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Nicolas Forwood
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ISO Image

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On your article “ Setting up Bart’s PE for AISBackup” you state that “AISBackup version 2.2 may be used to create DVD's or CD's from ISO files using a hidden menu option Tools / Burn ISO Image. Press * until AISBackup enters Debug Mode to activate this option.” I am unable to activate this hidden menu option, can you please elaborate how? Thank you. By the way I will download the tutorial and let you know.
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Iso image

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Make sure that AISBackup is the current selected application (click the caption bar) then press * on the keyboard (shift 8 on UK keyboards) until:


is displayed on the caption bar, all debug mode is after CD debug mode.

The menu option is called: Tools / Burn ISO Image

The reason the menu option is not normally shown is because it has not got anything to do with backing up.

Press * once more to revert to normal mode.

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