AISBackup: Version history.

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AISBackup: Version History 5.0 to Date.

Changes in version 6.0.

AISBackup Version 6.0 Build 505 (7 October 2021)


  • Added support for Windows Server 2022.
  • Some updates in preparation for a future release of a 64-bit version of AISBackup.


  • Fixed a problem where the Edit Boot Menu option did not work with the disaster recovery media. Please recreate the disaster recovery CD or USB flash drive.
  • Possibility of extremely long installation of a backup using Tools / Open Job From Backup Media where the backup contained files backed up from a network drive that is not accessible. This bug was caused by running some code that should only be run during an actual backup.
  • Not all files deleted when using Delete Backup or Reset Backup.


AISBackup Version 6.0 Build 504 (1 July 2021)


  • Added support for backup to SFTP over SSH.
    The SFTP option is not available on operating systems prior to Windows XP, however FTP(S) works on these system's (Windows 98 to Windows 2000).
  • Windows 11: Support for backup and restore of the insiders version of Windows 11. The retail version of Windows 11 is not currently available therefore additional updates may need to be made to AISBackup prior to the official release.
  • Added an option to file copy and one way synchronisation jobs to disable deleting files and folders that no longer exists on the source folders from the destination folders. Previously you would have to cancel the delete file option when asked to delete these files. This option is enabled with Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings / Disable Delete from Destination
  • Folder sizes and number of files may be displayed on the restore form by clicking the Show folder size option.
  • Backup to the Cloud: AISBackup is aware of cloud drives that have been installed with drive letters, for example Google Drive and pCloud.
  • The backup prune operation has been improved to increase performance, as an example a prune operation that took 57 minutes now takes 11 minutes. The prune operation removes redundant files from the backup media to reduce the size of the backup and is a feature of the Advanced Sessions option and retain session's option.
  • Changed the way directory symbolic links are backed up. The symbolic link is backed up but the contents are not as they are held elsewhere on the PC or network. AISBackup will display a warning message if the 'symbolic link' destination folders are not selected for backup.
  • The Manage Backup / Delete Empty Folders option has been replaced by Manage Backup / Remove Expired Folders. It is logically more correct to delete folders from the backup database that are no longer in any backup session.
  • AISBackup is now Bit-locker aware and will mark folders accordingly when a partition is locked.
  • It is now possible to restore empty folders, including reparse point junctions and symbolic links without restoring files.
  • The Windows 7 version of the bootable restore media has been removed.
  • A new Windows 10 version of the bootable media (Win10BL) has been added to enable SFTP, FTPS and Bitlocker. FTP is supported on earlier versions of Windows. Bitlocker locked drives may be unlocked using the File Viewer option, right click the drive and choose 'Unlock', the password or recovery key must be entered.
  • Major update to the restore option that is used to restore previous versions of Windows 'over' the 'in use' operating system. This option does require that there must be enough disk space to temporarily hold two copies of Windows on the 'C' drive, this is analogous to how Windows 10 does system version upgrades. A copy of the Windows 10 set-up DVD or USB flash drive may be required if, for example, restoring Windows 10 from Windows 7. The Windows set-up media may be downloaded from the Microsoft website.
  • Update to ask for a drive to be connected if the drive already appears to be mounted but is showing a negative disk size. This may happen with cloud drives that are showing in Explorer but are not actually connected, or if the cloud drive's account has not been logged in.
  • In the select files for backup form you may now right click a file and exclude all files of the selected type from the backup, this saves having to go to the Exclusions tab. For example right click Thumbs.db and choose Exclude all files of type: .db, right click an excluded file and click Remove type from exclusions: .db to toggle this option.
  • An option on the restore files form has been added to hide files that are System, hidden or a registry files, selecting this option will ensure that you do not restore one or more of these files by accident.
  • An option on the restore files form to hide hidden folders has been added to make it easier to navigate to where the files you want to restore are located.
  • A new option to mark a backup job as This backup is from a different PC in Tools / Open Job from Backup Media, selecting this option changes some default settings when restoring files, for example the Restore NTFS Security Setting is not pre-selected and the restore duplicate files option defaults to Do not Replace Duplicates. The option to hide hidden files, system files and registry files is also pre-selected. There is nothing stopping you changing these default settings.

    This setting may be changed in Manage Backup / Change Backup Job Settings.


