Bug in version 5.0

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Bug in version 5.0

Post by Brian2 » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:59 am

Yesterday I installed v5.0 and ran a backup.
The backup took about 5 minutes as usual.
Then AIS started to prune for hours.
Some files had to be pruned so that was ok.
But over 5 hours? No.
It deleted files and archives, but the free space stayed about the same.

I let it run and hours later messages kept scrolling at very high speed in the log window. I aborted the task and tried again and it told me there were no new files to backup, which is true. Still I didn't trust it so now I'm running a new backup from scratch.

I made a few screenshots of the log (only way to read it due to scrolling).
All screenshots were the same. I have no clue how to attach a screenshot in this post so I'll type the message.

Location: RemoveFile - 12700
Exception: EStringListError: List index out of bounds (65716)
Component: DirStruct1
Error in Databse File, Internal Name: 0006571230-1.htm
The file was removed
Tracking: 33887

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File pruning problem

Post by Barry » Sat Aug 26, 2017 3:21 pm

The errors should have been written to the AISBackup log file that is normally stored in C:\ProgramData\Aquarius IS Consultancy\AISBackup\AISBackup.Log

Is it possible for you to add this to a compressed folder (or zip file) and e-mail (the folder) to customerservices@aiscl.co.uk please.

The actual code that performs pruning has not been changed for several years so I am at a loss as to what caused the problem.

Did you keep the files for this backup? A backup of the database files is made prior to running a backup and these are stored on the backup destination in a file called Backup job name.[dick volume name].previous.aibrecover (previously Backup job name.[dick volume name].previous.zip), the date modified should be just prior to the date that the failure occurred, if possible e-mail this file, however for large backups this file may be too big to e-mail.

This error did not occur at any time during testing, I wish it had.


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Post by Brian2 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:48 am

Sorry for the late reply. I had a short vacation and did some testing.
A full backup takes 2 days so I let that run during my vacation.
When I returned all was done and my scheduled backups did run succesfully.

During the last week I did additional testing and both manual and scheduled backups seemed to work flawlessly.
Until last night...

I saw an window popup stating AIS couldn't backup because my backup was made with an older version than the software installed.
That's not true because the backup was made with v5.00 and the installed version was 5.00.
m not sure what exactly happend at that point.
The program told me there's a update availble for download. I agreed to update and the download started.
But in the meanwhile AIS started my backup anyway. All of it. The full 2 days.

Just as if I did reset the backup. But the old backup files were not deleted so that new backup would never fit on my backup disk.
So I aborted the backup, Quit the program. Finished the upgrade that was pending in the background. I'm now using v 5.01.

I've reset my backup and this time AIS deleted everything as it should. That backup is still runing as I write this message.

In reply to your previous message: I've just mailed yopu the log file

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