"Change Backup Destination" limited options?

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"Change Backup Destination" limited options?

Post by JeffBuckles »

Still very happy overall with AISBackup after more than three years of making backups. Thankfully I have not "needed" any of them yet!

When I create a new backup job, I get a nice dialog,
AISBackup: Backup job set-up
Choose the destination of the backup
This allows me to choose from among the many different types of backup destination, such as CD/DVD, ftp, etc.

However, when I choose to "change backup destination" of an existing job, the only option appears to be to "change the destination from a mastered disk."

For example, it appears I cannot change a job from using the integrated CD writer to ftp, or from a local hard drive to CD/DVD.

Is there any reason to not bring up the original dialog when changing the destination of an existing job. It's sort of what I "expected" when I first chose that menu option.

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Backup destination

Post by Barry »

The reason for the limited options was to enable transferring the existing backup to the new media - some of which could be added. However, in all cases the destination could be changed if there was no need to copy the existing backup data. To achieve this we could change the dialogue if the backup has been reset prior to change destination.

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Post by nikkil »

Hi JeffBuckles, have you done the steps already? How did it work out for you if I may ask.
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