Glitch with DVD+RW packet writing

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Glitch with DVD+RW packet writing

Post by cyclone » Mon Jul 31, 2006 8:47 am


I'm using build 287 on XP SP2 and found a glitch. I use DVD+RW with Roxio Drag and Drop packet writing (have for years relatively uneventfully). The first DVD was written properly. Upon inserting the second DVD I chose within Drag and Drop to quick format the disc (as I always do), naming it Backup12. Once the D&D formatting dialog went away AIS noted that Backup12 was in the drive, and to press "Use Loaded Disc" to use it. Upon doing so I immediately go the eject dialog from Drag and Drop (to prepare the disc for use on other computers). I repeated this process many times, both attempting to use the just-formatted disc and formatting a new disc. In every case when I'd click on "Use Loaded Disc" or "OK" it would eject the disc. Finally I clicked Abort, and go the "Lost communication with E: drive" message, with Abort/Retry. Upon choosing Retry the backup continued properly.

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DVD formatting during a backup

Post by Barry » Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:51 pm

I tested this a few times (hence the long delay replying) but I was not able to reproduce the problem, however, there were a few updates made in areas of code which may have caused the problem. This build, 289, is available from here:


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