Request: "Expert" mode for third party mastering

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Request: "Expert" mode for third party mastering

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I Would like to see an "expert" mode for third party mastering that does not do any checking of drives or media -- just create the disk image in the staging area and then trust me to get it onto the media somehow.

One application of this is where the DVD writer is on a different machine where AISBackup is not installed (such as a PC running linux), but I have a DVD *reader* locally. In this case I should be able to mount a drive from the linux box to use as the staging area. When the disk image is ready I could write it to DVD on the linux box then carry it to the DVD reader on the machine being backed-up for verification.

I've run into other situations (Can't remember details now) where the tool seemed overzealous about checking drives and media before making a backup image. Sometimes I just want it to shutup and do what I said! (I know, that doesn't work with my kids, either!)

Anyhow, if you have time to do something like this it would be a great help! Short summary of "expert" mode: Just make disk images in the staging area and don't worry about checking media, checking drive availability or anything else.

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A few questions

Post by Barry »

ISO image or a bunch of files to be written to disc, each within its own disc size folder?

Do we pause after each disc and wait for it to be made or just make all of them - or until the disk is full?

Do we worry about adding a second session to the the last used disc or always assume blank discs? If we add data we must know the free space of the first disc.

We must ask at least one question to determine the size of disc, or is this a job setting - set once and forgotten?

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