Failure to get completionmessage

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Failure to get completionmessage

Post by dolph »


I have set each of 3 scheduled backups to give a completion message. The backps are performed but no backup message appears. How can I fix this?

Thank you.

Data follow:

Title: AISBackup
Program: C:\Program Files\Aquarius IS Consultancy\AISBackup\AISBACKUP.exe
Registration Number: +LBFU N3SJW VDZNQ L4GHS 49AYZ
Help File: C:\Program Files\Aquarius IS Consultancy\AISBackup\AISBackup.hlp
Database Location: C:\Program Files\Aquarius IS Consultancy\AISBackup\Database\
Temporary Files: C:\DOCUME~1\DOLPHA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\AIS\
Overflow Files: C:\Program Files\Aquarius IS Consultancy\AISBackup\data\
Physical Memory: 1024
Memory Loaded: 36 %
Processor: Intel Pentium
Registered Company:
Registered Owner: [Dolph Amster]
Computer Name: [AMNESIA]
Platform: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 (Build 2195)
PacketWriter: D:\Program Files\Adaptec\DirectCD\DIRECTCD
ASPI: ASPI: Defaulting to Adaptec's ASPI Layer Version:
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Dispay run-time message

Post by Barry »

The run-time parameter if always displaying a massage is M, this parameter must be after the ‘pipe’ character |, an example run time parameter for a job called ‘Source to Firewire Disk’ is:

"C:\Program Files\Aquarius IS Consultancy\AISBackup\AISBACKUP.exe" "Source to FireWire Disk|M"

To display this right click the shortcut and choose properties, however, it may be just as quick to set the job up again.

AISBackup uses Notepad.exe to display these messages, and Notepad.exe must be found in the Windows directory (usually C:\WINNT under Windows 2000) - If this is the problem please let us know.

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