's and packages.
  • Updated to display reparse junction destination on the select files for restore screen.
  • Updates to help file.
  • Interface changes made for Windows Vista: When running in Least Privileged Mode the jobs which must be run as a system administrator are shown with a 'No Entry' icon and the on-screen buttons become disabled if one of these jobs is selected.

Build 285 AISBackup version 2.3 (13 July 2006)
.91 MB (3,058,831 bytes)


  • AISBackup now correctly shows on the load media form the status of a CD or DVD that has been closed. New backup data cannot be added to closed discs, previously AISBackup would have attempted to use the disc, albeit in vain.
  • The size of each folder may now be optionally shown on the Manage Backup / Backup Maintenance  for by selecting Show Folder Size.
  • E-mail backup results altered so that the results may be displayed on the PC and sent to an e-mail address.

Fixes in beta version 2.3:

  • A 'hidden' feature to rename backup discs incorrectly finalized the disc so that no more data could be written to it. 'Hidden' features should be used with care as they are not documented and usually do not completely validate user input.

Build 284 AISBackup version 2.3 (12 July 2006)
.91 MB (3,055,617 bytes)


  • Help system re-written as HTML help; the previous help system is not compatible with Windows Vista. Help with backup sessions and the different CD and DVD writing methods has been added to the menu option Help / How To.
  • Icons added to job list to indicate job type. A 'no entry' Icon indicates that the job must be run under a system administrator account, or under Windows Vista the AISBackup program must be run as an Administrator.
  • If a backup test fails the destination is checked to see if it is still available, if not the user is given the opportunity to correct the problem before proceeding with the backup test. If the test phase is aborted the backup is treated as okay. This change was introduced to prevent all files in a  backup been rejected if the destination is a network server which gets disconnected during the backup.


  • Improvements to CD / DVD backup test where a packet writing system is used: Previously an error in one file could cause the whole zip file to be rejected.

Fixes in beta version 2.3:

  • The CD or DVD disc name may have been set to the name of the volume used as the disk stage area. A hidden 'All Debug Mode' menu option has been added so that the disc names can be changed back. Please note that the disc should be renamed using AISBackup because the job's database also needs updating.

Build 283 AISBackup version 2.3 (7 July 2006)
2.53 MB (2,654,708 bytes)


  • Backup and restore reparse point data, required for Windows Vista.
  • The Windows Vista boot menu may be edited using the Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu option to enable the set-up of dual and multiple boot systems of Windows Vista. AISBackup may be used to clone or restore an earlier version of Windows Vista to another local drive or partition, which may then be added to the Vista Boot Menu.

    The Vista boot menu must be edited under Windows Vista while running as Administrator.


  • Auto-run job which deleted the existing backup incorrectly stopped waiting for user input if the destination folder still contained data.

Build 282 AISBackup version 2.3 (30 June 2006)
2.52 MB (2,650,279 bytes)

  • Synchronize folders where the source is a network drive would cause AISBackup to select all files in the synchronization path of the local PC to be selected as candidates for deletion.AISBackup did not load when running under Windows NT4.Renamed jobs disappeared from the job list introduced in build 279 until another AISBackup process forced the list to refresh.Estimated size of backup reported as zero in build 281.
  • Files of type backup:

    Override introduced in build 281 did not work if the chosen folder contained Unicode characters.

    Individual files selected in files of type backup containing Unicode characters were not selected for backup or re-selected in the Select Files Form.

Build 281 AISBackup version 2.3 (23 June 2006)
2.52 MB (2,646,242 bytes)

  • Enable files of type selections to be overridden to enable all files from selected folders to be backed up.More changes to enable AISBackup to run in a Least Privileged Environment required for Windows Vista.
  • Remove many of the references to the proprietary huge files parameters as these are now determined by AISBackup at run time.


  • Create generic bootable CD failed to boot correctly; instead stated that the boot.ini file is damaged.

Build 280 AISBackup version 2.3 (14 June 2006)
2.52 MB (2,644,789 bytes)

  • Remembers 'All Jobs' sort order.FTP re-initializes if files fail to upload. AISBackup no longer waits for user confirmation after the number of re-tries have elapsed when run automatically or via a shortcut or task scheduler. Some internal changes and default file location changes required for Windows Vista.
  • Jobs which require administrative privileges are no longer displayed on the job select form when running from a restricted user.


  • The restore 'check files for replace' option did not work correctly if a huge file was included in the files selected for restore.AISBackup failed to register using the registration key when running as a Domain Administrator.
  • Backup type not 'passed on' to a new job based on an existing job.

Build 279 AISBackup version 2.3 (1 June 2006)
2.58 MB (2,708,377 bytes)

  • AISBackup may be used to backup the boot menu files to a bootable CD, this option has been added because of the increasing number of PC's without diskette drives. The boot menu may be used if the hard disk version becomes corrupt or in-accessible owing to incorrect 'Active Drive' settings.AISBackup no longer needs to pre-format blank DVD+RW's.Improved FTP upload restart after the previous upload is aborted.
  • 'All jobs' form moved to a main form tab option.


  • The disk maintenance function may have incorrectly nominated huge file segments for deletion after using the prune zip files option.
  • Extra tests to see if a CD or DVD has been swapped prior to the burn phase.

Build 278 AISBackup version 2.3 (20 May 2006)
2.57 MB (2,701,201 bytes)
(Builds 272 - 277  were not on general release)

  • The backup session comment has been moved to the start of the backup and is optional on a per job basis. If a backup is successful AISBackup returns to the main interface rather than displaying a 'Backup OK' dialogue, this will ensure AISBackup, if running unattended when the backup finishes, is able to process scheduled jobs.  Enable optional 'Eject CD' after Backup.Enable multiple FireWire drives with the same name to be used for backup, this enables additional drives to be used if the current drive becomes full. The option also enables the initial 'full' backup to be sent off-site and the following incremental sessions to be added to a new drive. This option is not compatible with jobs which 'Open Contents From Media'.Jobs which use removable media, e.g. CD or DVD may be set to quietly terminate if scheduled and the backup media has not been loaded. This enables two or more jobs to be scheduled to backup the data to different CD's or DVD's where you only intentionally load the media for one of the jobs because the others are stored off-site.Interface to an AISBackup version of Vision Works' File Access Manager to enable backup of opened exclusive files on all Windows NT style Operating Systems. This option also enables complete backup of networked PC's where AISBackup's File Access Manager is running, including the Registry, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Outlook Personal Folders files and any other files which would not normally be accessible.Removable drives added to USB / FireWire list to allow for inconsistencies in how Windows reports these drives. AISBackup now detects USB and FireWire connected drives and identifies the as External drives. Log History button added to main form, log display changed to allow easy access to the current job log, summary log, last manual copy log, the job properties and session information via tabs.The New Job / Backup Drive option has been removed as the option is available using the Select one or More Drives option. The Select one or more drives option now shows the drive tyoe and used space.XML run time status of each backup session is produced, this may be e-mailed as an attachment after each backup. The XML files may also be used by post run jobs for site specific post backup procedures. The file is stored in the AISBackup database folder and is called <job name>.bdb.xml. The file is replaced when the next backup session is run. If the Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup / Test Read Backup Files option has been updated to optionally force testing of the FTP copy of the backup rather than the local copy. Removes temporary restore folders if no longer in use. This folder is usually called *:\AISRSTR where * indicates the drive where the folder exists. Tools / Duplicate Backup Disc may be used to make a copy on an existing AISBackup CD or DVD. This option does not copy boot sectors so is not really suitable for backing up Windows installation CD's. AISBackup asks before restoring the AISBackup database files and gives the opportunity to remove these files from the restore process. This option is useful when reverting the PC back to an earlier date without causing the online backup contents files to become out-of-step with the actual backup. Session pruning will permanently delete files which no longer exist in any backup session, this is by design. It is now possible to retain the last copy of a file by selecting the new option:  Keep one copy of deleted files. This option is available at via New Job and Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings / Session Settings /  Keep one copy of deleted files.

    The deleted files are displayed in the restore option All Sessions with a Generation Number of Del and a new session called Deleted Files. Deleted files may be displayed on their own in the Backup Maintenance option to simplify the physical pruning of unwanted 'retained' deleted files.
  • A Dial-up session may be invoked for a backup job to enable AISBackup to automatically connect to a Virtual Private Network. For existing jobs use the Manage Backup / Change Backup Parameters / VPN Settings tab, for new jobs click the set-up form Connect VPN button.


  • Auto run jobs and shortcut jobs may not have run on Sunday's or Monday's if any additional parameters were set.Fixed inaccurate file counter when backing up to FTP.Correct FTP not asking for password when the password is not stored.Tools / Find a File did not load archives containing found files.
  • Backup Maintenance: Improved performance removing multiple individual files.

  • If the Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup / Test Read Backup Files option was toggled many times during the test it was possible for all files within a zip file to fail. To correct this a validate would have to be run again with the Test Read option set.

    The Tools / Program Options and Settings / First Destination Drive option should be set to the first non-diskette drive letter, setting to another value would disable some drives been displayed in some file selection dialogues, e.g. Quick Job. This option has been restricted to A, B and C.

    AISBackup would not run on restricted XP accounts. The cue card would not load on restricted XP accounts.

