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AISBackup Site License options

You may purchase multiple copies of AISBackup for your business or organisation at a discounted price.

Site licenses must not be split for individual resale. We do offer a service for resellers, please e-mail to request more information.

Here is how it works:

Choose which license tier you would like to purchase then order the number of units specified from our reseller Register Now. Our key generation system will automatically generate an appropriate key file licensed to the  'Company name' you specify when filling in the Register Now order form.

Please note that although the cost is shown in US$  you may choose to pay using one of the following currencies which is calculated using the US Dollar exchange rate at the time of purchase:

- US Dollar.

- UK Pound.

- Euro.
- Canadian Dollar.
- Australian Dollar

If you purchase a 20 User license or greater you may request a special install program for your site, this will save you a lot of time registering each individual copy of AISBackup.

In the following table the UK price is only for customers who pay us by cheque UK pounds.

We also except PayPal, to use PayPal choose your preferred currency from the drop-down list then click the PayPal button to proceed with the purchase. If your curremcy is not listed please choose British Pounds.

Licensed Users Cost (US$) You purchase Saving GB cost £ Gross £
$150.004 Units20%86.96N/A86.96
$262.507 Units30%152.18N/A152.18
$375.0010 Units33%217.40N/A217.40
$450.0012 Units40%260.88N/A260.88
$862.5023 Units54%500.02N/A500.02
$1,237.5033 Units67%717.42N/A717.42
$2,475.0066 Units74%1,434.84N/A1,434.84
$4,387.50117 Units77%2,543.58N/A2,543.58
$7,200.00192 Units81%4,174.08N/A4,174.08
$9,675.00258 Units87%5,608.92N/A5,608.92

Click the Buy button to purchase the site license you require from our reseller Register Now.

If you would prefer us to send you an invoice and you can pay using PayPal, UK Cheque or Bank Transfer click the Invoice button.

Select your preferred currency from the drop down list and choose PayPal to purchase the site license using PayPal's express checkout.

If our options do not fit your requirements please e-mail.