How to temporarely (due to maintenance) stop backups ?

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How to temporarely (due to maintenance) stop backups ?

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I'm using AISbackup 2.7 (341) to backup about 45 servers. Some servers use the Externa Drive methode, other servers use the FTP method. They all backup to the same drive/nas/FTP server

Because I'm running out of the 1 TB diskspace on the backup drive/nas, I plan to extend it to 2 TB. This will take an considerable amount of time. In this timeframe I want to stop backups from happening, without the need to visit each of the other servers.

Will it be sufficient to temporarely change the password on the useraccount used for the SMB/FTP backup, so AISbackup cannot connect to the external drive / FTP server, or will this cause problems ?


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