  • There were some internal errors if the default file extension was set to 'nothing', i.e. blank. AISBackup no longer allows blank file extension, however, some common procedures have been made to work with a blank file extension. For your information: Restore always worked okay. 

Changes in version 2.2.

Build 271 AISBackup version 2.2 (1 March 2006)
2.48 MB (2,608,891 bytes)
(Build 270 was not on general release)

Cumulative Change Summary:

Optionally remove files from destination not on source in Synchronization Jobs; Backup of Opened Exclusive files on Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista;  Anti-stall FTP Interface; Auto Run without password; Performance improved; Duplicate backups in 'Files of Type' style backup fixed; Cue card close button; Local backup then copy to destination to improve performance of some packet writing systems.


  • Improved create folder performance creating folders where the short name must be preserved under Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
  • The backup preview option to remove files from the backup enables files to be permanently removed from the backup, this option is file based and not folder based. If a folder containing a large number of files was selected then each file is individually added to the exclusions list: This is by design. AISBackup would appear to hang with 10% CPU utilization during some file exclusion operations, the following updates have been made:
    • The unpacking of the file exclusions is now very much quicker.
    • A warning is given not to permanently exclude the files if more than 500 are selected as it is often more efficient to use a combination of file end folder exclusions directly from the Modify Files and Folders form.

      A work around for those where there are thousands of exclusions is to open the Modify Files and Folders form and use the right click / Ignore Files and Folders option wherever possible.
  • Some of the data files have been given "AISBackup Data" Icons.
  • Update to allow the operating system to be copied (disk to disk) from partition A to Partition B while running Windows 2000, 2003 or XP from drive C.


  • Both way synchronization where the Do not copy deleted files from destination is not selected: The synchronization calculation did not work correctly if individual files were selected for synchronization in a folder. For selected folders (and all other copy and synchronize jobs) the calculation worked correctly.
  • Range Check Error if a file over 2GB was found during the backup calculation: This problem lead to no files been found for backup. This error also prevented the Select Files form from displaying correctly.
  • Possible error message if bug report e-mail is successfully sent has been removed.

Build 269 AISBackup version 2.2 (24 February 2006)
2.48 MB (2,607,307 bytes)


  • The day of week parameters for shortcut jobs did not work correctly if at least one day was excluded, the days would be shifted down by one and no backup would be done on Saturday.
  • Disk based backups were not deleted if re-set or deleted from disk. The work-around was to manually delete the backup using Windows Explorer (My Computer). The CD and DVD pre-stage area was correctly removed after burning each disc. Undo-backup operations also worked correctly.
  • Improved support for backing up from some NAS devices, e.g. BYTECC LANDISK.

Build 268 AISBackup version 2.2 (13 February 2006)
2.47 MB (2,600,540 bytes)


  • Problem when copying or synchronizing outlook.pst if outlook is running and outlook.pst is on a NTFS drive. (Note: This update was omitted from build 267).
  • Problem with no files selected for removal fixed from build 266.
  • Problem with restore button enabled where the backup job had not been run.

Build 267 AISBackup version 2.2 (11 February 2006)
2.47 MB (2,599,097 bytes)


  • Problem backing up outlook.pst if outlook is running and outlook.pst is on a NTFS drive.

Build 266 AISBackup version 2.2 (10 February 2006)
2.47 MB (2,599,351 bytes)


  • Right Click / Remove from Exclusions option on add remove files from backup to facilitate the easier removal of folders from the excluded folders list.
  • Improved restore of different Windows Operating system over the top of the current running operating system for Windows 95, 98 & ME i.e. it is possible to restore Windows 98 over the top of a running Windows ME system.
  • Select files and folders changed to make the parent folder partially selected if all child files and folders are selected (Select Par), the actual folder must be clicked to make it a fully selected folder (Select All). This change was made as too many files may be selected for a backup or synchronization job. This change allows all objects in a folder to be selected without any new objects been automatically selected for backup or synchronize (unless you click the parent folder to make it Select All).


  • Some issues backing up opened exclusive files fixed where the file may not be re-selected if the job is re-run because the file did not appear to change between backups.
  • The identification of protected system files during a restore may not have always worked correctly under Windows ME.
  • It was possible for some files to be selected more than once for restore. These files may have been selected more than once if the parent folder tree only contained files within multiple folders which do not contain files, e.g. c:\contains one folder and no files\contains the files\file.txt.

    This problem increased the time of restore, however, the restore was correct.
  • Load job from FTP Server did not work correctly if the job was not re-instated and the destination folder name contained spaces.
  • Load job from backup media did not work correctly if a FireWire / USB job was reinstated over a network share. The job is now re-instated as a network job with the 'load contents from media' flag set.

Build 265 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (26 January 2006)
2.49 MB (2,616,524 Bytes)


  • AISBackup may have been prevented from setting up the CD and DVD disc layout if a third party program was accessing AISBackup's files. This did not seem to be a problem with anti-virus software and has been noticed with only one product called Surf Control.

  • Windows 95 did not correctly set-up the desk top shortcut for AISBackup during an emergency system backup.

  • Windows 95, 98 and ME emergency system backups: Fixed: The zip files may have been corrupted if updated during a 'refresh' run. There was no problem creating an ESB from scratch.

  • Some files may not have been pruned from the backup if the folder containing them was removed from the backup source.

  • Folder synchronization would remove and then re-copy files if more than one individual file was selected in a folder (but not the complete folder - that worked okay).

  • Folder synchronization did not backup files as 'opened exclusive' if the file size changed during a copy. This problem may affect the synchronization of Outlook Personal folders files.

Fixes in beta 2.2:

Build 264 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (16 January 2006)
2.49 MB (2,616,524 Bytes)


  • Incomplete huge file segments were created if a backup failed to complete owing to the source file becoming unavailable during the backup: These are now deleted. These segment remnants cause errors in the Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup option.

  • Failed to logon to network drives if a different username with correctly specified blank password is supplied.

Fixes in beta 2.2:

  • Tools / Disk to Disk Copy menu option did not work in build 263.

  • Huge files may not have been correctly added to the VSS (Backup exclusively opened files) list.

Build 263 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (12 January 2006)
2.49 MB (2,618,365 bytes)


  • Optionally show CPU utilization adjustment bar on auto-run version of AISBackup.

  • Updated for auto-run jobs with Maxtor One Touch version 2.

  • Various cosmetic changes.

  • Moved Troubleshoot CD/DVD Writer Problems forms away from the centre of the desktop just in case some third party prompts are shown behind AISBackup, this would give the impression that AISBackup had stopped responding.


  • Files where the size changed during the backup were not re-selected for backup with VSS.

  • Fixed synchronization problem where a destination file is deleted if the source file was not accessible, the destination file is now only deleted if the source file can be opened.

  • Various cue-card fixes following updates.

  • Auto run form may not have been sized correctly on some displays.

Build 262 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (23 December 2005)
2.48 MB (2,605,644 bytes)


  • Ask before changing a backup job to a Files of Type job.

  • Some network access improvements.


  • It was possible for some third party applications to access AISBackup's files prior to AISBackup finishing with them, e.g. Anti-Virus software. This could cause AISBackup to fail when attempting to re-access its own files.

Build 261 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (30  November 2005)
2.52 MB (2,650,161 bytes)


  • Quick Jobs: Added ability to schedule job and / or create desktop shortcut.

  • The huge file segment size has been increased to 1GB when the backup destination is disk.


  • Very long job names could cause auto-run jobs to hang.

  • The maximum file size that could be added to a zip file (compressed) has been increased from 2GB to just under 4GB. AISBackup supports files larger than 4GB by using a proprietary backup file format (Huge files). Most users of AISBackup would not have noticed this problem as the files > 2GB are usually backed up as huge files. Zipped files between 2GB and 4GB would have failed to test correctly.

Build 260 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (23  November 2005)
2.52 MB (2,649,010 bytes)


  • Allow copy jobs which backup NTFS security settings to be run from Windows 95, 98 & ME.

  • Updated start-up splash screen.

Fixes From Beta 259

  • Manage Backup / Edit Backup Job Settings for copy jobs: The style of copy jobs were displayed in the wrong position of the form.

Build 259 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (22  November 2005)
2.51 MB (2,635,213 bytes)


  • There may be a problem backing up using some packet writing systems that do not perform very well when performing on-the-fly read and write operations, or writing direct to a network share that is connected to a packet writing system, e.g. A network share to a DVD using INCD.

    To overcome this problem use the Manage Backup / Edit Backup Job Settings / Create Backup Then Copy To Media option, this will cause the file to be written to local disk and then copied to the backup media.

    This option is also available via New Job.

    This setting is only displayed for Direct to CD using a  packet writing system, network shares and removable media.

Build 258 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (15  November 2005)
2.51 MB (2,632,846 bytes)


Fixes from beta 257:

  • The new POP3 authentication only worked when testing with the Test button on the Options and Settings / E-Mail Settings form owing to the POP3 setting been retrieved from the registry at the wrong time.


  • Synchronization selected all files as changed after daylight saving when comparing NTFS drives with FAT drives.

Build 257 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (2 November 2005)
2.50 MB (2,624,806 bytes)


  • Enable POP3 authentication prior to sending e-mails.

