AISBackup: Testimonials.

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Welcome to the testimonials page.

If you would like to submit a testimonial please e-mail it to customer services.

Hugh Gunz June 2021

I've been using AISBackup for more years than I care to remember. During that time it's rescued me from various situations in which files and folders have disappeared mysteriously or otherwise, and that's fine because that's what it's supposed to do. But the things that really impress me about the product, which explain why I've stuck with it for so long, are twofold.

First, support is always available, and if the problem you've hit means a tweak to the software, that gets done almost before you know it. For example, I recently found myself needing the option to back up to SFTP.
At the time, AISBackup couldn't do that; now it can, and very well, too.
Much better than two other very well-reviewed products I tested that have this capability.

Second, it's absolutely rock solid reliable. AISBackup just runs, and if it hits problems it is very good at fixing them. Trust is the over-riding requirement for backup software, and in my experience AISBackup has proven itself to be absolutely trustworthy.

Andrew Hawke, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth November 2013

Thanks for all your help. AISBackup has saved my skin a number of times, and has always restored perfectly, both at home and at work, as well as being used to upgrade disks, SSDs, etc., over many years.

It's the best backup program by far and I feel I can trust it completely. Thanks for keeping it such an excellent product.

Best wishes,


Johngie - August 2013

Johngie wrote on the forum:

Backup is a bit like insurance - you hardly ever need it but you just hope it works when you do!

Glad to say AISB fulfilled that duty admirably when one of my Win 7 computers completely lost its marbles. Just restored the entire Windows folder and all’s completely back in business.

Ken Root - October 2010

I recently added a NAS server running freenas to my home network since I had a spare older pc sitting around. After messing with DeltaCopy and Freebackup, I tried using AIS backup. It easily recognized the LAN storage area and I quickly set up a backup session. I really appreciate the engineering that has gone into this program. It appears that some of the best software is coming from the UK.



John Kirton - September 2010

After more than eight years of grateful use of your excellent software, I would like to thank all at AIS and offer a 'satisfaction' contribution of ten pounds if you can make this possible for me to do. There have been many times when your software (and my weekly use of it) has 'rescued' me and, in situations where a complete backup is required, it is my option of choice. Your software has always been easy and intuitive to use, has never become bloated with 'bells and whistles', and has never let me down.

Well done!

Charles A. Stokes - May 2010

Thanks for your excellent software.  I've been using it for several years finding it to provide fast, compact,  reliable backups. I would and do  recommend AISBackup to my best friends.  (I recommend your competition to people that I don't like O:-) )

Moshe - October 2009

Dear Barry and the rest of the AISBackup team,

Another hard drive has gone to its grave, so I am once again installing AISBackup on a new drive. Sudden, catastrophic hard drive failure is shocking and frightening. Having a reliable, recent backup - priceless. I have said the word "AISBackup" dozens of times in the last few days when telling friends and coworkers about my experience. I hope it does you guys some good, because I don't want you to ever go out of business.

Thank you again, and keep up the great work!


Mike Challis - August 2009

I first used AISBackup in July 2003, and after a suitably extended evaluation period (!) purchased my copy in January 2004. I was particularly impressed that it coped with files that were there on one session, deleted the next, and recreated on the next - and that empty folders were treated properly, too; sadly not all back-up software is so punctilious in its approach. Since then I have used it to safeguard my precious systems and files - first to CD, then DVD, and now external USB disk. I've had my share of hardware failures and software glitches along the way, but have never lost any data: when the chips are down (literally), AISBackup has saved the day.

I recently built a new computer, at the same time moving from XP to Vista. For continuity, I wished to have a dual-boot system. I can honestly say that without AISBackup and prompt, helpful and accurate support I would have given up long ago; as it is, I now have a working system configured exactly as I wish it to be.

I cannot recommend this software and the support that goes with it too highly - Thank you, Aquarius!

Arie Rens, July 2009

We are using AISBackup for about one year now to backup our own and hosted servers (near 50 in total).  The servers are backed up each night to a NAS, which also acts as a FTP server to our hosted servers.  During office hours this 2TB NAS is then synchronized by AISBackup to 1 out of 3 (daily rotating) portable USB drives which are then stored in an external location.  Because of the large amounts of data that needs to be moved to the NAS (currently about 150GB each night in over 17500 files) the FTP server can be slow to respond to AISBackup which caused some incomplete jobs in earlier versions of AISBackup.   All these jobs could be completed at daytime and Aquarius’s support did a great job to work around these problems and now everything works fine.

Some aspects I particularly like about AISBackup:
- the support
- backup using shared directories, e-mail or FTP
- backup data is stored compressed and optionally encrypted on the backup medium
- only changed files need to be transmitted, and you can restore data from e/g up to 9 days, 5 weeks or 6 months ago
- verification and auto-correction, logging to email and if needed extensive manual recovery options
- last but not least: the price and the site-license options

For the way we use it AISBackup seems an ideal backup solution and I recommended it for that.

Arie Rens

T. G. Browning May 2009


I've been using your product for a number of years. It's saved my ass a number of times (I'm a programmer and writer and I go through two computers a year) and I back things up on a thrice weekly routine.

I laugh like hell when somebody I know loses stuff.


