Does this work on vista x64?

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Does this work on vista x64?

Post by LPent »

I am not clear about this.

Will AISBackup work "as is" on my Vista Premium x64?
And seeing as this is a beta release, is it free until a full release is available or do I need to pay for this beta and then pay again once all the bugs are gone?
Sorry to ask, no offence intended.
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AISBackup beta?

Post by Barry »

AISBackup is not in a beta release and the current live version will backup most, if not all, data files from x64, however the pre-release version (not beta) will backup x64 operating system's.

AISBackup is good for 30 day trial and unlike our competitors this is 30 different days and not consecutive days.

For Vista x64 I recommend the pre-release version 2.6.1 AISBackup, and this is not free (after the trail period). Under Vista x64 and Server 2008 x64 you must also use AISFAM (or Vision Work's File Access Manager) to backup opened exclusive files, including the files that are required for an operating system restore. AISBackup can backup opened exclusive files under XP x64 and Server 2003 (R1 and R2) x64.

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Post by nikkil »

I'm not really getting a confirmation here. But has someone ever tried installing this on a 64 bit? How was it?
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