Fixes from beta 256:

  • Possible for an incorrect drive to be specified when setting up the AISBackup restore program during an operating system restore.

    This problem only affects multi-boot systems.

Build 256 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (17 October 2005)
2.5 MB (2,628,427 bytes)


  • AISBackup no longer temporarily adds the restore program to the registry at the time of backup because many anti-spy-ware programs warn that this may be incorrect. (Many spy-ware programs add themselves to the section of the registry that AISBackup wants to legitimately use).

    The restore program checks that full system recovery has been executed correctly and performs post-restore actions.

    The AISBackup Restore program (AISBRSTS.EXE) is now added to the registry during a Restore which requires post-restore actions to be performed.

  • Synchronize jobs: Now optionally remove files from the destination folders which do not exist in the source folders.

  • Files may be selected for backup from excluded folders and files.

Fixes from beta 255:

  • The Advanced Sessions settings may have been removed after using the Manage Backup / Change Backup Job settings option.

  • Tools / Backup Registry may not have backed up all user registries.

Fixes from previous versions of AISBackup:

  • Fixed a problem selecting files from backup from excluded files in Files of Type backups.

  • Edit Boot Menu: Only the first additional boot menu parameter was read from the boot menu file.

Build 255 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (17 October 2005)
2.5 MB (2,628,427 bytes)


  • Mange Backup Edit Backup Job Settings split into tab forms to reduce clutter.

  • Visual form 'button' effect reduced.

  • Updates to enable Windows Vista (Beta 1) registry backup and restore.

Build 254 AISBackup version 2.2 Beta (6 October 2005)
2.5 MB (2,627,409 bytes)
(VSS was incorrectly disabled in build 253)


  • Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is used to enable backup of Opened Exclusive Files under Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista (Beta). VSS is not available under Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2000, Windows NT4.

    Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 operation remains un-changed and is able to backup Opened Exclusive files from FAT drives.

    Using VSS enables backup of applications such as SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Google Desktop Search, Microsoft Outlook etc without the need to close down the applications prior to backup.

  • FTP stall detection after successful upload or download has been reduced from 30 seconds to 5 seconds.

  • Close button added to the cue card.

  • The menu option named Edit Backup Job Parameters has been changed to Change Backup Job Settings.

  • The menu option named Program Options has been renamed to Program Settings and Options.


  • Fixed restore from network drives where the job is loaded using Tools / Open Job From Backup Media. Previously you would have to pre-map the remote drive.

  • After upgrade AISBackup displays the ReadMe file, this caused a problem if AISBackup was run non-interactively, i.e. it would stall and need aborting via the Windows Task Manager.

Build 252 AISBackup version 2.1.1 Beta (12 September 2005)
2.49 MB (2,621,083 bytes)


  • More changes to FTP interface: Improved anti-stall where AISBackup loses contact with the FTP server during a transfer.

  • Split long lines on log display.


  • The 'Files of Type' style backup could backup the same file multiple times, the backup is therefore larger than it should be.

  • Files excluded based on size: AISBackup did not correctly display files > 2GB as excluded, they were however, correctly excluded from the backup. The Select files form incorrectly described the file size as an integer which has a maximum positive value of 2GB, anything higher is in fact a negative number. AISBackup has been changed to use the 'proper' file size which is based on a 64 bit integer - which is tech speak for 'a very, very large file'.

Build 251 AISBackup version 2.1.1 Beta
2.48 MB (2,605,402 Bytes)


  • Changes to FTP interface to minimise the risk of AISBackup hanging: Subject to testing.

    It was found that AISBackup may hang if the FTP Server did not reply, or the reply was lost. This version of AISBackup should time out and re-set the FTP connection if an FTP Stall is detected.

  • Auto Run Jobs on Windows NT, 2000 and XP: AISBackup has been updated to allow auto-run jobs to be submitted on non-password protected user accounts. The AT style jobs have been removed from AISBackup.

    The User Account must be logged in if the non-password protected option is used.

  • Performance improved calculating a backup with many folders > 10,000.


  • If a folder contains many folders AISBackup would appear to hang if the folder was selected in any of the select files Windows. This problem was noticed when opening a folder containing in excess of 11 thousand folders - rare but possible.

Changes in version 2.1.

Build 250 AISBackup version 2.1 Release
2.47 MB (
2,598,370 bytes)

Beta Fixes:

  • The Restore Files For did not re-size correctly.

  • AISBackup now identifies Windows XP Media Center Edition in Help / About. This version of Windows XP is functionally the same as XP Pro within AISBackup.

Build 249 AISBackup version 2.1 Release
2.47 MB (2,597,604 bytes)

Beta Fixes:

  • Restore failed if Prompt to replace in-use or system files was selected.

Build 248 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta
2.48 MB (2,604,632 bytes)


  • New: Synchronization jobs may be set-up via the Disk to Disk Copy option.

    AISBackup supports Source to Destination Synchronization (Only copies new and more up-to-date files to the destination) and Both Way Synchronization (Copies the latest version of files between the source and destination, Copies new files to the destination and optionally copies new files from the destination to the source folders).

  • Extra confirmation required before deleting disk based backups.

Beta Fixes:

  • Some zip files may have been created to small on 4GB destination.

Build 247 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta


  • The Zip size parameter now indicates the total zip size rather than the pre-compressed zip size.

  • The Administrative User Account names are displayed on the MS Schedule set-up page to help when setting up auto-run jobs. This will help where the displayed username is different to the actual username which has been noticed by some AISBackup users.

  • A 'last selected history' has been added to the select folder options.

  • Preview files implemented on Disk to Disk copy jobs.

  • The default huge file size has been increased to 2000 MB when the destination is a local disk, network drive, USB drive, FireWire drive or FTP. This change is for new jobs only, existing jobs may be altered by using the Manage Backup / Edit Backup Job Parameters option.

  • Preview button added to restore confirmation. This option displays the actual list of files that are going to be physically restored from the backup media.

Beta Fixes:

  • Disk to Disk copy may have copied duplicate files if the source and destination drives were of different types.


  • Fixed: Changing the backup password caused the zip files not to be read by WinZip, although AISBackup could still read them.
  • Possible Out of Memory error when restoring from FTP backups which contain a large number of zip files.
  • Disk to Disk copy jobs to network drive set-up fixed. (The UNC destination was not stored correctly).

Build 246 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta
2.45 MB (2,580,237 bytes)


  • Generation style backups may be pruned using the menu option Manage Backup / Prune Backup Generations.

  • System Administrators may password protect or disable AISBackup options on client PC's. This option is invoked by the menu item Tools / Menu Administration.

    Users may disable AISBackup options that they do not wish to use.

    Menu access lists may be imported from another PC.

Beta Fixes:

Build 245 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta
2.44 MB (2,569,078 Bytes)


  • The type names of AISBackup objects are now displayed in explorer unless the file extension has already been registered to another program. These type names are removed from the registry if AISBackup is removed from the PC.

Beta Fixes:

  • Copy disk to disk where the destination file already exists: The date modified was not set to the source file's date modified.

Build 244 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta


  • Validation Changes where the Backup Contents File is missing:

    Improved Validate: Apart from testing that a backup can be read, and therefore restored, the Validate (Test) option was designed to fix inconsistencies  between the Backup Contents File and the files contained on the actual zip files. The Validate option was not really intended to recover a backup where the backup contents file has been deleted, this is why a copy of the contents file is always copied to the backup media after each backup.

    Version 2.1 of AISBackup can now re-build a Backup Contents File from scratch, and version 2.1 is also the first version of AISBackup that can re-instate 'lost' Huge Files back into the Backup Contents File database using the previously unused huge file control files (*.aii).

    Although the validation process re-calculates backup sessions, and is reasonably accurate, they cannot be 100% accurate. However, any new backups made after re-creating the Backup Contents File will be accurate.

Build 243 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta


  • Additional file compare warning statistics shown after backup.

  • File Compare warning messages limited to 400 of each type.

Beta Fixes:

  • Preview Backup, Exclude files did not exclude individual files from the backup after a recent beta change.


  • Fixed: File compare option did not work correctly when NTFS security settings were backed up.
  • The Manage Backup / Auto Run AISBackup this backup job (MS Task Scheduler) and Manage Backup / Create Shortcut for this backup job did not record the Media Prompt and Destination Deletions correctly. The Tools / Auto Running AISBackup option did record these parameters.

Build 241 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta


  • Improved AISBackup uninstall procedure.

  • Improved Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup where a backup zip file was not previously known by AISBackup.

Beta Fixes:

  • Fixed: Version 2.1 changes to maximum huge file size caused pre version 2.1 to fail restore correctly.
  • Fixed: Some filenames may have been reported as been too long during restore because of the way Unicode file and folder names are held within AISBackup.
  • Copying AISBackup files with progress could cause AISBackup to always report that the backup was newer than the contents file, this was owing to the date been incorrectly set on the destination file on NTFS file systems.


  • Fixed: Select files for backup right click options corrected for de-selected folders.
  • Fixed: Unable to change the comment or location of archived backups.

Build 241 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta


  • AISBackup was changed to backup if there were  only new empty folders, deleted folders or deleted files. This has been changed to backup if there are new or changed files or new empty folders.

