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Nicolas Forwood
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Bootable CD

Post by Nicolas Forwood » Fri Mar 10, 2006 5:02 am

Thank you for the info on the AIS Debug Mode, It worked. Also the AISBackup Session Tutorial was very informative. I did the following exercise to make a bootable CD to restore my system (if I ever need it). I made a new bootable CD with Bart PE (v3.1.3) including the plugins AISBackup, AISSysRestore and RpcSS. The Bart PE source directory was a new directory I created to Slipstream my original XP CD (SP1a) with SP2. The Bart PE output was an ISO file which then I burned into a blank CD. When I boot with this CD, I get to the final PE screen and when I select the AISBackup, the program opens and seems okay but when I select the AISSysRestore a small window opens with a button “AIS Operating System Restore” and when I click on this button nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you

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Post by Barry » Fri Mar 10, 2006 11:29 am

The AISSysRestore part is an alternative to finishing an Operating System Restore using the Microsoft Recovery Console. I think the wording and description of this function needs changing. You still need to restore Windows (using the Recovery Console method) then you have the choice between using Microsoft Recovery Console or BartPE. As BartPE is a graphical interface I guess it is better to use that.

Most operating system restores can be done ‘over the top’ with just a re-boot to complete, it is only if one of the core operating system files are restored the recovery console method is required. The core operating system files do not change much, and generally over service packs. Perhaps it would help if the list of sessions indicated which restores must be competed with Recovery Console (or BartPE).

I made a BartPE DVD adding a disk based backup to the Custom: (include files and folders from this directory) option, obviously the backup size must not exceed about 4GB (to leave rom for BartPE itself), but it made a very useable Emergency Restore DVD for Windows XP. The disk partitioning using DiskPart is not too easy for novices (and I had to work at it to get it right – but then I do not read instructions, that’s why the doors on my self-assemble wardrobe are on the back and open inward so you’d think I’d learn by now). I’ll work on giving DiskPart a graphical interface when time allows. It’s a shame BartPE does not include Microsoft’s Graphical Disk Manager.

Even better: If you can access your backups from BartPE you can use the Tools / Open Job From Backup media option and restore the backup directly from BartPE. It does not matter if the drive letters are not the same as the original drive letters because AISBackup resolves this issue.

Thanks for the feedback, AISSysRestore has already been changed to say that there were no operating systems found to complete restoring (better than no feedback). I also think the tutorial on sessions should have been written ages ago, thanks for the feedback on that too.


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