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AISBackup pre-release version

AISBackup pre-release version 4.3 (473): 8 March 2017 4.95 MB (5,195,400 bytes) is available for download, please see below for key changes.

Please post all feedback to the forum, as this will help alleviate duplication of bug report submission and responses.

Click Download to download AISBackup pre-release version 4.3 (473): 8 March 2017 4.95 MB (5,195,400 bytes)


AISBackup Pre-release

Changes in version 4.3

AISBackup Version 4.3 Build 473 (8 March 2017)


  • Improved network share handling during restore of network shares.
  • Backup, restore and copy support for Windows Server 2016.
  • Made it easier to identify Windows Recovery partitions on GPT disks.
  • Made it easier to idenfify the physical location (disk and partition) of boot menus in the Edit Boot Menu option.


  • The Windows boot menu entry was made incorrectly when copying or restoring Windows to a new partition. The boot menu entry is created correctly when using the Tools / Edit Windows Boot Menu option (using this option repaired the incorrect boot menu entry, i.e. remove the incorrect entry, then select and add the correct entry).
  • E-mail subject line repeated from previous backup where no files needed to be backed up when multiple backup jobs are scheduled.
  • Correct backup job status where some failures were still reporting the previous status, the status was not updated in some cases.