  • Some jobs delay between the Backup Complete message and AISBackup been ready for use. This is because the database files were been copied to the backup media. The progress bar is now enabled, so you can see something is happening


  • Permanently excluding files from the backup using the Preview Files form would exclude a folder if all files from a folder were selected. AISBackup will now only exclude files from the preview files form, even if a folder is selected.

  • Restoring back to a previous date did not display any files which were candidates for deletion.

Build 240 AISBackup version 2.1 Beta

Updated and New Features:

  • Folder size displayed in backup preview to aid the location of large files, if these are to be excluded.

  • Files may be permanently excluded from the backup via the preview form.

  • The maximum individual file size that can be backed up has been increased from 4GB to about 97GB.

  • Backups to CD or DVD where the files are not recognised by Windows immediately after creation may now have the test phased skipped until AISBackup is restarted.

    It has been found that in the majority of cases the discs have been created correctly even though AISBackup cannot read the files until AISBackup is restarted.

  • Remove empty folders from the backup: Use the Manage Backup / Backup Maintenance / Remove Empty Folders. Empty folders are defined as folders that contain no files, they may contain empty folders.

  • AISBackup will now recognised external CD and DVD drives after they have been connected to the PC, without having to restart AISBackup.

  • Access given to the normally hidden, NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS).

    • ADS may be displayed on the select files form.

    • ADS may be opened, deleted, renamed, saved to a 'normal' file via the select files form Right Click options.

    • ADS are visible on the restore files form and may be opened or restored to a 'normal' file via the Right Click options.

    • The main data stream cannot be restored without ADS, but the ADS may be deleted after restoring using the Select Files form options.

  • AISBackup now give a warning if a restore to a folder will cause any file to exceed the maximum filename size of 255 characters. AISBackup will suggest the maximum restore path size. There is also an option to skip the files whose path name exceeds the maximum limit.

  • Improved folder session management.

  • Option to get AISBackup to ask before restoring in-use or protected files.

  • AISBackup can be set to Hibernate or Suspend after a scheduled backup or backup run via a shortcut.

  • Changes to restore: If a backup only contained say, one folder, e.g. C:\MyThings and the drive was selected for restore in the tree view, e.g. C: then all existing files on drive C: would be candidates for deletion. AISBackup now checks what has been backed up and bases the candidates for deletion on complete folders backed up. In any event AISBackup would not have deleted any file without permission.

  • Web Check: AISBackup can now check the web-site for upgrades. No information is sent to us when this option is activated or used. We recommend that this feature is switched on, especially when using beta or pre-release versions of AISBackup..


  • Tools / Open Job From Backup Media  may have caused the backup to incorrectly ask for a password.

  • The Recovery Console installation does not work properly post XP Service Pack 2: The instructions have been changed to show users how to update the XP installation files to Service Pack 2, this process is called Slipstreaming. Once the installation files have been updated the Recovery Console may be installed using the installation media.

  • If the size of a zip file exceeds 2GB AISBackup did not correctly find files stored over the 2GB boundary, even though the zip files were created correctly. AISBackup now correctly handle files up to the zip file limit of 4GB.

  • Fixed problems re-instating Archived Backup's as Backup jobs.

    • Spaces were incorrectly removed from the job name.

    • Restore was not possible after re-instating as a backup job.

    A work-around of Opening the backup from the backup media did work correctly.

  • Select files for backup right click options were incorrect if the files in the selected folder have been excluded. Excluded files should have no menu options pertaining to the backup job.

  • Quick jobs where the destination is set-up as a USB/FireWire drive did not work. The job keeps asking for the drive to be connected. The work around was to use New Job to create the backup job instead.

  • Backup Session Log (View Backup Log): The summary check box incorrectly set the view back to the first record in the log file. While Summary is checked selecting a multi-log-page session showed page 1 of n this should be 1 of 1.

    Long log file messages could not be displayed on-screen, these are now wrapped into multiple lines.

  • Backup Maintenance: After physically removing files from a backup AISBackup correctly disables the Cancel button on the Backup Maintenance form. However, the standard Windows cancel button (The X on the Top right of a form).

  • Restore Button: Occasionally the restore button may be left disabled until the job is reselected.

  • Copy Backup to CD: This option failed to allow a continuation of the copy backup on the last CD used.

Changes in version 2.0.

Builds 236-238 AISBackup version 2.0
Changed build numbers for different affiliates.


  • Although AISBackup can close down and restart any program during a backup; to make the feature easier to use AISBackup will automatically invoke a simple dialogue if either Microsoft Outlook.pst files or Google Desktop Search are selected for backup.

Pre-release build 235 AISBackup version 2.0


  • Add ability to save e-mail backup attachments to enable individual attachments to be re-sent if the backup was not completely received.

  • Improvements to network share and access rights handling.

Beta Builds 224-234 AISBackup version 2.0


  • Improved session  pruning.

    AISBackup may be set to retain a limited number of Each Day's, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Dated backups. This option reduces backup space usage while keeping important backups. If this auto-pruning is not flexible enough, individual backup sessions may have the auto-prune disabled via the Main Form / Sessions Page Tab / Right Click / Disable Auto-Prune option.

    Advanced session pruning may be set-up on existing jobs by using the Manage Backup / Edit Backup Job Parameters / Advanced Session Management option.

  • Undo Backups. (Manage Backup / Undo Backups (Prune Backup sessions))

    Previous versions of AISBackup could only prune backups from the end or beginning of a backup, from version 2 any backup session may be pruned.

  • Improved backup to multiple FireWire / USB devices.

    A list of FireWire / USB Volume names may be assigned to  a backup job. Whichever drive is connected AISBackup will; make a backup based on the connected drive contents. If more than one drive belonging to a backup is connected during a non-interactive session the drive with the oldest backup is used by default.

    Up to 3 Network connected FireWire and USB drives may also be used by specifying the share name instead of the disk volume name.

  • Auto run jobs cannot run concurrently, in prior versions of AISBackup this meant that a job scheduled to start while AISBackup is running was skipped.

    From version 2 jobs are added to a queue and executed when the current job has finished. If AISBackup is running interactively the job is queued and run after any current program activity, confirmation is required, but the default, after 120 seconds, is run the queued job.

  • The Job page of the main form now shows when the job is next scheduled to be run via Microsoft Task Scheduler.

  • Automatic offline backup of WINS and DNS added to Server backups.

    Note: Any service can be set to close for the duration of a backup and then restarted after the backup, see Manage Backup / Task Manager.

  • Saved Disk to Disk Copy jobs are upgraded to regular backup jobs of type Disk to Disk. Disk to Disk copies may now be set-up to run via the Microsoft Task Scheduler and Shortcuts.

    The Tools / Disk to Disk Copy option is now only used for initiating immediate copies.

  • Some menu options are now available directly from the Job properties page of the main form.

  • Server Backups: AISBackup displays a list of file selections that will require the suspension of NT services to enable the backup. The list is displayed after file selection and not at run time. Services include: MS Exchange, WINS, DHCP and NTFRS.

  • Improved Backup form Auto-Selection under Windows 2000, 2003 and XP: AISBackup finds documents and settings that have been moved to another drive, and backup up the User Settings (Registry) from non-system drives.

  • AISBackup makes a note of the computer name and volume names after each backup session to ease identification of files on different computers.

  • Enabled restore from CD and DVD based backups via a network connected disc drive. This option is only available if the job is loaded via the Tools / Open Job From Backup Media option. Previous versions of AISBackup would try and access the backup via a locally connected CD drive rather than the network share.

  • Change or Remove Password option for disk based backups. This option is not supported for backup to CD jobs.

  • A backup job may be set to require the password for the Manage Backup menu options. Use this option to prevent un-authorised users from updating the backup job parameters.

  • Improved error messages when it is not possible to backup or restore files.

  • Microsoft AT scheduler option added for Windows 20000 and XP as an alternative to standard scheduled jobs.

    AT jobs do not require the Username or Password but they are not suitable for any backup job using network shares.

Problems fixed in version 2.0 (these faults are not in previous versions of AISBackup):

  • AISBackup failed to start if unexpected scheduled tasks date information was encountered.

  • Pruning generation style backups: The list was not sorted into zip file order.

  • Main Form Next Schedule display: Failed if any one job is scheduled to start at Windows start-up.

  • Possible for USB / FireWire backup filenames to be corrupted if the job was updated when the drive was not connected.

  • Fixed AISBackup integrated CD writer jobs: Cannot re-use partially used CD when it contained only huge file segments from segment 2.

  • The advanced session pruning did not work correctly in builds to 229 to 231, prior builds and builds since 232 work correctly.

    To see if a job is affected view all sessions from the restore form, if none of the replaced multi-generation files are marked as deleted (as indicated by the D2, D3, D4 ... in the sessions column) then the job file is corrupt.  To repair the job file run the Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Option, there is no need to load any file, just keep clicking Next until the validate phase is complete. AISBackup will remove all redundant files net time a backup is run.  

  • The new destination of moved FireWire / USB backups was not set after using Change Backup Destination prior to build 232.

  • Folder names containing UNICODE characters were not displayed correctly.

