How do I backup on Windows Home Servicer and Vista Home Prem

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How do I backup on Windows Home Servicer and Vista Home Prem

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I can get a backup to run w AIS on my C drive but it doesn't see the home server

help Appreciated
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Backing up home server

Post by Barry »

Vista often does not display computers on the network, however the computer name and share may be typed in manually, e.g.:


D$ , by default, contains all the shared files in a Home Server.

AISBackup should be set to run as an administrator when backing up from the home server and use the administrator's user account so that access may be gained to everybody's shared folders. The administrator's username and password must be given when requested.
Note that is you have already mapped drives using the logged in account (your account) these shares will not be displayed in AISBackup's list of folders when AISBackup us running as an administrator.

A simple solution may be to install AISBackup on the home server instead of backing up from Vista the shares.

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Post by nikkil »

Hi dabbdc, have you tested this with Windows 7 already?
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