Image program functionality

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Image program functionality

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It does not look like AISBackup provides the option to make an image of an entire system so that it can be restored without anything on the hard drive. Like Norton Ghost and similar programs. Are there any plans to add that in the future? That's the only thing I can think of that AISBackup does not do.

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AISBackup Image Functionality

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This kind of restore would need an operating system to copy the files back from the backup media to Windows disk which is formatted as either FAT32 or more likely NTFS, the program must also have the ability to format the drive (DISKPART and FORMAT or equivalent commands). Norton are slightly bigger than AISCL so can afford such a solution.

The closest ‘free’ solution to this problem is for AISBackup user’s to create a pre-installed environment CD using their existing Windows installation CD, this CD boots directly into Windows and on most PC’s will give access to the network, for restores over the network. We have made an AISBackup plug-in for BartPE, See and

Many people now have more than 1 PC (and if you upgrade it may be worth holding on to your old PC), if this is the case then you could install the disk from the computer to be recovered into another PC for restore and then transfer it back. Another (and easier to use) solution is to purchase an IDE / SATA to USB 2 adaptor (this means you will not have to dismantle the PC you are using to do the restore.

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