Problem selecting external NAS drive

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Problem selecting external NAS drive

Post by pbrooks »

Using v2.7.0.329 on Win XP Pro SP3.

When setting up a new job, I go through to the "CHoose the destination of the backup" screen.
I select '4/an external drive (FireWire, USB, NAS and LAN disk)' to backup to a LAN connected NAS drive. Previously I have had no problems using '3/a local hard drive or a network drive' after mapping drive letter Z: to the share I wanted, but I thought I'd try this new option.

In the 'please select the external drive' window I hit the Network Drive button to select the LAN share, and find "QNAS//backups".

On hitting OK, the 'please select external drive' window reappears with "[\]" in the Drive 1 place.

When I hit the 'next' button, I get pushed back to the "Choose the destination of the backup" screen again.
This forms an infinite loop, making the option '4/An external drive' useless.

When I use option 3 to select the mapped drive letter Z: which is mapped to the same share, everything works fine.

ANy suggestions on getting option 4 for a LAN connected NAS share working?

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Problem selecting share on external drive

Post by Barry »

This is a known error (known by us I mean) in the pre-release version (build 329) and has been fixed in the 'next' upload.

To work around the problem you may type the share name manually.

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Post by pbrooks1 »

OK, Thanks Barry - easy to work around, happy to wait for the natural release cycle.
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