  • Problem with mapping network drives. AISBackup did not handle shares mapped to a \\Computer\Share\Folder(s) correctly, either mapped with a drive letter or without a drive letter. The method of mapping a share to a folder is necessary when access is denied to the 'root' folder of the share \\Computer\Share but access is allowed to \\Computer\Share\Folder.
  • Sub folders of folders containing Unicode characters, e.g. folder names written in the Thai language, were not selected for backup.
  • Problem restoring file hard links over different versions of Windows, for example restoring Windows 7 over a partition containing Windows 10. Formatting the partition prior to the restore or disk to disk copy did work okay. The backup itself is okay.
  • Problem selecting a network destination for a new backup job: The mapped network drive did not appear in the 'select destination' form.
  • Copying the contents of a folder to the root of another folder using the Tools / Disk to Disk Copy option incorrectly reported an error and aborted.
  • Some right click options in the select files forms (Backup, restore and file viewer) were not working correctly.
  • If more than one backup drive for a multiple backup destination backup job is attached and the backup is running unattended, via a schedule, the backup would fail to select a drive, and aborted.
  • Printer interface is now only initialised on demand owing to the time this was taking on some PC's; this problem may have caused a long wait for Tools / Program Settings and Options and the Backup Reports to open.
  • Drag and drop restore to a network share opened in explorer did not work if the share name was used instead of a drive letter e.g. \\MyNas\MyFiles.
  • When calculating a backup the wrong date modified comparison was used for files on exFAT drives.
  • The automatic selection of documents and pictures etc did not select some folders, one of which was 'desktop'.

Changes in version 5.4.

AISBackup Version 5.4 Build 494 (14 February 2020)


  • Support for Windows Server 2019.
  • Enable full path names to be entered for network backups. Previously only a share name could be selected \\computer\share and if the current user does not have access to files at the share but has access to folders under the share then the full path may be entered e.g. \\computer\share\backups\users\username
  • A new option to enable additional global file exclusions to all backup jobs. This is achieved by running Tools / Merge Exclusions to Backup Jobs

    Excluded files and folders include browser cache from the popular web browsers and some large files that would immediately be replaced by Windows after restore, e.g. the Windows Page file and Swap file.


  • Possible but rare problem restoring some files with Unicode filenames, the backup of these files is okay.
  • A backup may have failed if the free disk space could not be obtained from a share name but could be obtained from the full path name.
  • Enable graphical boot menu to be repaired from Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu.

Changes in version 5.2.

AISBackup Version 5.2 Build 488 (4 October 2018)


  • Initial support for Windows Server 2019.
  • If a full Windows restore is made to a different physical disk and that disk contains boot files then the boot files on that disk are set-up to make the restored version of Windows the default loaded; this is to facilitate restores to disks that are intended to replace the existing system disk, e.g. upgrading to a SSD system disk. Previously this had to be done using Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu.


  • The list of disks was not recreated correctly in some forms if a disk was added or removed from the PC.
  • Extremely slow restore performance when there are a large number of file hard links.
  • Rare problem with some files reported as missing from backup file during restore, the backup is correct and the files will be restored with this version of AISBackup.

Changes in version 5.1

AISBackup Version 5.1 Build 486 (16 July 2018)


  • Backup from OneDrive is now supported.
  • eSata drives should now be detected as external drives.
  • E-mail results now sends an error if one or more drives is not available for backup.
  • AISBackup now aborts if a network backup destination is mapped to a different physical drive while a backup is processing.


  • Possible problem initialising VSS on 64-bit systems.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Improved handling of files with Unicode filenames.
  • Improved backup file handling during restore if for some reason the backup file has to be located manually.

Changes in version 5.0

AISBackup Version 5.0.1 Build 478 (5 September 2017)


  • Repair selecting backup destination where there is more than one destination drive.

AISBackup Version 5.0 Build 477 (23 August 2017)


  • Enable backup to and restore from hidden and AISBackup partitions.
  • Improved network share handling during restore of network shares.
  • Backup, restore and copy support for Windows Server 2016.
  • Made it easier to identify Windows Recovery partitions on GPT disks.
  • Made it easier to identify the physical location (disk and partition) of boot menus in the Edit Boot Menu option.
  • Number of files and total size of files backed up displayed on each folder in the Reports / Sessions option.


  • The Windows boot menu entry was made incorrectly when copying or restoring Windows to a new partition. The boot menu entry is created correctly when using the Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu option (using this option repaired the incorrect boot menu entry, i.e. remove the incorrect entry, then select and add the correct entry).
  • E-mail subject line repeated from previous backup where no files needed to be backed up when multiple backup jobs are scheduled.
  • Correct backup job status where some failures were still reporting the previous status, the status was not updated in some cases.
  • If the'delete files' option is selected on copy jobs and there were no files to be copied, but there are candidated for deletion and the 'Delete Before Copy' option is selected the deletions are now actioned.