Problems fixed in version 2.0 (these faults were in previous versions of AISBackup)

  • Disk to disk copy option did not re-compress compressed destination files.

  • Some drag and drop restore operations did not work correctly with folders containing UNICODE characters.

  • A large number of sub-folders may have given the impression that AISBackup had hung in the Select Files Form.

  • Sys Tray tasks may be stopped and re-started via the task manager, previously only visible applications may be closed.

  • Possible for very long delays closing Services.

  • AISBackup may not have correctly identified the Windows directory after installing Terminal Services.

Changes in version 1.10.

Build 223 AISBackup version 1.10.3


  • CPU usage may be limited when running under Windows NT, 2000, Server 2000, Server 2003 and XP.


  • Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup  of backups that only contained huge files failed. 

Build 222 AISBackup version 1.10.3


  • Extra post backup e-mail options include attaching the backup session log in either text, HTML or RTF format, optionally compressed in zip file format. See: Manage Backup / Edit Job Parameters / E-mail Log Options.

  • Improved performance calculating backup under Windows 95, 98 & ME.


  • B.S.O.D. in APIX.VXD when backing up to second CD under Windows 95 when using original ASPI files.

  • Multiple session DVD-RAM under all Windows operating systems.

  • Fix date display for some languages, e.g. Swedish.

Build 221 AISBackup version 1.10.2


  • Fixed: New AISBackup install Microsoft Recovery console did not boot if installed on NTFS disk.

Build 220 AISBackup version 1.10.2
(build 219: Was not released)


  • AISBackup may have failed to restore under Windows 95 and 98 if more than 40,000 were selected for restore in one session. All other version's of Windows were not affected by this problem.

  • After upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2 it is not possible to install the Microsoft Recovery Console directly from the Windows installation CD. AISBackup enables Microsoft Recovery console to be installed under Windows XP SP2 on most PC's.

Build 218 AISBackup version 1.10.1


  • Services are listed in the Manage Backup / Task Manager.

  • Cosmetic changes to Disk to Disc Copy option.


  • it was possible for some folders containing punctuation marks in the name not to be displayed on the restore files form.

  • Emergency System Backup: The registry was not included in the automated restore batch job, however it was on the backup and can be restored manually.

Build 217 AISBackup version 1.10.1


  • Enable On-the-fly FTP backup's to test the backup prior to upload.

  • Allow the automatic removal of the User Settings Registry entries from restores of the folder Documents and Settings.

Build 216 AISBackup version 1.10.1


  • New User supplied Pre and Post run job handling, these jobs enable processing just prior and straight after a backup job is executed.

  • On-the-fly upload and download of FTP backup files to reduce local disk usage. However, if the backup job is set to test the backup AISBackup will need to download the files just prior to the test as the backup files are removed from the local disk immediately after upload. 

Builds 214/215 AISBackup version 1.10.1


  • NT Services may be stopped during a backup then restarted when the backup completes. This is achieved by setting the Program parameter to the service name within square brackets in the Manage Backup / Task Manager option. Example:


    Note that MS Exchange services are automatically stopped and restarted if any of the Exchange database (Information Store) files have been selected for backup.
  • Hidden files and folders are now displayed with the correct image, i.e. slightly faded.


  • Drag and drop file restore on slow PC's running Windows 95, 98 or ME may not have completed successfully.

  • The ASPI driver troubleshooting search routine did not work correctly.

  • Windows 95, 98, ME Emergency System Backup: The CD was not made bootable.

  • CD drive speeds may not have been correctly identified.

  • New backup sessions could not be added to pre-used CD-R under Windows 95, 98 or ME. This restriction should have only been made for DVD±R.

  • AISBackup would not run under Windows 95.

  • On slow PC's AISBackup may go into a loop when first registering. This 'loop' made it virtually impossible to stop AISBackup without switching off the PC. AISBackup would run correctly after re-boot - Not a very good first impression of AISBackup either!

  • Pre-assigned network drives that are not available are designated free drives by Windows. This caused a problem when running a job with an un-mapped drive as this 'free' drive could not be used. AISBackup now cycles through all the free drives until a successful mapping is established.

  • Restore problem with backup destination filenames consisting of more than one file extension, e.g.

Known problems:

  • DVD write speeds: On some drives only the maximum speed is detected.

Build 213 AISBackup version 1.10.


  • Improved integrated disc writer DVD support. 

    Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, Server 2003 & XP support for multi-session DVD±RW.

    Windows XP multi-session DVD support for DVD±R.

    AISBackup will also allow a disc stage area to be less than the capacity of a disc, AISBackup will simply write multiple sessions to the same disc until it is full. This is not possible for DVD±R except when running Windows XP.

  • Disc writer restart possible: Occasionally the disc writer may fail to recognise the contents of a disc until AISBackup has been restarted or the PC has been re-booted. AISBackup is now able to restart from this situation.

  • New backup to e-mail option. Existing disk based backups may also be e-mailed. Optional additional security is provided by using AES 128bit encryption.

    Backup's are automatically split to user defined attachment sizes to prevent the e-mail's been rejected by the e-mail service provider. A maximum backup size setting prevents the e-mailing of large backups.

  • New Package Backup option, runs the e-mail package phase to enable backups to be packaged and encrypted using AES 128bit encryption. This option may be useful for transporting confidential backups on USB flash drives by a courier or postal service.

  • Drag and drop file support for backup contents file, e-mail backups, registration key file and packaged backups. E-mail attached backups and registration key file may be dragged and dropped directly onto AISBackup.

  • Drag and Drop file restore support, select and drag files from the restore or find file form to Windows Explorer. Folders may be selected, dragged and dropped under Windows 2000, 2003 and XP.

  • FTP result written to auto-run log / e-mail.

  • Better support for devices that emulate direct to disc CD writers, e.g. Iomega REV™ and some DVD-RAM.


  • FTP backups could not be re-loaded if the NTFS file and folder security settings are backed up. This fix enables these backups to be loaded.

  • Windows 95, 98 & ME Emergency System Backups: The replace files in backup routine was not working properly.

  • Backup of multiple operating system to DVD & CD: The original boot drive was not recorded in the backup contents file correctly.

  • Problem with moving a backup to a sub-folder of the current backup destination and then deleting the existing backup deleted the new folder. This is because AISBackup incorrectly assumed that it owned all files and folders in the backup destination folder.

  • Build 212 had a minor drag and drop fault. The skins had an incorrect colour resolution rendering them 16 colour.

Changes in version 1.9.

Build 209 AISBackup version 1.9.1


  • Individual files may be selected for backup from excluded folders and excluded file types. Use the View / Job Properties option to view all files selected for backup.

  • The run time priority of AISBackup may be set. Choose low to enable background backups while retaining maximum processor power for other tasks.  The priority may be set separately for normal running and auto-running AISBackup via a shortcut or the Microsoft task scheduler.

  • Environment variables may be included in folder exclusions, e.g. %systemroot%\software\. If the environment variable is not set the exclusion is ignored. (Not set environment variables were incorrectly not ignored in build 208).


  • Problem backing up registry and encrypted files on Windows XP Pro and Widows XP Home Service Pack 2, Release Candidate 1 (SP2 RC1) fixed.

  • Access Violation messages when mapping and un-mapping drives fixed.

  • Change backup destination of mastered CD to disk failed to copy the existing backup.

  • The folder NTFS security settings were not copied to CD mastered by the integrated CD writer. The settings would have been lost if the job was deleted and then re-instated from the backup media. File security settings were correctly backup up and restored.

  • Failure to load backup job if folders contained invalid dates (in Windows Explorer these folders are displayed without a date modified).

Build 206 & 207 AISBackup version 1.9


  • NT, 2000 & XP: Security enhanced to enable backup and restore of folders where normal access is denied. The protected files can only backed up by the System Administrator or Backup Administrator.


    The primary user of Windows XP Home is usually a System Administrator.

    Data that may not normally be accessible to the System Administrator's account is backed up, therefore you may want to consider password protecting these backups.

  • NT, 2000 & XP: Option to backup NTFS security settings using the: Backup NTFS Security Settings option. This option may be set when creating a job or via the Manage Backup / Edit Job Parameters menu option. Restoring NTFS security settings is optional and the settings are lost if the files are restored to FAT drives.

    If NTFS security information is backed up the files cannot be read using third party zip programs because the security settings form part of the zipped file data stream, e.g. files cannot be restored with WinZip.

    Access to these backup job is denied to non-administrator accounts and from Windows 95, 98 & ME.

  • 2000 & XP Pro: Encrypted NTFS files are backed up without decryption to preserve security. Encrypted files belonging to other users are also backed up by system administrators and backup operators. Encrypted files cannot be restored to FAT drives and they will not be decrypted on other Windows systems, even when using the same user account name. It is important to remember that re-installing Windows and restoring encrypted files will not work, whereas restoring Windows from an AISBackup and then restoring encrypted files from that system will work.

  • Zip files may be pruned from CD and DVD when using a packet writing system. The prune option may be set from Manage Backup / Edit Job Parameters. AISBackup only tries to delete and prune zip files from the current loaded media.

  • The cue card has been brought up-to-date.

  • A date may be entered when the Ask value has been specified in 'Backup files modified within days'.

