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Third Party Tools

Some Users of AISBackup may find one or more of these third party tools useful to use along side AISBackup.

Backing up Opened Exclusive Files from Network Drives.

AISBackup's version of VisionWorks Solutions Inc. File Access Manager enabled the backup of networked opened exclusive files and opened exclusive files from Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2000.

Please note that AISBackup utilises Microsoft's Volume Copy Shadow service in Windows XP, 2003 and Vista, however, this option does not enable the backup of opened exclusive files over a network. For more information click here.

Disaster Recovery of Windows XP.

Product: Bart Lagerweij's - BartPE

Standard AISBackup:

Under Windows 2000 and XP AISBackup does not support disaster recovery by restoring directly from CD or DVD, this is because an operating system that supports the XP files structure must be running. The work-around is to install a new copy of Windows XP and then restore the actual backup 'over the top' of this new install. Alternatively a disk could be installed in a spare Windows XP PC (possibly via a USB or FireWire caddie) and the restore done there.

There is a third party alternative which enables a cut-down version of Windows XP to be booted directly from a CD, this of course, uses a CD drive so you would need two drives if the backup is on CD or DVD.

The third party product that supports booting Windows from a CD is called BartPE, which is short for Bart's Pre-installed Environment. There are some constraints, see below.

BartPE also supports networks, so a backup may be restored to the dead PC over a network.

To read about and download the free BartPE click here.  (This stuff could save you loads of time and money, so even though the product is free, you may want to make a contribution to Bart).

BartPE Constraints:
  • BartPE only works with Home or Professional version of Windows XP from Service Pack 1, therefore you may need to update your installation CD to Service Pack 1 or 2 (or even 3 one day). This process is called slipstreaming, there are details on Bart's site and there is a little more here.
  • As mentioned above, if your backup is on disc you will require separate drives to boot and restore from.
Click here to find out how to use BartPE with AISBackup.