Kudos to AISCL

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Kudos to AISCL

Post by JeffBuckles »

I have not run a backup in quite some time (I know, shame on me!) and still
had 2.0 build 250 installed. The incremental backup preview seemed unusually
large, so I expected there were some large files that I might want to
exclude from the backup. However, I found it quite inconvenient
because sizes of the folders were not reported, I could not easily open files
to see what they contained, and once selected for exclusion, I had to keep
track because I knew I would later have to permanently exclude them.

After grousing about the missing features for a few minutes it occurred to
me to check the version, and sure enough, a newer version was available.
I downloaded and installed it, and within two minutes I was again ready
to try to find the offending files. I was delighted to see the folder
sizes reported in the folder pane, and that enabled me to find the 1.5 GB
Google Earth cache file in only a few seconds. Excluding it was simple,
as was the option to make the exclusion permanent. And that mystery file
whose contents I could not recall? Right click .... open with .... done,
and done.

Well done. Thanks for continuing to develop and support a great product.
Best Regards,

Jeff Buckles
Aloha, OR, USA
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Thank you!

Post by Barry »

Thanks for the feedback, following this I think all our customers should be emailed after the next release. From version 2.1 AISBackup can check the aiscl web-site for upgrades (every two weeks by default) – this option is not turned on without user consent.

Version 2.3 of AISBackup has an option to display the folder size on the Manage backup / Backup Maintenance option so that large files may be removed from the backup ‘after the event’.

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