  • Copy to CD option has been updated to enable copies to be made to UDF format discs using a third party packet writing system. This option is recommended for copying a magnetic disk based backup to DVD.


  • If AISBackup lost and regained focus some open and save dialog boxes were displayed behind the form, this may have given the impression that AISBackup had hung.

  • Problem with mapping and un-mapping drives fixed.

  • Problem with network drives where the password had changed fixed.

  • AISBackup now displays missing network shares in the log, these messages are also written to the Session comments and auto-run display logs.

  • Problem introduced in version 1.9: No Exclusions are now allowed in version 1.9. If there were no files or folders excluded from the backup AISBackup would display in index exception error in the log and fail to run the jobs via the auto-run interface.

  • The cue card system occasionally cause an infinite loop with the message: I was expecting you to do something. A button has been added to this message to optionally close down the cue card system.

  • Bug in 205: Right click session / Restore did not show Pause & Abort buttons.

  • Bug in 205: Rename Job did not correctly rename the new folder NTFS security settings file.

Build 205 AISBackup version 1.9 (see 206)

Build 204 AISBackup version 1.9 (pre-release)


  • Windows XP and 2000 Microsoft Recovery Console method of restoring the operating system re-introduced as an option because of problems restoring to a state before or after major system updates, e.g. Service packs.
  • Progress bar when AISBackup is creating the disk stage for CD backup now shows progress for the size of media and not remaining free space on the disk containing the CD disk stage.

  • Passive FTP option added.

  • Offline backup of Microsoft Exchange Server. This method of backing up Microsoft Exchange Server stops the MS Exchange Information store and dependent services, backs up and restarts the services.

  • Unmapped network drives are dynamically mapped and unmapped using the same spare drive letter when possible. Restore to multiple network destinations at the same time and job creation still require to map all selected drives to function, whereas backups will swap mappings as required.

Fixed (faults fixed that were introduced in build 201 & 202)

  • 2000 & 2003 Server Active Directory not copied to backup. Backups made with build 200 are okay.

Fixed (other)

  • Duplicate filenames (case insensitive) from Linux servers caused AISBackup to fail with error 100. AISBackup now backs all copies of these files but owing to the case insensitive nature of Windows these files must be restored individually.

  • AISBackup can backup some files on Linux servers but file sharing software must be set-up to not follow symbolic links or AISBackup may end up in an infinite loop when calculating the backup. Preserve case should also be set or AISBackup may backup the first file found more than once rather than each individual file. See AISBackup Help (hint: Index / Linux).

  • Where possible AISBackup preserves the original folder short name on restore, but short folder names ending in ~0 could cause AISBackup to loop when restoring.

  • FTP incorrectly reporting that spaces are not allowed in filenames.

Build 203 AISBackup version 1.9 (pre-release)

Fixed (faults fixed that were introduced in build 201 & 202)

  • FTP Backup not remembering which files were uploaded last time.

Fixed (other)

  • FTP Backup malfunctioned if the server reported an absolute path rather than a path relative to the ftp root directory. 

  • Auto-running FTP jobs (via Task Manager or Desktop icon) did not report failure correctly if FTP Server was unavailable.


  • FTP may be set-up to re-try failed FTP Server connections.

  • Automatic upload re-try if FTP backup fails to upload backup zip files.

Build 202 AISBackup version 1.9 (pre-release)


  • Windows 2000 and XP Operating System restore no longer uses the Microsoft Recovery Console.

  • Warning given if CD / DVD disk stage area is not large enough.

  • Veritas (Sony, Sonic, HP) DLA (Drive Letter Access) packet writing system is now recognised by AISBackup.

Fixed (faults fixed that were introduced in build 201)

  • Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup of backups prior to build 201 failed where the filenames contained certain characters, e.g. ä, ö, ĉ, Ç. Restores worked okay.

  • Restore file count (current file of total files).

  • Some in-use files may have be skipped during restore.

  • Files with dated prior to 1/1/1980 were reported as deleted before backup.

Fixed (from previous versions of AISBackup)

  • Some system files did not backup (e.g. some, but not all, XP pre-fetch files).

Build 201 AISBackup version 1.9 (pre-release)

Backups created by this version of AISBackup cannot be opened in previous versions of AISBackup.


  • New 'compare' test facility. Even though a compare method has been introduced we still recommend the File Integrity method of testing the backup.


  • Backup and test times have been improved.

    The performance figures may be different on your own PC, these figures are for a comparison of performance improvements.

No Compression
New No
44 GB
262, 468 files
FireWire Drive
Backup: 149.75 MB minute

Test: 276.59 MB minute

Total Time: 7:31:30
Backup: 351.77 MB minute

Test: 838.40 MB per minute

Total Time: 2:56:75
Backup: 152.25 MB minute

Test: 308.03 MB minute

Total Time: 7:10:24
Backup: 514.57 MB minute

Test: 657.29 MB per minute

Total Time: 2:31:54
949 MB
12, 042 Files
12X Speed CD-R using Packet Writing System DirectCD
Backup: 99.37 MB minute

Test: 173.74 MB minute

Total Time: 0:15:01
Backup: 144.52 MB minute

Test: 301.98 MB per minute

Total Time: 0:10:43

Build 200 AISBackup version 1.9

Backups created by this version of AISBackup cannot be opened in previous versions of AISBackup.


  • Support for Unicode file and folder names.

    AISBackup has been updated to support Unicode file and folder names, previously AISBackup reported that filenames with Unicode characters had been deleted before backup.

  • Possible to restrict backups to files modified since a specified date.

  • Optional Auto continue after erasing CD.

  • Pause button to temporarily halt a backup or restore.

  • Job properties now shows parameters and session information.

  • Where required, remote computer password asked for directly from AISBackup rather than manually using the Windows Explorer's interface.

  • Network backups proceed without error message when auto-running backups of computers that are no longer connected to the network.

  • Horizontal scrollbar added to View / Backup Log.

  • The term Load Job changed to Prepare Job. This option is used to prepare a job for backup, all other options are now available directly from the menus and buttons.

  • Maximum files per backup file (zip file) range is now 1 to 65535. Change this value via Manage Backup / Edit Job Parameters.

  • To help setting up scheduled AISBackup jobs the Microsoft Task Scheduler may be opened directly from Tools / Show MS Task Scheduler. To view the MS Task Scheduler log file use the View / View MS Task Scheduler Log option.

  • Right click main form sessions to choose Restore from Session.

  • Select Job option now supports right click / Manage Backup options.

  • Open Job changed to Prepare Job, although the option opens the backup contents file and initiates the the backup calculation the Open Job option was no longer required for any option other than running a backup. Options like Restore from Backup now automatically open the backup contents file if Prepare Job has not been selected.

  • Network drives may be disconnected from the Select Files for Backup form.

  • Auto Select Files remembers prior selections for each job.

  • Key filename change for registered uses:

    To avoid possible name conflicts with AISBackup.key the file has been renamed AISBackup.aik. AISBackup will automatically rename existing key files to AISBackup.aik.

  • Server 2000 and Server 2003 Active Directory backup and restore.

  • Roxio drag-to-disc is now recognised by AISBackup.


  • Manage Backup /Backup Maintenance when selecting multiple files to erase malfunction fixed. Some performance improvement.

  • Incorrect session information may have been generated during Backup Maintenance / Validate (Test) Backup option fixed.

  • Tools / Find a File caused an infinite loop when a network file was selected for restore.

  • The Restore / Find option did not correctly identify network folders in the find files list.

  • Problems with change backup destination fixed.

  • When auto-running and the backup destination is a network drive that is not available the find backup destination form is displayed in a way that hides the action buttons. The form is now displayed centre screen and optionally the form auto-cancels after 2 minutes.

  • When editing the boot menu if one operating system was duplicated with different parameters, e.g. one with /fastdetect and the other with /basevideo then the first boot file entry was duplicated rather than displaying the unique entries.

    The main form is now updated following a manual edit of the boot.ini file.

  • Some problems with auto-running multiple jobs fixed.

  • Files of type style backups now correctly show files and folders as not selected when the parent folder has been excluded from the backup. Previously the files were shown as selected, but they were not backed up.

  • The AISBackup load media form requests DVD+RW format when a blank disc is loaded, previously AISBackup would report an error when an attempt was made to write to the disc.

  • Missing or invalid huge file segments following a Manage Backup / Validate (Test) Backup are now correctly re-created during the next backup session (as long as the source file still exists).

The term backup script was changed to backup job in version 1.8.

Changes in version 1.8.

Build 192 AISBackup version 1.8.3


  • Select Job button shows all jobs on one form. Microsoft Task schedules are also displayed. Job properties and Delete Job options are available from this form.


  • Job Properties has been updated to show last backup details and previous session information.

  • Load Job renamed Open Job.


  • Problem fixed with occasional incorrect calculation of pre-used CD free space.

Build 189 AISBackup version 1.8.2


  • Problem mapping some drives for network backups.

Build 188 AISBackup version 1.8.2


  • Auto-run option Run at System Start-up fixed.

  • Test (Validate) backup option is now correctly saved when de-selected.

  • Problem with exceptions ignoring folders starting with the selected characters fixed.

