Is Beta 2.1. OK for general use?

Pre-Release and beta version of AISBackup
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Is Beta 2.1. OK for general use?

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Hi Barry,

I've just ordered a second copy of your program and was about to download when I noticed 2.1. Is that OK for general use? I'm aware of the general disclaimers re Beta Software (I run a software co), however is this version really "out there" to that extent...from what I've read, it doesn't sound like it is?

This copy is for home use, so won't be doing anything out of the ordinary with it.

Stilll very impressed with AIS (obviously), have been using it for a few months and I must say it gives me a good sense of security.


PS: how about coming up with a name for the product, or has it already got one; is it Aquarious?

BTW, no offence, but in Australia, AIS stands for "Australian Illawarra Shorthorn", a breed of dairy cow!
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Beta version

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From our point of view we would like as many people as possible to try the beta versions of AISBackup. We also like positive as well as negative feedback because when the BB goes quite we can only assume that everybody is happy (or not happy?).

“Aquarius I. S. Consultancy Backup’ is quite a mouthful so that is why it is called the program AISBackup. The I. S. was the initials of ‘Information System’s’ but that was never used in the company name. We do not mind if the Australian version of AISBackup is affectionately referred to as Australian Illawarra Shorthorn Backup if this would increase sales ;-)

Seriously, some people have mentioned that we should change the name to something more meaningful, thinking of a unique name, well that is difficult.

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Why not simply Aquarius?

Brian E
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