question about resolved problem

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question about resolved problem

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We recently had a scare -- several drives of backup data disappeared from our backup set! That is, we backup data from several drives, local and network, and most of them disappeared! They were not in *any* of the past backup sessions! It was as if the backup had always consisted of just two drives. Very alarming.

We think it relates (time-wise) to adding a new disk drive to the computer. It wanted to go in as drive E and we kept moving it to P. maybe this jostled aside some of the network drive letters and got ASIB confused?

Funny thing is, when we looked closely at it, all the drive letters were fine, but AISB nevertheless had lost the backup data. If the letters were off, it was a temporary condition.

Fortunately, we had an offsite copy of the backup. we finally figured out that we had to delete the existing backup entirely, then "open from backup media" to restore the backup. It worked great.

Everything is back to normal now, and all past backup sessions have all the drives in them.

Moral: a separate copy of your backups is a very good thing!

Question: Any theories about what happened? Advice?

Kirby Moyers
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