John Mihalko 24 March 2009

Pros: Great features - archive to zip files, one way & two way syncs, predefined quick backups, cpu usage control, Registry backups, automatic backups or set up an icon on your desktop to manual start the backup - just to name a few of the great features!

Cons: If you are new to computers this might have too many options for you and you might become overwhelmed. Upside is that the predefined quick backups would be all you would need anyway and those are easy to use.

Summary: I love this product because of all the features mentioned in the Pros and there is so much more! I've been using this product since January 15, 2004 and I am completely impressed with the amount of updates and new features they continually add. The support is great. As Aquarius I. S. Consultancy states on their homepage "Aquarius I. S. Consultancy aims to supply low cost, high value, utility software to home and business users having features normally only found in software aimed at large corporate businesses" - and they are doing just that! Backup to a network drive, burn it to a DVD, pick and choose which files to backup, sync your files with a thumbdrive - whatever you can think of wanting to do with a backup AISBackup can do it.

Alfie Robinson: September 2007

I've tried all these so called back up programs including Norton (ruined my PC!) and various other ones. At 67 (Yes I used to boot with paper tape!) I can say without reservation that AISBackup is the only one that I can use easily without fear of failure and know that I will get updates as and when available from a firm that answers all your questions (Stupid or not). Don't hesitate protect your PC now and sleep at night get AISBackup.


Ray Wright: September 2006

I have used AISBackup for 2-3 years now with excellent performance and a greater sense of security.  I use the programs to run a daily back up of my data files to an external hard drive (I also back up the entire hard drive every five days).  The program is relatively easy to set up if one reads the manual carefully (rather than the trial and error approach I usually employ with new software).  Once you have established a set of rules for one or several backups, their executions is remarkable easy.  On numerous occasions, I have had to recover corrupted data files from the backup and each time it worked like a charm (thank goodness since I create very large Excel files with several hundred thousand formulas each).

I have asked questions of the forum at AIS a couple of time and always received a prompt and helpful reply.  I highly recommend this backup software.

Ray Wright

Mike Davidson: Johnson County Government, Kansas, USA.

My name is Mike Davidson,  an Information Services Consultant for Johnson County Government , Kansas, Human Services and Aging, I'm constantly in search of new technologies that will benefit my department. I have over 22 years of computer support experience and my experience goes back before there was any such thing as the  Windows operating system. I also contracted to Microsoft in 1989 and worked at the Redmond, Washington campus and have some experience with the way Microsoft works.

We are part of a 3,000+ user network, using Windows 2000 Active Directory, and we have a mainframe based backup that we rely on to secure our data.

At one time or another, I have used most of the backup programs available on the marketplace and they have all had limitations. But last year, I found a backup program that had real promise. A program that would meet the needs of my users and that was reliable. I was fortunate enough to help with beta testing this product.

This program is produced by Aquarius I.S. Consultancy Ltd. called AISBackup. First of all, many of you know how important technical support is with any new program. You would also know how expensive it can be, or how frustrating it can be to get the product to work. My fears were completely eliminated, early on, by their customer service department. By far, the technical support I have received with this product is beyond compare.

At present, technical support has cost me nothing, and the support I have received by email has been more than adequate to answer all questions. This company truly has the end-user in mind, and is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy the most discriminating user.

I would suggest than anyone purchasing the AISBackup system to thoroughly read the accompanying instructions and to follow them to the letter. This is important for any program to work correctly. People that ignore this suggestion hasn't been in the business long enough to learn the importance of proper setup, and implementation of software.

If you follow the instructions, the AISBackup program will provide you with a secure way to backup your important data.

I have personally tested this software on a variety of equipment, and operating systems, including CD drives, network drives, secondary hard drives, ZIP drives by Omega, and even DVD drives and have found it to be the most reliable system I have ever used. I have used it with Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP with extremely satisfactory results.

I have used it to personally restore systems, applications, and data with utmost ease and proficiency. My thanks go to the creators of AISBackup software and I whole heartedly endorse this product for business as well as personal use. The major backup software solution providers can learn something from this unique backup software.

If you would like to obtain further information about my experiences with this software, feel free to e-mail me at . I am in no way connected with Aquarius I.S. Consultancy Ltd, with the exception of being a very satisfied customer. And visit our county website at at your leisure.


Hi, Barry.

I did a backup today, using the option to backup to CD using the AISBackup CD writer, and it just sailed through, smooth as can be. And I realized, as I was watching it, that this is really a fine program you've put together! It's very reliable, very flexible, and you continue to improve it, and I really appreciate it a lot! And I use it a lot, because it's easy, and that gives me a lot of security when it comes to dinking around with my computer. (I know I can always recover, if I screw things up!) I used to spend a LOT of time looking for a good backup program, because whatever I was using at any given time just wasn't all that good. This is just what I was looking for!

So thanks again.


Received May 2004

I just wanted to drop you a note saying how much confidence this software has given me to explore and expand the functionality of my computer. Without the confidence that I have in this program to restore my system I would not have tried so many new things like attempting to dual-boot multiple O/S's etc. I just wanted to let you know how much I rely on your product and how I've had to use it often to restore my O/S and that it has never disappointed.

Jon Romer