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Hi Barry

Following the successful analysis and fixing of the priveleges problem I had in backing up files from my Mac recently, I had a bit of a thought for you - and readers here - about AISBackup and the Mac:-

I don't know where you do your advertising, but I think there is a gap in the Mac home market for a decent reasonably priced backup program:-

1) A lot of Mac users will have PCs around the place and on a LAN

2) The existing Mac backup programs are either very expensive (e.g. Retrospect from Dantz) or don't quite do the job. Most of the shareware programs simply synchronize documents between drives and/or leave the files in their original structure and format - making it easy to confuse which is the "real" file and which the backup.

3) Where AISBackup scores (in my book) is a) in its file-based approach for generational backups - it's so useful to be able to search for the file you want and then be able to select from a number of generations - and b) by breaking the backup into zip files it overcomes a Mac problem of a 2Gb maximum size when backing up across a network (even Dantz have not got around this yet).

Since owning a Mac for the last 18 months, I have only found one Mac-based program that gets anywhere near AISBackup - and that was in the States, with dubious support!!

So, I am suggesting that it might be worth your while to place AISBackup somehow into the Mac shareware sites (such as VersionTracker) and make a point that if you want to backup your Mac files to a PC over the LAN, AISBackup could be the product for you - you get the PC to "pull" the files from the Mac, rather than have the Mac "push" them to the PC.

Just a thought


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