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Pricing and Payment Options

Purchasing AISBackup will allow us to send you your unique registration key. The key file is simply opened by AISBackup to complete the activation process. Full instructions are given in the accompanying e-mail.

U.K. customers may print an order form directly from AISBackup.

Please see here for site-license options.

Upgrade policy:

Once you have purchased AISBackup there is no further charge for upgrades. Just download an updated version of AISBackup and install over the top of the existing version.

AISBackup is backward compatible with backups made with previous versions, although backups made on the current version of AISBackup may not be compatible with older versions of the program - AISBackup will suggest that you download and install the latest version.

Home Use:

AISBackup may be used on two PC's per purchased copy.

You may find a suitable third party offer whereby you can get AISBackup for free, see here.


For our customers who wish to pay using PayPal.
A PayPal account is not required to use this option; if you do not have a PayPal account and do not want to sign up use the option: Don't have a PayPal account? No problem, continue checkout (after clicking the PayPal button).


Total Cost:   

VAT is added to purchases from the EU.

Based on currency conversion of unit price of $37.50 USD.

Rates last updated: 15 February 2019.

Register Now: Secure Internet Order

Please click the Buy AISBackup button to purchase using your Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Cheque/Money Order, Open Invoice (European) or Invoice.  

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You may choose to pay using the following currencies:

- US Dollar.

- UK Pound.

- Euro.
- Canadian Dollar
- Australian Dollar

Non US Dollar amounts are based on market rate conversion of 37.50 US$ at the time of purchase.



Payment via credit card is made to Register Now in Issaquah, WA, U.S. They will inform us as soon as your payment has cleared, the key is then dispatched to you, normally within 24 hours.


$37.50 U.S.


To see the current exchange rate using your chosen currency click Buy AISBackup.


Some payment options require an additional
processing fee.


The quoted price is excluding applicable taxes, e.g. Value Added Tax.

No Charge: One free copy of AISBackup for home / home office use only.

A single copy of AISBackup is available for home or home office use for free if you take up an offer from one of our partners. Please note that with some offers there may be a delay of several days before you are eligible for your copy of AISBackup, however, you are welcome to apply for a re-trial key, while you are waiting, to keep AISBackup fully functional.

When AISBackup is purchased for home use you may use it on up to 2 PC's.

This offer is not available for business use or for more than one copy of AISBackup.

Click Get it Free below to see the available offers.

Get AISBackup for free

Free of charge if you take up an offer from one of our partners.

This offer is for a single copy of AISBackup for home or home office use only and AISBackup may be installed on two PCs.
Telephone Order from Outside USA (24/7)

If you are resident outside of U.S.A. and prefer to place a telephone order please call Register Now using their international number:


Please remember to prefix this number with your countries international dial code, the Register Now number from the UK is:

00 1 952 646 5331

Quote product Id 4970-1.

Orders may be placed at any time of day 7 days per week.

For more information about Register Now payment methods click here.

Register now may be required to collect VAT from residents of some European countries.  

$37.50 U.S.

A processing fee may be added depending on the payment method used.

Telephone Orders USA
Payments may be made to Register Now using check or money order . Please do not send checks in US$ to Aquarius I. S. Consultancy. 

Telephone orders may be made using Register Now toll free number:

1-877-353-7297 quoting product Id 4970-1.

For more information about Register Now payment methods click here.

$37.50 U.S.+  $2.50 processing fee.

Invoice / PayPal

If you would like us to send you an invoice prior to purchase please click here.

UK customers may pay by cheque in UK£, other customers may pay us directly by credit card, debit card using PayPal.

VAT will be added according to UK law. Customers of E. U. Member states (except UK) who wish to use AISBackup for business must send us proof of status, for example VAT number.

This option raises a manual operation, so the processing time will be longer than electronic trading. Our time zone is GMT standard time and GMT+1 hour daylight saving.

Based on currency conversion of $37.50 USD plus any applicable VAT.

UK orders: Payment by Cheque
By cheque, print the order form from the Registration menu option and send the order form and cheque to:

Aquarius I. S. Consultancy Limited
66 Heol Gabriel
CF14 1JU

A VAT receipt will be sent with all 'cheque' purchases from the UK.


including VAT@ 20%