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AIS Close Windows

This program may be called from AISBackup's post run program option to close down the PC after AISBackup has completed an auto-run backup.

AISCloseWindows will not close down Windows if a save document is pending.

AISCloseWindows AISCloseWindows.Zip
File Size 21.5KB.

Acknowledgment: This program was written using the Delphi Key Objects Library and
Mirror Classes Kit, see here.

Run Time Parameters:

d hh-hh

d = Delay in seconds.
hh-hh = Only close down during the specified time period. Example: Only close down between 06:00 pm and 06:59 am, delay close down for 60 seconds. Use 24 hour clock for the hour parameter.

AISCloseWindows 60 18-6

For an example of how to use AISCloseWindows with AISBackup click here.