The time in Wales is: 19 August 2018 08:25:42

AISBackup: Lost Key File.

Before asking us to re-send a key file you may want to search your backups for the file AISBackup.aik using the Tools / Find a File menu option. For future reference it is a good idea to periodically backup the AISBackup program and database files, which includes your personal key file. There is an Auto-Select option for selecting the appropriate AISBackup files.

The key to your registration details is your e-mail address, if this has changed we need your old and new email addresses. If you cannot remember the e-mail address you used at the time of purchase then send us the order-id and your name. If you do not have any of these details then send an e-mail to customer services with your name, address and post/zip code and approximate date of purchase.

If your e-mail address has not changed since you purchased AISBackup then this is all we need, so just fill in the e-mail address box below and click Submit.

Your Details

Enter the e-mail address used when you purchased AISBackup:


Enter the Order Number (RegNow Order-ID):


Enter your name (First Name / Last Name):

Enter any other details which will help us identify you, e.g. house number and post/zip code:

Has your e-mail address changed?

Enter the new e-mail address (This will be used for future correspondence)

Please note that the key file is sent as an e-mail file attachment called AISBackup.AIK, please ensure that your e-mail address allows e-mail attachments.

We may need to make a manual check of your details, this may delay the delivery of the key to about 2 working days (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 GMT).