Restoration report

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Restoration report

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I just want to report a successful full-restoration of a win2000 SQL-server machine!

Couple of glitches folks might want to be aware of:

1 - My Dell 2850 server has a raid array, and therefore can't see it's own hard drive from Recovery Console unless you provide it with a raid drivers floppy.

Recommendation: experiment with the Recovery Console NOW, so that you have all the pieces ready when the pressure is on.

In this case, prowling around the dell site turned up a driver download that exploded out to a floppy disk image just right for the task. Recovery Console then works fine.

2 - If installing Recovery Console to the hard drive is not working right, try using Recovery Console from the windows install CDROM disk.

On my Dell 2850, all attempts to install recovery console to the raid array resulted in a totally trashed disk image. No matter -- simply booting the Windows install disk, selecting Repair, then Console, runs Recovery Console off the CDROM. You still need the raid drivers above, and it's a little slower, but it works with zero preparation of the hard drive. You can keep a copy of the install CD around just for this purpose.

I can add that many people were skeptical that AISB could handle a full restore -- it was fun watching their surprise!

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