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How To?

This section gives examples how to accomplish some backup and restore related tasks on a PC. The examples are not intended to cover every conceivable way of accomplishing the task but they do give a working example.

The Tasks:

  1. Create a dual or multi boot system (Windows 95, 98 ME with 2000, XP or 2003).
  2. Create a dual or multi boot Vista / XP system on a PC pre-installed with Windows Vista.
  3. Upgrade the hard drive in a PC, or copy the Windows operating system to a new hard drive or partition.
  4. Repair the boot menu - You can no longer boot into one or more of your Windows operating systems.
  5. Create a boot menu diskette for a dual or multi-boot system.
  6. Install the Microsoft Recovery Console to the C: drive.
  7. Slipstream Windows (Upgrade the Windows installation media with the latest Service Packs)
  8. Create a copy of Windows to an external, USB or FireWire, drive which may then be used for disaster recovery.
  9. Formatting a disk in Windows 2000 and XP.
  10. Formatting a disk in DOS for Windows 95, 98 & ME.
  11. Repair inaccessible CD or DVD drive.
  12. Set DMA mode for disc writer in Windows XP
    (these instructions are also suitable for Windows 2000).
  13. Setting DMA mode is reverting to PIO mode on a drive I know supports DMA.
  14. Learn some more about NTFS hidden Alternate Data Streams.