backup size keeps changing without running

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backup size keeps changing without running

Post by jlittle » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:26 pm

Hi Barry. I have a new external HD and am trying to backup the OS (Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit). I chose that option (backup boot partition) when creating the job then deleted a few items like temp folders and folders that pertain to apps that I no longer use (so they shouldn't even be there, but they are).
The job size was initially 96GB. Not far into the job, it took an error and said it lost connection to the drive. So I did a reset of the job (delete what was already backed up and start over) and started it again. This time it said the job size was 80GB. I didn't know why that could be, but I aborted, deleted the Backups folder on the HD and started over yet again. This time I said the job size was 78GB.
Do you have any idea what's causing this? I'm using ver

Edit: I decided to try the same thing with a different drive. I created a new job to back up the boot partition only this time I didn't remove any of the pre-selected files. After it started running I aborted it, removed the job from the list and started over again. The second time the size of the backup was essentially the same as the first time, except both jobs were substantially smaller than the job that prompted my thread in the first place. Whereas the job I was running at first came in at sizes of 96, 80, and 78 GB, this time the two jobs came in at 72.27 and 72.26 GB. This is for the same computer, same C partition, same everything as far as I know.

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Re: backup size keeps changing without running

Post by Barry » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:03 pm

The only think that I can think that would be causing this is Windows doing some housekeeping, for example updating the search index. I was going to suggest a test by only selecting folders that are unlikely to change, for example c:\Program Files.


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