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AISBackup pre-release version

AISBackup pre-release version 5.4 (493): 17 December 2019 4.99 MB (5,242,648 bytes) is available for download, please see below for key changes.

Please post all feedback to the forum, as this will help alleviate duplication of bug report submission and responses.

Click Download to download AISBackup pre-release version 5.4 (493): 17 December 2019 4.99 MB (5,242,648 bytes)


AISBackup Pre-release

Changes in version 5.4.

AISBackup Version 5.4 Build 493 (17 December 2019)


  • Support for Windows Server 2019.
  • Enable full path names to be entered for network backups. Previously only a share name could be selected \\computer\share and if the current user does not have access to files at the share but has access to folders under the share then the full path may be entered e.g. \\computer\share\backups\users\username
  • A new option to enable additional global file exclusions to all backup jobs. This is achieved by running Tools / Merge Exclusions to Backup Jobs

    Excluded files and folders include browser cache from the popular web browsers and some large files that would immediately be replaced by Windows after restore, e.g. the Windows Page file and Swap file.


  • Possible but rare problem restoring some files with Unicode filenames, the backup of these files is okay.
  • A backup may have failed if the free disk space could not be obtained from a share name but could be obtained from the full path name.
  • Enable graphical boot menu to be repaired from Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu.