Extended Feature: Validate Disk source against the backup

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Extended Feature: Validate Disk source against the backup

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Barry, I'm currently running the Backup Integrity Check, and I understand this function is intended to verify that the backup zip files are internally consistant.
I'd really like to go a little further, and use the Integrity Check to verify that the original source files still match the contents of the backup - that is, for each file in the backup, check that the corresponding source disk file is still there and is identical - same name, length, dates, and same file contents. Ideally this would produce a log listing: files on disk that are missing from the backup, files on disk that are different in some way to the file in the backup, files in the backup that are missing from the disk.

Why? I've just recovered from a system file corruption, where some windows files (unknown which ones) had become altered by Windows finding corruptions and 'fixing' them during a disk crash - and preventing Windows from booting. I installed Windows fresh on a second drive, booted from that, and used that copy of windows with AISBackup to restore the entire Windows folder from backup onto the corrupted disk - and voila the first drive booted again. However, its still not working right, and I want to check file contents against the backedup versions to identify which files have been changed on disk - the only alternative at the moment is to do a full disk restore of every file, in the hope of correcting the one or two files that are still corrupted.

It seem the current Backup Validation does some of this already, but I suspect it doesn't actually open the disk file and check byte-for-byte that the contents still match the contents of the file in the backup - is this correct?
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Sorry to bumo up this old thread but any news on this yet please?
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