Outlook backup

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Outlook backup

Post by albealedin »

Could I request a feature to backup outlook pst files bitwise ?
To backup a huge 250MB file daily is quite time consuming, whereas in reality only a few items in the file have changed, so potentially could be backed up quite quickly.
Any chance ?
Al Beal
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Bitwise backup

Post by Barry »

AISBackup was designed to backup files to media that may not be available at the time of another backup session, for example CD or DVD. I understand the problem and I have seen some outlook.pst files of many GB. There is no plan to include bitwise backup capability.

A 'kind of' compromise was built in last year to handle the following problem:

If an outlook.pst file is opened it is modified even if you only read data from the file, therefore AISBackup would backup the file again. So if an archive or two were always opened with outlook they would always be backed up even if they never change. A Right click / select option was added to AISBackup to backup a file only if the size changes rather than if the size or date modified changes. I know there is a possibility that an update to the outlook.pst file could result in no change to the file size but I find that acceptable as I only periodically move large amounts of e-mail to yearly archives (named 2008.pst, 2009.pst 2010.pst etc.)

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Hi albealedin, are you still using aiscl today?
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