Disk to Disk Copy

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Nicolas Forwood
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Disk to Disk Copy

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I installed a new 80GB HD and kept my old 40GB HD as the D:\ drive. I did a clean install of the XP Home from a slipstream CD I made (SP1a + SP2) and then I made 2 system backups with AISBackup on CD-R and it worked as always very good (these are my master / clean backups). I also made 2 system backups including some other directories on DVD+RW and these will be my working backups which I will use on weekly basis. Since I have a lot of free space on my D:\, I made also a system backup including my other important directories on this drive using the AISBackup “Disk to Disk Copy (Clone or Synchronize Jobs)”. I noticed after that I can’t restore my system from this backup (D:\). What is the purpose of Cloning a Job? Is there an advantage / disadvantage to have a backup on a hard disk? Thank you
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Disk to Disk Cloning

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The disk to disk cloning and synchronisation are useful for:

1: Making a 'ready to go' backup of Windows in case of failure of the system disk.

2: Synchronising files with a USB flash drive to transport the 'latest copy' of your files.

3: Creating dual or multi-boot PC's. one for play (and possible virus and ad-ware intrusion) and the other for 'work'.

and perhaps many more things.

Although these are backups the restore is not available, to 'restore' just copy the other way round, i.e. from the backup drive to the system drive using Tools / Disk to Disk Copy.

If you take up video editing as a hobby your disks will soon fill up :-)

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