Build 186 AISBackup version 1.8.1


  • Select file forms now respond correctly to up and down arrow selections, i.e. the list pane refreshes.

  • Tools / Erase CD-RW option added to enable batch erasing of pre-used re-writable media.


  • FTP folder selection: Incorrect folder creation fixed (folder tree created under current folder rather than root folder).

  • Validate function would not continue correctly if the current zip file caused an Abort Exception.

Build 185 AISBackup version 1.8.1


  • Enhanced CD ASPI set-up: Searches the PC for installed WNASPI32.DLL files to detect whether they perform better than the default AISBackup ASPI drivers.
  • Restore option:

    Confirmation is now required before the 'Delete files that were not included in the backup' options are set.

    After the restore if there are files to be deleted and the 'Select files for deletion' form is not chosen the user must confirm the deletion process by typing the word YES before any files are actually deleted.
  • Open button on the registration form to enable the key file to be opened from user defined location. The key file is then automatically copied to the correct folder.


  • Enhanced exclusions allowing folder fuzzy matching and multiple folders. To see the new options click here.

  • The Tools / Restore Registry form did not display correctly when large fonts are specified.

  • Fixed: If all backup files were huge files and the destination is CD AISBackup failed to copy the data to CD correctly. This problem was new to version 1.8.

Build 184 (183 was never released)

  • Extra de-bug information written to log files.

  • Improved Load Media form.

  • Improved filtering of valid DVD media (DVD+R is not supported by the integrated AISBackup CD writer).

    The preferred method of writing to DVD is via a packet writing system.

Build 182

  • Problem fixed with select folder form when running on Windows 95, 98 & ME.

Build 181

  • Some FTP servers do not allow spaces in file and folder names, AISBackup now checks this and removes spaces from file and folder names where appropriate. No changes are made if the FTP site supports spaces in filenames.

Build 180

  • Facility to create passwords unique to your copies of AISBackup. See the Tools / Program Options / Advanced / Password Encryption Seed option.
  • Backup to FTP Server. You may share backups with friends and colleagues anywhere in the world.

    AISBackup keeps file uploads and downloads to a minimum (after the initial backup).

  • New interface. AISBackup no longer uses the term Backup Script, but instead Backup Job.

  • A new Quick job function has been introduced, this enables backup jobs to be set-up based on pre-defined file selections within 5 clicks (with no typing).

  • Re-designed Select Files for Backup form. The exclusions and Files of Type backups are now on separate tab pages.

    There are more Right Click menu options available.

    The selection symbols have been changed.

  • To circumvent the problem with Outlook not sending e-mails posted by third party applications a SMTP interface has been added to allow e-mails to be sent after auto-run backups.

  • Absolute folder names may be added to the exclude from backup list. The option allows for fuzzy matching of the drive letter, examples:

    • *:\System Volume Information

      The folder System Volume Information from all drives.

    • C:\Temp

      The folder C:\Temp rather than the old \Temp format which would exclude all folders called Temp.


  • A normal restore run immediately after a To Root restore would not work correctly until AISBackup was re-started.

  • The Auto Select common files did not work when selected from the Select Files for Backup form.

  • If a new backup session is directed to an AISBackup Mastered CD and all the backup zip files are too big to fit on the last CD used AISBackup incorrectly processed these files and sometimes created a new CD with the same name as the preceding CD.

Changes in version 1.7.

New Features.

  • AISBackup can now backup and restore the Windows Registry from NTFS disks.

  • New Registry Backup and Restore option (Tools / Backup Registry & Tools / Restore Registry) to enable Registry backup prior to editing with Regedit or Regedt32.

  • Create bootable diskette containing Windows NT, 2000 or XP boot files.

  • Access to the boot menu file boot.ini, this is to allow advanced users to copy and edit the Microsoft boot.ini file.

  • Delete files when using a dated session restore can now optionally include Folders. After backup a list of files and folders marked for deletion may be displayed to allow the actual files and folders deleted to be chosen.

    Files are shown in green if they from a folder that has not had all files selected for deletion.

  • Option to display files that failed to backup, from this list you may select files to permanently exclude from the backup script.

  • Option to display the file attributes.

  • Updated CD Writer enables more writers and corrects problems with incorrect free space detection on some drives.

  • Auto detection of CD Writers improved.

  • Optional Erase CD-RW when auto-running . AISBackup will only erase CD's that belonged to the running backup script.

  • Disk to Disk copy option, built to enable the copying of the Windows operating system from one drive to another.

  • Restoring the Registry on Windows 95, 98 and ME is now done via a re-start rather than requiring a DOS boot diskette.

  • Improvements to short folder name restore on Windows XP systems.

  • More of the CD free space is used when using the integrated CD Writer and a third party packet writing system.

  • Option to use AISBackup ASPI layer on Windows NT, 2000 and XP to enable more CD Writers.

  • Improvements to CD Writer interface where the drive letter could not be ascertained.

  • Added two Manage Backup menu options:

    • Create Shortcut for this Script

    • Auto run this script (MS Task Scheduler)

  • Advanced program options enable the changing of the maximum files per backup zip file and maximum zip file size.

  • Improvements to un-attended automated backups, this has been added to enable AISBackup to run under user accounts that are not logged in. Previously AISBackup would appear to hang if it is waiting for a User response.

  • Backup and restore of NT4 operating system improved.

  • Scripts can be set to backup files whose modified date is after a specified number of days.

  • Manage Backup / Undo Backups can now remove sessions from the start to the selected session.

  • The Windows 95, 98 & ME operating system allows AISBackup to use up all available RAM as a file cache, this is normal. RAM reclamation programs do not  make it clear that the RAM is available to other processes so AISBackup may be perceived as a RAM eater. To help promote AISBackup this RAM cache is now flushed.

    This option may be disabled by de-selecting the Tools / Program Options / Advanced / Flush RAM Cache option.

    The option is not needed or made available on Windows NT, 2000 & XP.


  • NTFS compressed folders are restored as compressed folders.

  • Improved restore procedure in Windows 2000 and Windows XP to circumvent problems caused by the Windows File Protection system.

  • Changes to improve disaster recovery of Windows XP and 2000 when restoring to a new drive.

  • AISBackup conflict with Alcohol 120 fixed.

  • Last selected write speed now used when auto-running AISBackup where the CD has been pre-loaded.

  • Files backed up from NTFS drives during a different daylight saving time period are now restored with the correct time.

Changes in version 1.6.

New Features.

  • Integrated CD Writer interface.

  • 2 new backup destination options:

    •  Use AISBackup CD Writer interface

    •  ‘Pause’ while you create a backup using a third party CD Writer Application.

  • New ‘Program Options’ form layout including auto detection of CD writer capability.

  • A corrupt or lost media may be removed from a backup using the new Manage Backup / Backup Maintenance / Remove Volumes option.

  • Undo one or more recent backups via the new option Manage Backup / Undo Backups option.

  • Restore option now includes progress information during the preparation phase.

  • New Right Click Restore options to restore individual files:

    • Open: To restore and open the file using its registered program.

    • Open with: To restore and open the file using the standard open with dialogue.

    • Restore as: Restore a file to a file name and / or folder of your choice.

  • 'How to' help options: To guide you through the process of restoring Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders and restoring backed up e-mail folders for Microsoft Outlook Express without replacing the current 'live' folders.

  • 2 minute auto continue on add backup message form when backing up to AISBackup internal CD Writer.

  • AISBackup will auto-detect blank CDs during a backup if you have more than one CD writer in your system.

  • It has always been possible to move the AISBackup forms without a caption bar, but this was not obvious. A control () has been placed on each of these forms to indicate that they may be moved.

Changes to the interface from earlier versions.

  • The Backup Contents File is now known as the Backup Contents File.

  • Reset Backup - Backup Everything is now: Reset Backup - Backup Everything.

Bug Fixes.

  • Some values could overflow (and then become a negative value) causing incorrect statistics to be displayed.

  • Error 101: Huge files that failed to backup would cause an error 101 when restarted. This only happened when none of the file was backed up. This problem has been fixed.

  • Fatal Zip error on some NTFS files that have a corrupt date are now backed up correctly, albeit using the 'huge' file interface..

  • Session and Media information was incorrect on the Replace Files form and Find a File form.

  • Windows resource ‘over usage’ on Restore Files Selection form fixed.

  • Backups that include network drives now run if the remote PC is not connected.

Changes in version

New Features.

  • Optional CD Writer Interface for Users who have purchased AISBackup.

  • Option to pre-set suitable defaults when restoring from a dated backup session.

  • A Files of Type style backup has been introduced, this is where your choose to backup only files of a specified file pattern from the selected folders.

  • Drive letters may differ between different operating systems’ on a dual-boot system. AISBackup will attempt to locate a hard drive backup rather than prompt for a new backup destination. This facility only corrects the backup destination drive letters and not different source drive letters.

  • Ability to restore the Windows 2000 and XP Registry via the Microsoft Recovery Console.

Bug Fixes.

  • Possible corruption of the Backup Contents File following the removal of redundant files where the number of sessions retained is limited.

  • Possible failure to complete a backup where the number of sessions retained is limited.

Changes in version

New Features.

  • Support for files larger than the backup media up to 4GB size. These 'huge' files can only be restored by AISBackup.

