Very Pleased

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Very Pleased

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I've been saving this up for a while, so pardon if I gush:

:D I'm about 80% of the way to completely replacing Arcserve and suitcases full of tapes in my machine room, using AISB and portable USB harddrives. This is cheaper, faster, more reliable, simpler, easier to carry -- we are *so* pleased with AISB's features and performance.

(The last difficult nut is Netware's NDS database (which is kinda like microsofts Active Directory). It's difficult to backup, but we have some ideas.)

I've had to give repeated demonstrations of restores to convince people AISB is not a trick. :roll: Enterprise class backup software does not have to be complex, slow, expensive and cranky!

Oh how I've grown to hate Arcserve. To be free of it feels like kicking some horrible habit.

Evaluators: don't be put off by AISB's bizarre windows style (they're Brits, so... :wink: ), the effort spent getting to know the program will pay off many times over.

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