9 years of XP come to an end

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9 years of XP come to an end

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FYI, Barry:

I was using v2.3 for years on my beloved XP sys and all was fine. It went belly up for good a week ago and had to get a new Intel i5 sys with the dreaded Win 7 on it.

On the old sys, one USB 8gb drive would backup all of C: (the OS only) D: (all programs) and lots of E: (storage) space mostly with the drive about 1/4th full.
Will have to get a 16 GB usb drive now.

This win 7 backup is the only drive and no apps were installed there. Just bearly made it. Almost 14 gigs of space. (68K files, what a joke) XP OS was maybe 2 I think. And of course updated AIS to the latest version and all went well but haven't tried to do any restores yet.

Here it just made it and doing the testing...

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