  • Better support for FireWire / USB connected hard drives. These drives make an excellent backup medium.

  • The backup destination can be pruned so that files that should not have been backed up (or no longer required) may be removed from the backup destination. 

  • Folders may be added to the 'Exclude Files of Type' list making an Exclude Files and Folders option.

  • A note may be added to the backup.

  • The Script may be renamed.

  • A new script can be created based on an existing script.

  • Scripts may be set-up directly in Microsoft Task Scheduler to run automatically (Tools / Command Line Generator), these can also run at system load and in another (Administrator) User on NT, 2000 and XP systems.

  • Improved Network handling: AISBackup now uses the UNC naming convention rather than relying on mapped drives. AISBackup still needs to map the shares to drives but this is done dynamically.

  • AISBackup now remembers form size and position. 

  • AISBackup will now prompt for an alternative location or skip a zip file if it is not on the expected backup media. Prior versions used to stop requiring a validation.

Bug Fixes.

  • The redundant generations from the last file (alphabetically) are now removed on Generation style backup scripts.

  • AISBackup did not maintain the Session based script where only one session was to be retained correctly - too many files were kept in the backup.

  • Date locale information could cause dates to be displayed incorrectly.

  • Possible 'Blue Screen Of Death' (BSOD) failure aith AMD PC's > 800MHz on VIA chipset corrected.

  • The Move backup Destination did not always work correctly.

  • Network drives reported as full when they were not in some network set-up's.

Version - were test / beta releases.

Changes in version

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed: Incorrect files selected for restore when using the Newer or Different Date options on  NTFS drives after the 'daylight saving' transition of 27 October.

Changes in version

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed: Where files that were deleted and then reloaded on the PC with one or more backup sessions in between AISBackup incorrectly marked the file as never deleted.

  • Fixed: AISBackup did not reject files that are over 2Gb when the backup was directed to media with a capacity of < the size of the file.

  • Fixed: Prompts have been suppressed from interrupting auto-running scripts, the error messages are now saved until all scripts have been processed.

  • Fixed: It was possible for some files to be incorrectly de-selected from the restore form.

Changes in version


  • Support for Removable Media devices.

  • Optional support for backing up exclusively opened files that reside on local FAT16 or FAT32 drives (not NTFS or network drives).

  • The Registry is always backed up if selected on Windows NT, 2000 or XP systems (unless it changes twice during the copy phase - see below).

  • The Manage Backup / Move Files option now asks if the script should be changed to reflect the move. This option is normally used if a drive is inserted or removed from the PC causing for example drive G: to become drive F:, therefore this option is used to tell AISBackup that drive G: is now Drive F: for both the already backed up files and possible candidates for future backups.

  • The 'do not backup files of type' is now automatically added to new scripts. The default list is maintained by using the new option Tools / Default Do Not Backup Files List. This option has been added because it is easy to forget to tell AISBackup not to backup temporary files, Windows page files etc. 

  • The log message 'File Deleted before backup' is now displayed if appropriate, rather than the more generic 'Could not backup' message. This message is displayed if one or more files that were selected for backup are deleted before the actual backup phase.

  • If auto running AISBackup network drives are re-mapped (if required) without asking for confirmation.

  • AISBackup loads quicker.

  • Edit Script and Move Files have been split into separate menu options.

  • Menu names have been changed to the more standard View and Tools. Pressing F1 on the main form now displays help for the top level menu items and main form buttons to facilitate easier navigation through the help files.

  • If the backup destination has moved AISBackup prompts for the new destination, if the backup destination has been deleted there is an option to re-start the backup in full. This option is for fixed and network drives only.

  • There is an option to run a user supplied program after an auto-run script has been run via a Task Scheduler or Desktop shortcut. To assist developers there is a new log that shows details of scripts run and zip files created during the last AISBackup session.

  • You can now change the destination of a backup and optionally copy the existing backup to the new location. 

  • User selectable printer and printer fonts.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed: View log did not work if there was no printer installed on the PC.

  • Fixed: Disabled option to create Emergency System Restores on Windows NT, 2000 and XP. These cannot be restored from therefore should not be created.

  • Fixed: Incorrect Icons displayed on the Restore From Backup / Select Files form in Windows NT, 2000 and XP.


Changes in version -

These were beta and pre-release versions.


Changes in version

  • Improved Network Backup

AISBackup now remembers and checks Network shares before using them, AISBackup will request that you connect a missing computers and / or network drive if they cannot be located.

  • Additional options for site-license installations. 

    Additional site license installation options. 

  •  Online Registration

If you would prefer to register AISBackup via the web-site you may select Online Registration from the registration form.

  • Drive Letter in logs.

The drive letter of the file been backed up, restored or tested is now shown in the log.

  • Re-designed ‘New script’ menus.

In preparation for very large file backup option (files > capacity of a CD) the new script menus have been re-designed.

Bug Fixes.

  • Validation problem (File Test During Backup).

Fixed: There were still some errors that were not actioned correctly, this has been corrected. The Manage Backup / Validate option will correctly remove these files from the Backup Contents File if you choose the Process option.

  • Backup: Marking backup as unsafe.

Fixed: The backup was not marked unsafe if there were validation test failures.

  • Cue Card.

    Fixed: An incorrect cue card for the selected option was occasionally displayed.

Changes in version

  • Restore directly from  from Backup

It is now possible to load backups created on another PC, or backups whose scripts do not exist, directly from the backup media by selecting the script <Load From Backup>.

  • Re-designed User Interface

The User Interface has been changed. Manage script has been re-named Manage Backup and moved to the menu bar. Add / Remove Files is now a menu option under Manage Backup. All the other selections have been moved to the top of the form.

  • Help File.

Backup examples are now included in the help file, see contents (Help / Contents) option Backup script Examples.

  • Restore Diskette.

The restore diskette gives an example of the 'Emergency Backup' restore command using the drive letter of the first CD drive on the system.

The menu does not automatically select Microsoft's chosen default after 30 seconds.

  • Registration Process.

The registration routines have been changed to enable easier site-license registration for Windows NT Domains.

Bug Fixes.

  • AISBackup failed to run if no printer is configured.

Fixed: AISBackup failed to run if there was no printer configured on the system. This problem gave a pretty meaningless Dr Watson error on Windows NT systems'.

  • Validation problem (File Check During Backup).

Fixed: AISBackup did not remove the files from the Backup Contents File if a zip file was so corrupt that it could not be opened. This caused AISBackup to incorrectly report a successful backup, although some error messages were written to the log. The Manage Backup / Validate option will correctly remove these files from the Backup Contents File if you choose the Process option.

Changes in version -

These were beta and pre-release versions.

Changes in version

  • Password protection to two levels.

  • Test backup for restore capability.

  • Enhanced validation features.

  • Command Line Generator.

  • More Command Line parameters.

  • Create desktop and / or Start-up shortcut's for auto-running backups.

  • Task manager to automatically close and re-load programs that are preventing files from being backed up (MS Outlook for example).

  • Can now clear the Backup Contents File to force a backup of everything, not just the changed files.

  • Archive Backup Manager: A function to allow 'cleared' backups to be archived and restored from.

  • Advanced Find file facility, will search all backups and archives for those 'lost' files and allow you to restore them.

  • Able to print entries from the backup log.

  • Re-designed cue cards.

  • Better support for New Technology File System added, see bug fixes.

  • Introductory messages for new installations.

Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed: File modified dates are handled differently on FAT and NTFS formats causing AISBackup to incorrectly mark all NTFS files for backup after daylight saving transitions.

  • Fixed: NTFS Date Modified has a resolution of 1 second whereas the files held within the zip files have a resolution of 2 seconds (as does FAT16 & FAT32) this incorrectly caused AISBackup to always want to back up some files even though they had not changed.

  • Fixed: Large log files can now be opened with Backup Log.

  • Fixed: Occasional Invalid Page Fault in ddeml.dll error when closing AISBackup when Cue Cards were active.

  • For a file size is greater than the capacity of a CD (> 510mb CDRW) AISBackup no longer puts the file in the 'files to backup' list but logs a warning that the file will not be backed up. 

Changes in version -

These were beta and pre-release versions.

Changes in version

  • Do not allow creation of 'Emergency Backup Script's' to in-use folders.

  • Send Windows version number with registration information. This will aid the diagnosis 'Windows version specific' problems with AISBackup.

Changes in version (never released)

  • Correct problems registering for Windows 95 Users.

  • Log CD name on change of CD during backup's.

Changes in version

  • Remind Users to add CD Writer software folders on 'Emergency Backup scripts'.

  • The Registry restore DOS batch file only worked in Windows ME version of DOS. This has been corrected to work with 95, 98 & ME.

Changes in version

  • Facility to extend the trial period and correct invalid installations. These options will require e-mail registration of AISBackup.

Changes in version

  • Can select 'log all messages to log file' from Create Script and Manage Script.

  • Sessions where not all files could be backed up are now displayed in red in the Select Session option on the Restore Form. These backup's are designated 'A full restore using this session is not safe' in the log file.

  • Price removed from Order Form, this will be available from this web-site.

  • Inclusion of restore instructions with 'Emergency System Backup'.