Simple backup

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Simple backup

Post by Brian » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:01 am

I want to backup a certain folder.
I want to keep just 1 version of each file.
If the original gets deleted I want it pruned/deleted from my backup.

So the backup contains exactly the same files as the original

What kind of backup is that?
a] Session Based with Sessions =1
b] Generation Based with Generations =1


As above plus:

I want to keep the deleted files 1 week and after that they get deleted/pruned from the backup.

c] What setting do I need for that?

Additional question.
There is a setting to first create a backup on the local drive/system before moving it to the backup medium (a USB disk in my case)

Does that mean the whole backup of say 200GB is created locally and then moved to my USB disk?
Or is it about each 50MB .zip file?
Would using this option also mean faster backup speed?
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Backup type for retaining one version of a file

Post by Barry » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:29 pm

Unfortunately your overall aim cannot be achieved with AISBackup:

To retain one copy of each file then the sessions 1 option will achieve this.

The option to retain deleted files cannot have an expiry date set.

Making a 7 day backup will keep up to 7 versions of each file over a 7 day period where 1 version of each changed file will be backed up, if there are only a few files that are regularly changed then this may be okay?

Use advanced sessions:

Set Retain 1 of todays, delete excess sessions today, Retain 7 Daily Sessions, Set Weekly and Monthly to ‘None’.


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