Backup Report

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Brian E
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Backup Report

Post by Brian E »

It would be nice if a one-page detailed report of all files being handled by an AIS Backup job could be produced with the click of one button. I rather like the way this is handled by another well-known backup program (Backup4All) because it is easier for non-experts like myself to easily see what has been backed up, without having to go digging for the information. Could some more thought be applied to this for a future edition?

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Post by Barry »

I have checked out the log you mentioned and I am unsure what you want displayed. Is it the list of the files selected for backup and files selected for exclusion as shown in the Backup Reports / Job Properties (excluding the sessions)?

A list of each file backed up is not much use when there could be over a million files and the Backup Reports / Sessions tab gives you a list of files backed up along with the reason (new or changed) and the files logically deleted. AISBckup always logs the name of files it cannot backup.

Please list the items you would like to see.

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Post by gavind »

Count me in here please. Would be nice to get this implemented pretty soon.
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