Aborted backup operation to DVD

Pre-Release and beta version of AISBackup
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The bug report option has two check boxes which may be used to select the job files and / or the general AISBackup program data files, e.g. registry settings. These files are compressed into a zip file which can be sent as an attachment. If you do not use a Microsoft e-mail system you will have to send the bug report manually using your own, AISBackup has an option to open Explorer with the bug report zip file folder so you do not have to look for it. The job files only contain file names but are treated in strictest confidence. Passwords are removed from the registry settings, however job passwords are sent as we need to be able to access the job data. I will re-read the bug report help to make sure this is clear. The help for the bug report s not always displayed when the bug report option is selected.

AISBackup has been fixed if the validate option has nit been selected.

I still think there is a problem using your DVD-R to full capacity as you can with the DVD RW - if you can try another brand of DVD-R or enter a value of 10 on the Tools / Program Settings and Options / Advanced / CD Overflow Prevention: This will reduce the capacity of the DVD by 10MB. I can confirm the error message you are getting with the DVD-R can be reproduced here when I entered a value of -10 in the CD Overflow parameter - The DVD overflowed on the last segment with the same message you are getting.


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