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About the Affiliate Reseller System.

The affiliate reseller system is available to companies who are reselling AISBackup and typically you provide AISBackup support services to your own customers. Affiliate services are also available to PC system builders or application system developer's who wish to integrate AISBackup to provide backup service's with the application.

The affiliate service is not available to individuals or users who have not already purchased a number of copies of AISBackup for resale and your own use.

The affiliate service allows you to manage the AISBackup licenses for your own customers, this includes allocating licenses and immediate (24 hour) activation key download. The cost of AISBackup to our resellers is less than the retail price and is set according the number of units re-sold. Once we are happy with our relationship you may be extended a credit limit where payment is required within 21 days. You may also pre-purchase units of AISBackup and allocate the licenses at any time. You may re-sell AISBackup at any price you wish.

The affiliate system is integrated with PayPal to enable immediate management of the purchase of AISBackup units.

We reserve the right to decline to provide the affiliate service and the service may be withdrawn at any time.