check for anti-virus software so that machine does not hang

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check for anti-virus software so that machine does not hang

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After first installing AISBackup, whenever I tried to run it my machine would hang during setup. AISBackup displayed message: "AISBackup: Please Wait. Testing: DISC Interface. Settingup AIS Backup." The hang is particularly bad - even CNTL+ALT+DEL does not work. I have to physically turn off my machine.
I luckily guessed out that the problem was my anti-virus software, NOD32 ( I have absolutely no problem running AISBackup when I turn off NOD32. Maybe you have some stuff about anti-virus software in the documentation somewhere, but like a lot of folks I usually try to run something with a minimum of reading.
My desired feature: I would like AISBackup to detect NOD32 (and other anti-virus software, if they are problems) and give an error message "Turn off your anti-virus software", instead of having the machine going into such a hard hang.
Thanks for listening.
--- Kathy
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Post by Barry »

I am not sure why you are getting this problem as I know that AISBackup is installed and working correctly on PC's running NOD32.

This is the first time that I have seen a problem related to installing on a PC with an antivirus program specific problem, however, I have come across problems with AISBackup running ob a PC with more than one anti-virus program installed.

More than one installed (and running) antivirus program can cause serious file conflicts on PC's - not just with AISBackup.

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Post by gavind »

Possibly, this needs to be white listed under NOD32? I mean list of trusted softwares?
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