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AISBackup: Disc Options.


The same backup job may be made to a mix of CD and DVD.


Media AISBackup's own Integrated Disc Writer Third Party Writer Packet Writer
CD-R Recommended Yes Maybe
CD-RW Recommended Yes Yes
DVD±R Recommended for Windows XP, Server 2003 & Vista.
Other Windows Yes but Single Session only (see below).
Check documentation to see if multi-session DVD is supported. Maybe (see below), Recommended for:
Windows 95, 98, ME.
Windows 2000 Server 2000.
DVD±RW Recommended Check documentation to see if multi-session DVD is supported. Yes


Recommended: Use this option if possible.

Yes: This option is supported.

Maybe: Not all packet writing system's support write once media.

Yes but single session: Because data cannot be added to the disc this option may waste space on the chosen media. Okay to use for one-off backups.

Hard Disk Space Requirements:

The AISBackup integrated disc writer and third party disc writers need to write the backup to hard disk first, therefore it is recommended that at least the capacity of the blank media is available on the hard disk, this can be as much as 4.7GB for a DVD backup.

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